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It Comes at Midnight

New papercraft commission!

a little context:

years back I took my first painting class at a local community college.  The instructor was great, but he had one particular quirk:

He set up the worst still-lifes you can imagine.

He would literally just grab any knick-knack, object, or trash that came to hand and pile them all together.  Artistically(?).  For example, one time I found myself painting an upside down stewpot, an umbrella, and a gallon jar of mustard.  The bright yellow plastic kind.

We painted several of these junkdrawer-meets-hoarder scenes throughout the semester.  My very first painting, in fact, was one of these scenes.


Truly, art.  

Except it’s in black and white because we hadn’t learned colors yet.

Why, yes, that looming film noir nutcracker is rather creepy.  No, I wasn’t trying for that effect, he just started that way.  No, I don’t know why he’s leaning on the grapes. Maybe he’s hungry? Do not question the nutcracker

No, I don’t know why the grape bowl is upside down.  Yes, I do realize that defeats the purpose of a bowl.  I don’t know, maybe my art teacher had a pathological phobia of up-turned containers.  Note the second blurry wine bottle on it’s side in the background.  Yes, come to think, the number of empty wine bottles my teacher found to hand might explain a lot. 

 That blurry object in the corner?  A mango.  Yes, I have noticed that mangoes have no particular discernible features in black and white, why do you ask?  


I originally named this stunning work of art “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” but over time we came to call it simply “IT COMES AT MIDNIGHT” because we are like 99% that nutcracker would eat you and strip your bones if given half a chance.

Anyway, weird painting, but it was my first so I think I am contractually obliged to keep it in my life forever and always.

(I gave the plastic mustard jar painting, with entirely intentional passive aggression, to my dad, who I was still speaking to at the time.  WINNING.)

Moving this story along:

Nutcracker-painting-of-doom bounced around a lot– it was on my wall for like, two hours, I gifted it to my brother who likes nutcrackers (he was SO grateful), one his friends claimed it ironically for an exciting two years, then it returned and lived on the floor behind our sofa for five years or so.  

Most recently, we moved to a place w/ more wall space and I have once again enshrined it on my brother’s wall.  

It stares at him while he sleeps.  :D

Which leads us two brother #2, who, in a spirit of much admiration, commissioned me to do a papercraft of the nutcracker painting.

Which I did.

Lord forgive me.

Nutcracker take 2, now in stunning technicolor, and with roughly 70% more hat.  Truly, this was a worthy use of many additional hours of my life, which I in no way regret.  (got paid, tho. :p )

^ Please, take a moment to  admire the elegant death-skull-mango. ^

Also, this toothy, grape-chomping grimace:

I can’t speak for myself, but Brother #2 was extremely satisfied with his commission.  He framed it himself and promptly and lovingly 



So, end of story, now both “It Comes at Midnight” and “It Came Back Oh God” can loom toothily over my brother’s room at all times:

I’m so proud.

anonymous asked:

recently a coworker that i'm friendly with (but not friends with) asked if it was racist to say that she "hates black people". yes, it's racist!!! just because i look white doesn't mean i agree with you!!!! i haven't shared this fact with management because she has an 8 month old baby to care for, but what the heck???

In the same boat. My coworker is all the time bad mouthing her grand kids because they’re half black and half white. She even does that stereotypical “I’m not racist” lean in real close and whisper “black people” when she’s being racist. I want to say something, but I also know they won’t do a damn thing about it. We’re seriously under staffed because no one wants to be a janitor. We go through new people more than customers wanting to see the manager. Even if they did fire her, we couldn’t replace her. They kept the world’s laziest employee on for years before finally firing him a couple of days ago(they’ve been dancing around making it official for two months). So yeah, I doubt they’d say or do anything and I don’t want the drama it’d cause. -Abby

Can black people and chicanos stop shaming other black people or mexican white people because they are not steriotypically black or mexican? :) :) :)

I was literally born here in my beloved country México, my family is a little activist family in my city, I have lived my whole life here and never left the country, but I talked to some SJW here in tumblr and they told me I’m not a true mexican because I’m pale af. What am I then, bitch? ¿Qué coño soy para tí, entonces, perra?

As so for the black statement I can’t day about me, but some friend that have from here also, told me that when she went to the US she hated how they treated her because she was “not black enough”. The fuck people?


CS hiatus meme :
→ Week 6 : Captain Swan + colors

Colors describing Captain Swan

'Cause You're...
  • Hot and Cold: Libra (Hot), Capricorn (Cold)
  • Yes and No: Sagittarius (Yes), Cancer (No)
  • In and Out: Scorpio (In), Aries (Out)
  • Up and Down: Leo (Up), Pisces (Down)
  • Wrong and Right: Virgo (Wrong),Gemini (Right)
  • Black and White: Taurus (Black), Aquarius (White)
  • Lyrics from Katy Perry - Hot n Cold

“ How is it a terf opinion to say that there’s a difference between the experiences of trans women and cis women, just like there are differences between black women and white women, or disabled women and abled women? “

Aah yes because no one would be throwing a fit if the question was “do you think black\disabled women any less women?” and she answered “theyre black\disabled women” 

The fucking statement is othering and it’s meant to be othering. You aren’t bringing attention to differences, you’re trying to drive a fucking wedge through them.

takingbackourculture just reminded me why you cant have too much faith in non black POC when it comes to black power. 

solidarity truly IS a myth. i didnt believe it until tonight. 

but this blog, which is all about reclaiming things appropriated from people of color, is totally cool with said theft, as long as its from black movements. 

the black power fist, which was a symbol of black solidarity, and the fist itself ,what black people used (and were made fun of , and even beaten for ) as greeting,..

by this blogger jess , is now a “clenched fist” used by all! so yes you can get the black feminist tattood on your not black skin, yes white lgbtq folks can have it. because its a “clenched fist”.

and we ALL have fists. right?

  • “It’s wrong to post a lot of pictures of body positivity and not include the skinny people, they are beautiful too!" - Yes, but the world already knows that skinny people are beautiful.
  • "It’s wrong to say that black lives matter, because ALL lives matter. White people matter too, don’t exclude!” - Yes, but the world already knows that white people matter.
  • “It’s wrong to fight for women’s rights because men have rights too!” - Yes, but the world already knows that men have rights.

Just because people are fighting for a specific group of people, doesn’t mean they don’t care about the others. It’s just that the others already are very well cared about by the rest of the world.