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VALENTINO Spring / Summer 2017 Ad Campaign - models: Christy Burlington, Fei Fei Sun, Julia Ratner, Liya Kebede, Lorena Maraschi, Mali Koopman, Blesnya Minher - photography: David Sims - fashion editor: Karl Templer - hair: Guido Palau


Hey guys If you are looking to help get markiplier to play HOME for Felix, there is a person who is planing to meet him at PAX and give him a copy of HOME and a letter explaining what happened. But this is where you can help out too! We are collecting signatures from fans, friends, other fangame creators ect, to add to the letter. We have already gotten signatures from some fans but we are still looking for more! We want to get as much as we can before time runs out. So if you are a fan are friend of Felix or are just looking to help out you can send me you’re signature or reblog it with this post.

Some other things!

-It does not have to be your real name if you dont want to! Screen names are just fine.

-The size does not matter too much just dont make it really tiny.

-Yes you can add small drawings to it or small notes.

-All the signatures will be printed in black and white so any added colour wont show up.

-Dont worry about too many signatures! there will be as much pages of them as we need!

!!We are taking as much signatures as we can but only till the 10th!!

Iron helmet from a Vendel era (550-793 AD) boat grave in Vendel, Uppland, Sweden, Museum of History in Stockholm. (orig. photo in color - via: wiki user: Thuresson - Flickr user: Mararie - creative commons)

“In Swedish prehistory, the Vendel era (550-793) is the name given to a part of the Germanic Iron Age (or, more generally, the Migration Period)” (text via:


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Ad Campaign - designer: Sarah Burton - model: Vittoria Ceretti - photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth - art director: Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag - location: sand dunes off the coast of northwest Africa