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Art things I wish I knew earlier #6

Remember to slow downnnnn when drawing. 

The result of an art piece is 80% dependent on the first 20% of the time you work on it. I heard this from an really good artist (Clint Cearley).

Sometimes we rush things and don’t know why the result isn’t what we expected. Take every step slowly. Never sacrifice a lot of accuracy for speed. Some accuracy is okay for “happy accidents” but you should be thinking about proportions, form and contours while drawing.

So chill out. Calm down. Hit up some music. Walk away and come back to a piece once in a while. Trust me, you’ll be less frustrated! >.

Oh yea, don’t render + detail too early. I’ve made this mistake so many times… You’re gonna have a bad time

If you want a general/abstract process to fallback to:

Thumbnail -> Rough -> Line -> (Black and White) Values -> Color -> Accents/Highlights

Of course, Value -> Color in some traditional mediums is a bit tough, so I would do a thumbnail of the value in that case. 

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guys…..kaz is such a mcfreakin nerd…you know what i just considered??? he wears a well tailored suit, gloves, and a top hat. you know who else does?? i mean idk how they’d look in the grishaverse but magicians. MAGICIANS. you know, like the one that fascinated kaz as a kid…in six of crows inej says all the barrel bosses wear flashy patterns and such, but kaz keeps it simple (i dare you to google magicians. they’re all in black and white with red accents. i.e. simple) and when she calls him out or whatever he says “i’m a business man”. i bet he said it because i’m a magician would sound a lot less cool, but think about it…. a thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. “i’m going to invent a new trick”. the way he runs his cons and uses sleight of hand tricks….that nerd probably considers himself a magician anyway.

asexual kaz brekker
  • ace kaz who doesn’t know if his asexuality was there from birth or if it is a product of his trauma
  • ace kaz who embraces it all the same
  • ace kaz who is glad of his asexuality because it helps him cope with his extreme touch aversion
  • ace kaz who might be the only boy in ketterdam who can walk through the pleasure districts of the barrel purely on business terms and not care a jot for the the things that go on around him
  • ace kaz who subtly flaunts his asexuality with accents of purple on his usual black & white & grey businessman ensemble (a tie, a handkerchief, polished purple buttons, pURPLE GLOVES??? I’M LIVING) its no coincidence that purple is the color of both asexuality and kruge
  • ace kaz who turns his asexuality, like everything else about him, into a weapon - the guiles that other men fall for have no effect on him
  • ace kaz who finds security in his relationship with inej knowing that she will never ask of him what he cannot give
  • ace kaz who loves inej with unbridled passion; living proof that an asexual relationship is in no way “lesser” to other relationships
  • ace kaz who never loses his virginity  a n d   t h a t ’ s   o k
  • ace kaz

One thing I really like about FMA is the colors

Like, a lot of anime tend to be very clashy- bright colors, every character has their own color scheme that doesn’t necessarily go at all with the rest of them, so they end up looking kind of awkward on screen.

FMA (for the record I’m mostly talking Brotherhood here) isn’t like that, it’s all very unified. Colors are never too saturated, and it also sticks to five main colors: Red, blue, yellow, black, and white.

Sure, secondary colors are used for accents sometimes. But there are hardly any main characters whose color schemes consist mostly of secondary colors, and when secondary colors are used, they’re usually more subtle. You’re not going to see any forest green and neon orange color schemes here (with all due respect to Gon Freecs who is still a beautiful and good boy even if he hurts my eyes to look at for too long.)

Overall this gives the series a very unified look that’s very aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, and I really appreciate that. I feel like FMAB wouldn’t be as much of a top quality as it is if the color schemes weren’t so nice.

Apartment style and your Venus sign

You could also look at the sun, moon, 4th house or rising. 

Aries: You’re not one for confined spaces or clutter. You want to find what you need without hassle and you might opt for big windows that let in lots of light. I can see Aries Venus liking plain colors like black, white, and beige but with bold accents and wild patterns. Scents are crisp and clean (linen, ginger, or citrus), giving a fresh and new feeling.

Taurus: I think a comfortable couch with plump pillows that you could sink into would be the centerpiece. Woods, browns, greens, and other nature colors and materials are used. Vases with flowers for decoration. Some sort of small window garden would be used. Candles would be lit so that when you enter the room, you’re hit with a pleasant scent. Maybe you have a record player in the corner. Anyone who visits would feel very at home. A nice and well-used dining table would be another investment. Your style is beautiful yet functional. 

