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Ballerina Frustrations
  1. sewing pointe shoes
  2. putting hair into a perfect bun
  3. washing your hair twice because you use so much hairspray
  4. wearing skinny jeans that do not let you do a proper arabesque
  5. resist throwing your pointe shoes at people you do not like
  6. not being Svetlana zakharova
  7. looking at your old ballet videos and wondering what was wrong with you

“Pointe shoes are such a beautiful part of the ballet aesthetic, and when i got my first pair, it felt like a true breakthrough on my path to becoming a ballerina. I remember it wasn’t the most comfortable feeling. But I think I was on such a high that i was willing to withstand the pain. It didn’t take long to realize there was a whole new vocabulary of dance that becomes available once I had my pointe shoes on. I think my first pair lasted me a year. Now I wear through a pair per day” - Heather ogden

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