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Sigma Phi Epsilon - Ashton Irwin (fratboy!Ashton) [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Are you going to do a frat boy one shot for ash”

A/N: This leaves a very wide room for creativity so thank you and I apologize that it took me so long to get round to this

Word Count - 1488

Frat parties are part of your weekly routine but you and your friends always go to the effort to go to one of the frat houses far away from your dorms because you’ve seen how awkward it is to walk into a one night stand in every day life. It’s an awful lot of effort to go to but from experience the further away parties are supposed to be better so it’s all worth it.

“So are you coming to the Sigma Phi Epsilon party?” your best friend, Cathy asks you.

“Wait isn’t there a party at Alpha Gamma Rho tonight?” you reply.

“Well yeah but Natalie got us all personally invited to the Sigma Phi house and they’ll apparently be pissed if we don’t show up because it’s one of the guy’s birthdays,” she explains.

You sigh, “Fine, who’s birthday is it?”

“I don’t know, I just know that they’re not going to make us bring our own drink,” she grins. “Besides I can get you properly dressed up for once instead of that same old black dress”

“I’ll have you know that black dress as helped me score so many times,” you defend your favourite and easily most comfortable item of party clothing.

“I don’t care if you let me give you a make over you could get 5 guys in one night”

You smile at her ambition and reluctantly agree.

That evening you allow her to rake through your closet to try and find something she deems suitable. She gives you the pick of a blue dress that rides up when you walk, a red dress that unbuttons itself on it’s own and a monochrome back and white dress with long sleeves that hugs you in all the right places. Naturally the last of the three is your choice since you forgot that you even owned it.

“Nice,” she comments before getting to work.

Cathy then takes the liberty to look through her own belongings and picks out a bright yellow necklace and matching heels; you look hot to say the least. She seems to have the time of her life getting you all pretty and you look better than you could have ever made yourself look.

“You ready to go?”

“Yes,” you sigh slightly nervous now you aveto go.

The house is only a few blocks away so you barely need to walk, good thing since you’ve got huge heels on.

Arriving, you see the party is in full swing and you plan to slip in and party without being noticed but all eyes turn to you as you step inside and see a sea of practically black. The lighting makes the white in your dress and the yellow in your accessories practically act as alert lights.

None the less you party, without actually knowing who’s party it is until much later when everyone is gathered around to light some really weird cocktail tower ready to light it on fire It’s like some alcoholic’s version of a birthday cake.

“Having a fun time?” a sudden voice asks and you turn to see a boy with curly blonde hair tamed by a snapback.

“Considering I have no idea who’s birthday it is…” you laugh.

This boy definitely pulls of the possible asshole fratboy look well but his eyes and his smile suggest that he has a softer center.

He takes your hips gently, which with anyone other than him ould have been a creepy or perverted move,  and twists you to face in a certain direction, “You see that guy?”

He points at a tanned boy with arms that are heavily tattooed.

“The asian one?” you joke.

“Yeah, that’s Calum and he’s now 19,” he tells you.

“Good to know, I can take at least something away from this,” you chuckle.

Suddenly a guy with flaming red hair yells, “Party circle”

You’re really confused but everyone else seems to know what’s going on since this must be a usual thing in this house.

“What’s going on?” you ask the stranger boy who you’ve been talking to.

“Party circle, come on, you’ll love it”

Without any warning he grabs your hand and tugs you to the main room where everything has been moved and a large circle of 20 or so party people are sitting. You spot Cathy sat on some random blonde’s knee, at least she’s having fun.

Over about an hour everyone starts playing games, there are around 3 going on at once, it’s so confusing that you end up just talking to this still nameless boy beside you.

“Let’s get some tunes going,” an obnoxiously loud boy called Stuart calls out. “Where’s Ash?”

“Who’s Ash?” you question.

“What do you want buddy?” he speaks up, answering your question indirectly.

“Get your guitar or your box thing and play us a song,” Stuart demands.

“It’s a party bro do you really want me to get a guitar out?” he sighs.

“Yes, birthday boy’s orders,” Calum chimes in. “Now scram Ashton”

He sighs again and stand leaving a strange empty space beside you.

When he returns he has an acoustic guitar. You stare at him as he plays and sings like an angel, despite the fact that he has alcohol in him.

Your drinks begin to kick in while Ashton is playing and you don’t even notice when everyone begins to leave until it’s just you and Ash sat in the room.

“You’ve got a really pretty guitar,” you drunkenly say.

“Thank you, she appreciates it,” Ashton smiles.

“Are you even drunk?” you question.

“More than you might think,"he laughs. "Do you maybe want to go somewhere a little less noisy?”

“Like where?” you giggle.

“My room’s just upstairs we could chill up there for a bit,” he suggests and you nod.

Guitar in one hand, your hand in his other he guides you up to his room at the very end of a corridor, a room plastered in music posters with stacks of everything from vinyl to CDs and even cassettes.

“You really like music,” you point out.

“Well I’m majoring in it,” he taps a stack of text books on the history of music and such.

He sits on the bed and you sit next to him immediately lying back. He copies you and the two of you engage in mindless conversation until he turns to face you and traces spirals across our stomach making an almost numb feeling tingle through you.

“This is fun,” you smile.

Suddenly his lips are on yours, it’s not something you don’t want in fact you practically melt under his touch and find yourself softly grinding against him as if out of instinct. He smirks under your lips as you pull the snapback of his head and weave your fingers into the mess of hair on his head. You deepen the kiss and find his tongue tastes of vodka and strawberry, and he lets out a low groan as you roll over on top of him.

After a few minutes like this he begins to slide his hands up your legs until he has your dress around your waist. You soon shimmy him out of his jeans and when your dress is finally on the floor he removes his singlet.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” he half pants as you move your hips against his.

“You’re not to bad yourself” you tease.

You move further up the bed and he takes of your bra, almost without you realizing, and he cups your breasts kissing harshly down your neck. You hook your fingers around the waistband of his boxers and slide them off him, exposing his rock hard length. You gradually pump him, enjoying seeing your effect on him as his head rocks backwards.

“Honey, these need to go,” he mutters pulling off your panties now.

You create a little more friction between the two of you until you feel you’re not going to last much longer.

Sensing this Ashton questions, “Are we ready, princess?”

“Fuck yes,” you manage to say.

 His hands grip your hips, the feeling of his calloused fingertips on your soft skin sending shivers up your spine. He helps you position yourself over him before you lower yourself onto him. The sensation of him inside you makes you clench your walls slightly enticing a whimper from his lips.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he say his words no more than a breath of air.

“Holy shit,” you moan as you start moving at a slow pace.

His skin is hot as you kiss down his neck.

Eventually after toying with each other you both hit your collective high and you collapse down next to him, the most exhausted you have ever been after a hook up.

“I don’t do this I’ll have you know,” his now lazy voice says.

“Really? You seem pretty used to it,” you chuckle.

“I had to make an exception for you”