black and white because tumblr hates me

Little rant

No, it’s not reverse racism.

It is racism. Period.

What Brittany Herring and her friends did to that guy in Chicago is disgusting and absolutely positively 100% racially motivated. If you don’t agree, please feel free to block me, unfollow me, whatever you have to do. This is a big divide. There are absolutely NO excuses for the actions of these people. The fact that I’ve read that it couldn’t be a hate crime because black people can not be racist towards white people makes my head swirl. 

Not to sound all dooms day on you, but there is a world outside of the internet. Outside of Tumblr. And in that world, people hate each other for the color of their skin, for the money they have, for their sex and no matter how much SJW-ing you do online, you’re not going to change that.

Exhibit A: Brittany Herring. If you don’t know about it yet, then I suggest you do a quick Google search.

  • white women: omg i read an article that men hate high waisted skirts so i wore 17 pairs on top of eacha other to school because fuck the patriarchy and my principal told me to take it off because it was a hindrance so i spit acid into his eyes. ANY WOMAN SHOULD WEAR WHATEVER SHE WANTS. #feminism
  • tumblr: 200000000000+ notes
  • black women: i can't go shopping without dressing like i'm going on an interview. i have to prove with my clothing choice that i have money to the store clerks because if i go out in sweatpants and a t-shirt they'll accuse me of stealing and perform embarrassing and degrading searches on me in front of everyone. white women may be free to wear whatever they want, but i am not.
  • tumblr: 3 notes.

People are going to hate me saying this – and oh well, I’m used to tumblr hating me and my opinions – but I feel like Jk Rowling was queerbaiting, if not unintentionally.

Hear me out before you breathe flames all over my nice pink sweater.

As a person of color, you grow up seeing famous white authors who don’t necessarily *hate* people of color but are uncomfortable writing about us. Why? Because they don’t want to misrepresent or turn us into an offensive token, so in an attempt to spare people of color that usual horror, they keep all their “minority” characters off to the side in minor roles.

In this situation, people of color are tolerated, acknowledged as existing, used as background decorations to pay lipservice to diversity, but not really included in the narrative. A text book example of this would be Dragon Age Origins, in which people of color exist but are relagated to the sidelines, and the two brown people who have speaking roles aren’t important enough to be three-dimensional characters who exist throughout the story. Duncan dies in the opening (you have to get his background from a book), and Isabella is just there to teach you a skill (and be a hypersexual stereotype).

Does Zevran count as not-white??? I always felt he was a white Spainard with a tan. But if he’s actually a poc, then he’s the only remotely important person of color in Dragon Age Origins who also gets to live through to the end of the game.  

Rowling has done the same thing with all her queer (or potentially queer) characters. She doesn’t hate queer people, but she tolerates us enough to acknowledge that we exist. Gay people are allowed to be gay – as long as they’re gay OVER THERE OFF SCREEN.

So Dumbledore couldn’t be gay in the books but in some announcement after the books were well and done. Tonks and Lupin – the two potentially queer characters – were conveniently smashed together in an unlikely pairing to squash all rumors of gayness (which I thought was a shame). And Harry Potter’s son will never really be gay on stage, just in little hints and subtext.

No, Rowling doesn’t hate queer people (said without sarcasm). She’s uncomfortable writing them or trying to represent them well, in which case she shouldn’t be writing them at all.

My mantra for the last five years or so for white writers has been this: include us well or don’t include us at all. Period.

There is nothing so shitty as being misrepresented or half-represented. If you want to write about a minority but don’t have the balls, the knowledge, or the inclination to learn, then don’t bother.

And this problem isn’t Rowling’s. It’s not up to her to represent queer people. The bigger issue is the fact of so few queer writers on the market. We aren’t allowed to represent ourselves and be our own voice.

As a queer writer myself, I work tirelessly to make agents and publishers see past the sexuality of my characters and see people. But in reality, publishing houses only care about MONEY. So they will sign whatever mindless, vacuous shit will appeal to straight white people (Twilight, anyone?) whether the writer has talent or not because that’s where they believe the money is at.

I am basically saying that publishers will sign any story the think will sell to the straight white majority, not that Rowling has no talent. She is vastly superior to Meyers in every conceivable way.

In short, JK Rowling doesn’t hate queer people. We all know this. But I also don’t think she’s purposely queerbaiting. I think she had a desire to write about queer people but didn’t know how to do it well and was afraid of making a mistake. Her first mistake? Writing about queer people when she had these fears in the first place.

That old saying “write what you know” has weight. Straight white writers should write what they know, while publishing houses should allow queer people and people of color to be their own voices.

