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anonymous asked:

Mom I love supercorp but trying to explain to my white best friend why I, a queer poc, would rather have karolsen, a Multiracial couple, is so tiring and I don't know what to say when she keeps saying "but the gays"

Ugh darling I am so sorry. You are under absolutely no obligation to explain white queer’s racism to said white queer. That should not be your burden and I am so freaking sorry that this person is making it your problem. Ugh. 

I would tell this person – and seriously, feel free to send them my way – that there is more to being gay than being white.

That there is more to relationships and representation than whether or not it’s gay.

That people of color so rarely get the opportunity to see themselves in healthy relationships in media, because media is controlled by white people and white supremacist structures (like… everything, ugh).

That seeing a Black man be loved and adored and admired by a white blonde girl is such a reversal from the damaging, racist, violent images of Black men as threatening to white women (when in reality, white women have been the excuse for so many horrific murders of Black men, so really, we – white women – are the bigger threat, structurally speaking).

That seeing a Black man be gentle and doting and happy on TV is rare, and that seeing him not killed for it, not sidelined for it, not given a terrible, backseat storyline when the white woman drops him for literally no reason at all (it would be fine if they were going with her being ace, of course, but they’re clearly not doing that, because they’re forcing her to be with a misogynist white man instead like wtf), is even rarer.

That Supercorp is delightful – and they’re amazing to watch on screen together – but Karolsen is just as important. And on this show, at this moment? Perhaps even moreso.

I am sending you so much love, sweetheart. So, so much love <3 <3 <3