black and white cheetah print

Hayes Grier Imagine ♥

You jumped, and squirmed on his lap, as your really close friend Hayes continues to tickle your sides, as you sat on his lap. Which he knew was your ticklish spot. That he was the one out of like three people to know about, since you had known him since pre k, and have been close ever since.

“Ha-haaayess stooop!” you managed to get out as you belly laughed.

“No.” he shook his head, winking at you.

You fell out of your seat, still laughing. It felt like he had bruised your sides.

“WOULD Y'ALL STOP, AND ACTUALLY STUDY!?” shouted one of your best friends, Lucas. 

“Fi-fine.” you agreed, taking his hand to sit next to him. 

Opening your book to the page the group was on, “What number are we on?” you asked skimming through the section.

“Fourteen y/n/n.” Lucas said, pointing out the small print.

“Hate to bust the group, but we have to go.. My dad’s here early.” Marcus added to the conversation not looking up from his phone. 

Alycia, Daniel, and Nate got up to leave with him, since his dad was giving them rides.

“Alright.. So, I guess it’s just us three now.” Lucas sighed turning to number fifteen in the book looking at you, then at Hayes. 

You jumped up, “In a minute gotta use the bathroom.” gesturing upstairs. The two of them nodded.

You were going to go to the bathroom, but changed your mind, and went to change into a fresh set of clothes. 

You changed into black and white cheetah print Nike running shorts, a green soccer tee shirt, and some black and green Nike elites to match your shirt, with your hair in a long ponytail.

Literally a second after you were fully dressed, you jumped at what sounded like lightning coming from downstairs. 

Instantly running downstairs, you were shocked at what you saw.

The couch was knocked backwards. Small puddles of blood led out the front door, and a vase lie shattered on the ground. 

You got worried, and started calling Hayes and Lucas’s names, but got no reply after the seventh time. 

Beginning to walk around the house looking for them, you started to hear soft breaths for air coming from the kitchen.

And walked in, to find Hayes leaning over the sink, now moaning in pain.

You ran up behind him, “Hay-hayes.. what happen-” you didn’t bother to finish your sentence as he revealing his shaking hands to you

Then, a light bulb went off, “HAYES, WHERE IS LUCAS!?” you shouted taking steps away from him.

“I’m sorry y/n..” he sighed looking at his feet, tugging at his hair.

The tears started to well in your eyes, “You ass.. how could you..” you walked away from him in disgust.

Slipping on your white Nike running shoes to find Lucas outside, wherever he had gone. 

You ran to your backyard, in search of the blonde haired boy. 

“LUCAS!” you yelled repeatedly, now worried as to if he was truly okay.

As you were close to running down the street, you heard his voice talking from the house next doors front yard.

You started smiling as you got in front of him.

The first look he gave you was one hundred percent disgust, as he scooted backwards on his phone. 

“Go away.” he said blatantly, rolling his eyes at you. 

“Luca-” you tried to ask him something, but he cut you off immediately, “No, y/n. Stop. Go. We were never best friends, and we never will be. Now go back to your boy toy, and flaunt him to everyone like you always do to everyone else, while your at it as HIM what happened..” he didn’t even give you time to finish, as he got up to run down the street to a car which was probably his mom.

You slowly walked back inside feeling heart broken by what he said, and confused at most parts. 

You walked into the kitchen to find Hayes putting a wrap on his knuckles, but decided to turn back around, and stay outside.

You didn’t exactly want to talk to him face to face yet, so you called him instead.

It rang once, before his deep voice answered.

Hayes; Y/n i’m so sorry.. pl-

You; -Hayes what happened when I was upstairs, exactly?

Hayes; Okay.. Uhm, that jackass Lucas got a phone call, and they were talking about you, and Lucas was saying he was only pretending to be your best friend, so he could get really close to you until he finally got to sleep with you. And, it sent me off, I was pissed. He shouldn’t treat you like that at all. And a few things happened, and yeah.. were here now.

You; Why’d you care, so much?

Hayes; Huh?

You; I mean about what he said on the phone?

Hayes; I don’t know if I should tell you..

he took a deep sigh

You; Just do it. It can’t be that bad..

Hayes; We-well.. Uhmm.. So, y/n..? 

You; Yeah Grier?

Hayes; I’ve been hiding something from you for a while now..

You; And that would be?

Hayes; Okay.. Here goes nothing..

You got an idea and cut him off.

You; WAIT. Come outside and tell me..

And you hung up the phone, expecting him to follow what you’d said. 

He jumped down the three little stairs in front of your door, so he was a few feet away from you. 

But, before he could say anything asked him, “Wait.. why are you crying..?” you took your thumb to his face, brushing the drifting tears away.

He looked at his feet, “You..” he ran his fingers through his hair. “Me?” you asked, and he nodded. “Why?” wondering why anyone would ever cry over you.

“I was scared.. Scared, I was going to lose you y/n.. Because of what i did, I didn’t think you were going to talk to me again. I know you love Lucas..” he sighed bracing his bright electric blue eyes, that were now reddish and puffy, to your stare. 

“I don’t like him, were not bestfriends anymore.. He’s an asshole, and I just realized that about ten minutes ago..” you confessed.

“Really?!” he looked at you happily.

You chuckled at his reaction, “Yeah." 

"Well, you want me to tell you what I was going to over the phone, now?” he gestured back to inside.

You nodded. He took a deep breath, “Okay, y/n.. Your perfect, okay? And, I mean that. No lie. I know you’ve been hurt in the past, but I wanna do everything I can to protect you. It practically kills me to see you sad. And, at the times, you think you look your worst, I don’t. You look like a super model 24/7. Your personality is like no other. I wouldn’t change you for the world. What i’m saying is.. I like you, a lot. I wouldn’t change anything about you. When I started to like you, well I think I always have, but that’s when I figured out why none of my other stupid relationships worked out. And I wouldn’t trade you for the world. And I really hope you feel the same way, other wise i’m going to feel like an idiot for confessing to you." 

Tears fell down your face, faster than EVER before. 

"I want to protect you, from here, and the rest of time y/n.” he whispered to you.

He picked you up, you were both crying now, and he just hugged you. Tighter than any hug ever, but as gentle as possible at the same time. It was, so meaningful to you, because you could feel the love, and passion, as your fingers got lost in his hair. 

“I never thought you’d say it..” you slightly giggled in his ear, “I’ve liked you too Hayes." 

Hey beautiful people! ♥ I’m putting Nash/Sam fanfic on hold for a while.. Sorry.. But, I hope you enjoyed this little story I threw together. Message me TONS of requests, i’m going to be writing all week, so feel free. 

I love you guys! ♥ (:

Collared shirt- Marshall’s
Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- American Apparel
Necklace- Forever 21
Backpack- Forever 21
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Watch- Michael Kors

Okay, so I know this outfit is more on the basic side…but I’m obsessed. I rarely get to wear my Jeffrey’s and they just bring every outfit together. Black and white outfits are always super chic but adding denim and cheetah print spices it up! Also this ensemble kind of reminds me of street style in the fall.