Yeah. It’s that fucking simple.

Today I was working on my outline for my new fantasy novel (right now it’s just a mash of ideas) and I realized that if it was ever published, it would be heckled as “the black lesbian Harry Potter” even though the story is actually nothing like Harry Potter and the character is not a lesbian, just queer.

Also, it’s just one book, and the character goes from a child (who learns magic at a sort of school – again, nothing like a real school and more like a monastery) to an adult throughout the story. In the end, it’s nothing like Harry Potter, but people would see the similarities and say so.

Can you imagine what it’s like to write something and have it watered down into the black version of everything else? Last year I wrote a graphic novel about a black female super hero, and in the back of mind, I knew she’d be called “black supergirl” if she ever saw the light of day. But she was nothing like Supergirl. If anything, my character is better than fucking Supergirl. At least she gets to live out from under the shadow of a Superman counterpart….  or would she? The second she was published, the world over would accuse me of copying, even though the story was nothing like Superman.

Black people are never allowed to just be people. Our stories are never just stories – they’re black stories. Our characters are never just characters – they’re black characters.

No, we don’t walk around “aware of our otherness” because we don’t see ourselves as strange and other. We see ourselves as normal human beings, and it’s everyone else who has to treat us like baffling animals behind glass.

All these people preaching about a post-racial society like to forget that we are still segregated. We live in separate neighborhoods, we go to separate schools, and in the book section of every story, every black fantasy writer has been shoved away into BLACK fiction.

Because god forbid anything written by a black person should just be FICTION.

Is there a section for queer fiction? Is there an inter-sectional section for black queer fiction, where the hatred comes together to closet away people who have two minority backgrounds instead of one????

Sometimes I look at my steampunk novel – which is about a woman of color falling in love with a female robot, yup – and I wonder just how hopeless it is for me to see it in print.

Being black is hard. Being queer is hard. Imagine being black and queer.    

JK Rowling can’t. And that’s why she should’ve just left minorities alone. I think she was screwed either way, as people would have criticized her for not having one important brown person at Hogwarts, even though brown people live in Britain everywhere, especially Indian people.

Again, the problem isn’t Jk Rowling. Her writing is just a symptom of a world where we are still so segregated, she has no clue how to write about people of color or queer people without being offensive.

Ursula Le Guin could write about people of color without screwing up because she was exposed to them regularly. She saw us as people, not stereotypes, and that’s how she avoided being racist.

If we can tear down the walls of segregation that are still firmly, invisibly in place, we will see a lot fewer baffled straight white writers and video game developers and more people who understand and appreciate each other.

I just wonder how fucking long that’s going to take. I don’t believe people truly WANT to break down these barriers. If anything, people have been working tirelessly to keep them there for all manner of reasons: greed, power, grand delusions of superiority, or a sheer hatred of those who are different from them.

In short: when we have a better world, we will have better writers.

Segregation never ended. It got subtler. The signs came off the bathrooms so anyone could use them, but segregation didn’t go away.

It changed. As hate often does.

I know am upper middle class woman. Call her Susie.

She told me she’s not racist. Pointed out her black friends. All two of them, so see? They’re not token black friends. (Yeah right)

But she sends her kids to a school in the upper blocks of the city. Good school. No shootings. No real violence. Class sizes about 13 per teacher.

No black kids in that school.

That’s where she’s racist and don’t even know it. She has the option to get her kids a better education. Because white men sit in front of ledgers and dole out piles of money to schools. The bare minimum goes to the lower class schools. The ones with class sizes of almost 40 per teacher.

But it’s not racism, right? Only so much coin to go around so someone’s always going to get the short end of the stick.


The decision is made to deliberately give thy short end of the stick to the poor schools because those ledger-men sit in their high towers and they think they are righteous and say “well you could’ve gone to a better school if you wanted to”

Because to a white man the Will to succeed is success itself.

So the poor schools get underfunded and the ledger men think it’s actually those communities’ fault for being poor in the first place.

There is a war on poverty being waged, every day.

It’s waged by ledger-men who only know their worth by the squalor of others.

It’s all racism.

It’s still segregation.

Why Mubzonline Is Trash - In The Style Of Mubzonline

I think you all know @mubzonline. If Ghazi Kodzo is Black Hitler, that guy is Black Himmler or Black Goebbels. His job is to spread the hateful message about how all dem evil whitey crackas ruined errrthing, and, as amazing as it sounds, he’s got many followers. So let’s see some of the reasons why this guy is Tumblr’s greatest hateful moron (and that’s saying something).