Gemini: I can see Gemini in a loft apartment. It’s spacious and likely close to the action of the city. The open nature of a loft is mentally stimulating. Your music and movie collection is likely on display. There’s plenty of room for friends when they come over. Board games may be under the coffee table. The design is sleek,  state-of-the-art, simple, and uncluttered. A chalkboard or notepad is good for writing down ideas on the fly. If you’re an Apple lover, you probably have everything connected so you’re always on top of things.

Cancer: You would focus a lot of the decorating on displaying and storing memories. Hand-made art, blankets or rugs. Things that you’ve collected. I think Cancer Venus would appreciate a comfy corner for reading with a big chair, pillows and a blanket. Pastel colors come to mind. Silver frames hold pictures of loved ones or your own artwork. Cooking utensils are frequently used and on display in the kitchen. The kitchen will likely be a gathering point, so attention is given to it. Try scents like vanilla, apple, or nutmeg.

Leo: Leo Venus loves luxury and if we can’t have it, we’ll fake it. Your home represents an extension of you so of course you want the best. Leo Venus is willing to spent a little bit more for the good stuff. Leo loves shiny accents such as gold, silver, or polished black. Mirrors of all kinds might be in every room. Ruled by the sun, the natural light would be a let in via large windows and sheer curtains. The mirrors will help reflect the light. The combination of natural light and mirrors will help you put your best foot forward before you step out of the house. Beautiful paintings or other pieces of art are boldly displayed. You want people to be wowed by your home and you will bask in this praise. Part of this opulence is because you do want to show off, but also it brings you great comfort for the sake of it. It makes you feel secure.

Virgo: Like Cancer, Virgo decorates with storage and display in mind. Trunks can be used for storage of unsightly things, but also have the added bonus of being visually appealing. Your apartment is likely quite clean, except maybe your bedroom that no one sees. Virgo would probably like the Scandinavian style with lots of white and wood. It’s uncluttered, which is important. You need a retreat from the hectic buzz that is your mind. Plants would help you stay down to earth and give you something to care for. A work space is necessary so a desk with many drawers and a comfortable chair is an option. Books and CDs are organized in alphabetical order and possibly are there to show others how well-read they are. Good lighting is also a must (especially if you want to find all the dirt you missed). You might like woodsy scents.

Libra: A Libra will be sensitive to the energy of their home. Color coordination will be on point and it will look very tasteful. A space to retreat to where you regain balance is a necessity. The world is chaotic and your home should be as light and neutral as possible so you can renew yourself. 

Scorpio: Ah, Dracula’s lair. It’s certainly not going to be in a place where others could peep in on you. If that’s the case, you will invest in some heavy shades. The place might seem small, but feel big. Rich textures like leather, velvet, and silk might appeal to you. Even metals, perhaps. You have a light dimmer, rather than a switch. You might also place a few odd or shocking pieces around the house such as a sexual book or a frightening looking piece of art. Dark and rich is the theme of your style. If not, it may be deceptively light and airy, as to not lead people on to your true ways.

Sagittarius: Another sign that would not like clutter. Not particularly domestic, Sagittarius would prefer to keep it minimalist so there isn’t much cleaning that needs to be done. Unless they live with someone who doesn’t mind cleaning up after them. Minimalism is also good for those who don’t like to be tied down. The less you have, the easier it is to move on. The Sagittarius home buzzes with energy and movement. I could see framed maps on the walls and souvenirs from travels on shelves. Funky, one-of-a-kind pieces are appreciated and are used as conversation starters.

Capricorn: A classic style that lasts. Like Leo, you are willing to dish out cash for quality, but you’re delighted if you can find a good deal. Oil paintings and nice towels are some things you might find in the Cap home. Like Taurus, you go for stylish yet functional. Nothing in your home should go out of style so that it will last you a lifetime. Degrees and other trophies will be displayed. You probably have a monthly planning binder at your organizational station that holds your meal plans, bills, and to-do list.

Aquarius: An Aquarius apartment is likely to be a mix of the Sagittarian minimalism and the Scorpionic quirkiness. You also do not enjoy being tied down, so too much “stuff” can weigh you down. Furniture should be easy to move around when you want to change up your style. It’s likely that what’s “in” will not matter to you. Matching and harmony is not the key. You might even get a kick out of the reactions your place gets. Strange novelty items will be displayed for guests to be shocked with. Guests will probably be a regular thing, since as a fixed sign, you prefer others come to you.

Pisces: It’s hard for me to pin down just one style for Pisces. But they certainly will have a place to create or daydream. Blues, purples, silvers, and natural tones would be used. You probably daydream about moving to a house on the lake, away from the world. I think Pisces would appreciate a beautiful bathtub with places for candles and lotions. Soft rugs are great for sensitive Pisces feet. Antiques or family heirlooms may be used too. Soft and indirect lighting from behind sheer curtains is an option for you.


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