The 6 Reasons Why Mubzonline Is Trash:

He’s A Racist. Pure And Simple.

Don’t come to me with that “Power Plus Prejudice” bullshit. He’s a RACIST, and there’s no other way to put it. And don’t think I’m just referring to whites here; to Mubz, even Asians and Latinos are despicable. He’s against interracial marriage because he thinks “it’s a form of eugenics” (oh, the irony) and he also sees all blacks who don’t utterly hate whites as race traitors, but we’ll get there.

What’s Worse Than A Racist? A Homophobic Racist!

According to Mubz, “Homosexuality is wrong and Tumblr is the home of faggots. This is were they all congregate and do homo shit. White people are extremely sensitive when it comes to homosexuality. It’s a shame they don’t realize that there’s always a psychological explanation as to why someone is homosexual. It’s a curable thing. When you think about it, those that are homosexual are mentally ill. MubzOnline tries to explain this to the white folks, but they just don’t want to hear it.”

Racism And Homophobia Not Enough? How About Antisemitism?

To Mubz, Jewish people are nothing but white people - which means they’re evil. Some of the things he says about the Jewish community wouldn’t be out of place in /pol/ or Stormfront, like how they supposedly control the media, are insanely rich, killed Jesus, etc. Also, he repeatedly downplays the Holocaust by comparing it with the supposed “Black Holocaust”.

Black People Who Disagree With His Views Are “Brainwashed Uncle Toms”

Oh, you think white people aren’t evil, disgusting monsters out to round up every black person and kill them? You must be a house nigger, of course! Mubz cannot handle criticism, and when it comes from someone with as much melanin as him, hoo boy, he gets MAD. Much like the KKK, Mubz hates a black man who can think for himself.

He Has Absolutely Zero Empathy

When a disabled white man was tortured by four black people yelling racial slurs who filmed the whole thing and posted it online, wahat was Mubz’s reaction? “White people should take a stern message from this”. Apparently, the poor guy had it coming because he shares the same melanin count with some random guy in the past who did bad things. Oh, don’t you want to be fucking tortured? You shouldn’t have voted Trump. Or be born with the “wrong” skin color.

Seriously. Fuck That Guy.

@staff, our community guidelines clearly state that inciting hatred based on race, religion and sexual orientation is a violation. You have banned people for less. Please be professional and get rid of this cancer in our already not so great community. Thank you. And #StayWoke, as the kids say.

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tumblr, repeat after me

Not every crime is a race issue. Stop trying so hard to find racism you have to make shit up.

Not everything that makes your life uncomfortable is a gender issue.

Not every problem you experience is due to oppression.

Not every single issue anyone ever has with you is solely due to transphobia/homophobia.

Have you ever considered you’re just being met with so many problems because you’re being an intolerable whiny jerk?

You know what confuses me?

Racist people telling me that racism no longer exists and that I should shut up and other bs they tell me (usually by insults instead of an actual argument) but yet cry and scream over that white people experiencing the so called worst racism ever.

Make up your mind when you rage about your thoughts on racism. It very contradictory and irritating when you say bs like this to me and many other people that actually care and respect others.

Hey people

So, a really horrible and heinous thing happened and I’m wondering why I only heard about it from my Republican and Conservative friends on FB. 

For people unaware, 4 black people (mentioned because of relevancy) kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man from off the street while chanting F*** white people and f*** Donald Trump.

This whole thing was live-streamed on Fb.

I was getting up to date information from the status of DAPL protests and every notable hate crime up until this point when Tumblr has gone deathly silent.

Please tell me people aren’t ignoring this just because it was a white guy who possibly supported Trump.

I actually feel sick now and need to log off. Please don’t let this issue die out and if you’re a BLM supporter, please condemn these people’s actions because this will only further divide the race-rift in our society if both sides don’t care equally about this and stand against it.

I really hope this is just a delay of information but I’m seriously praying that people will not ignore that this happened and will treat it with the same amount of outrage as any other hate crime.







Just leave. I have walls built higher than skyscrapers. I’ve had everything inside me smashed and broken multiple times. My heart and soul have been shattered and I have been foolish enough to pick up the shards and place them right back in his hands. I won’t give anyone the chance to do that to me again because I fucking swear to you it will end me. I’ll never be a part of your life, I’m someone you met and you’ll forget all about me by tomorrow evening. Thats all I am: a memory. I mean this when I say it, stay away. This will only end like a fucking car crash if you don’t.
—  {g.j.t}

It blocked me too, wow. Pissing off black supremecists is so fucking easy, they block me but keep reblogging my post how pathetic roflmao!!

Saying I’m Mexican (because yall called me white) is only “impressive” to racist white people? That doesn’t make sense because those people would be RACIST don’t you understand what racism means? Racism isn’t defined as “hating blacks” its “having prejudices against a certain race.”

The reason it means nothing to you is because you’re a racist who sees the world as “black people” and “racists”. Making you a black supremecist, i.e. racist.

Congratulations, you played yourself.

So that’s three racists who blocked me today roflmao. Wanna know why they block me? Because they’re unable to back up their own points so they prevent people from challenging them. That’s called being pathetic.

Unpopular Opinion

I can’t stand a white person with white guilt. Because they beat themselves up and become so apologetic that they start to sound like white nationalists in the end. They start to advocate that white people should alienate themselves from other races and cultures that aren’t their own, they start to say that anyone who isn’t white is at a disadvantaged even if that person is at a good place in society, they start to generalize anyone who isn’t of their race and put them in boxes because they are so guilt written that they can’t see anyone else as an individual. This is ironically racist to anyone. 

If you can’t see me as a person then you aren’t being not racist. I’d much rather have the so called white person Tumblr hates that looks at me as an individual than some white guilt written person that would say to me or think “he can’t excel in society like me because he is black”, “He’ll never be on the same pinnacle as me, because he is black”, “he is not my equal, because he is black” These things can be put into the same words as someone who is in the KKK. All what you’re doing is pitying someone who isn’t of your skin color. That is racism in itself. 

Cops as a collective

Less than one percent of cops actually kill innocent people, and yes, some black people and white people alike die at the hands of either a mistake or a corrupt individual, but there are going to be corrupt individuals in any group or collective. It baffles me how all of these people seem to hate cops, just because less than one percent was corrupt and killed a miniscule amount of the innocent. Cops are the reason that criminals go to jail, and if you attack one, you’ve signed your own death warrant. It’s as simple as that.

let me tell you what’s been going on for the 24 hours in my country (israel) i know some people on tumblr hate my country with a deep passion, and obviously tumblr has the habit of demonizing one side and putting a halo on the other. this post is about my point of view, and every citizen in israel today is probably feeling the same. this is not a post about politics and i’m not going to try and put my country on the right side here because it doesn’t deserve to be there. but we, as innocent citizens, don’t deserve this.

we just had not 1 but 5 terror attacks all over the country.

it started way before that, of course, with jerusalem, i can’t even count how many terror attacks we had in jerusalem in 2015, man, it must be well above 30 now. i can honestly say the terrorists choose many ways of killing people, they don’t lack in creativity! whether it’s with their own hands, with knifes (oh! they really have a taste for knives!), ambushing and then throwing rocks at families with children, fire (more specifically they set a bus on fire), more stabbings, shootings, running over people with cars, i can go on and on about it (but it’s really best if i don’t)

now though, they really took it to a different level. it’s not jerusalem anymore. it’s every crowded public place. today we had:

  1.  throwing molotov cocktails at passing cars
  2. throwing rocks at passing cars (a young woman was driving her car when the terrorists tried to violently force her out of her car to escape. she’d been lucky enough to survive)  
  3. 15 molotov cocktails thrown on a civilian house
  4. a female terrorist stabbed a citizen
  5. a terrorist stabbed a soldier in a bus station, he took his weapon, escaped to the closest civilian building, forced his way into one apartment and held 2 citizens captive (one of them is about 70 years old) when he went into the house, he didn’t figure out how to work the weapon so he just took a kitchen knife and started chasing one of them. luckily, he was caught soon enough.
  6. a terrorist stabbed 3 citizens near a hospital (and guess what? i’m going to that hospital tomorrow to get my medication. i’m really looking forward to that!!) 
  7.  a terrorist ran over two citizens with a car
  8. the day isn’t over so there’s time to squeeze in something else

now my mall is closed after it was surrounded by police cars all day (this is the mall where i was almost killed in a terror attack a few years back, that time the terrorist took the old fashioned way and went into the mall carrying a bomb.) some schools will be closed tomorrow. people are scared of getting out of their houses. my dad just gave me a serious talk about how i’m not allowed to go out to public places in the next couple of weeks. i took a bus today and i was so relieved when i got out of it! i never thought i’d be relieved to get out of a bus because of something like that.

i’m tired. i’m so tired of everything. i just want this whole situation to be solved in a way that will work out with both sides. but guess what? these terror attacks just cause counter attacks and make the hate run deeper.