black and whit stripes

Hayley Williams “Back to School” Inspired Outfits Part I

1st Outfit;

Tee / Jeans / Sunglasses / Bag / Boots

2nd Outfit;

Blouse / Skirt / Choker / Backpack / Shoes

3rd Outfit;

Tee / Jeans / Sunglasses / Bag / Boots

Season 11 Predictions

So I got an Anon message in my inbox asking what my season 11 finale predictions were. Anon-I tried to respond but my inbox kept glitching and deleting itself. So I shall make a post instead (its probably better this way, this is going to be long as fuck. Also, this is just all the episodes leading up to the finale and the finale, so yeah be prepared for this shit)

Okay, so I am one of those people that watches the old promos multiple times because they give away stuff from future episodes and I want to see it all so  I might be prepared (I never am).

I was watching the 11x16 promo and the boys were in outfits we haven’t seen them wear yet and talking to Crowley in places we haven’t seem them interact in yet.

We see Sam and Dean (Sam wearing a red shirt with black stripes under his coat, Dean wearing a black and whit plaid shirt under his) walking out of whatever building they were in and look up at the sky.

We see them next talking with Crowley in some shady dark place for a split second

Im guessing that this is the same episode even though I cant see what they are wearing because Crowley is there and in the actual promo for next weeks episode we see that same place with Crowley.

see? same place. Also, same outfits. Dean is yelling at Crowley that ‘Amara is going to delete the universe’ here. That sounds nice.

(lol look at sam. what a moose)

I don’t know what the fuck they are looking at, but it must be big.

Something else to note from 11x18’s promo: Crowley gives away a BIG hint. The Horn of Joshua.

Read  a long ass post about it here. (its my post :D)

Here’s a summary of that post: The horn turns shit into dust. Dust. With one blow (although larger objects are only partially disintegrated).

I’m guessing this is another hand of god because in the bible story god told Joshua to lead his army around the walls of Jericho once for six days and on the seventh day march around seven times while the priests blow their horns. It didn’t say anything about Joshua having a horn, but whateva.

Okay, so this is where it gets nasty-the 11x16 promo again. I have a baaaaadd thought, guys.

That looks a lot like Dean turning into dust. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that he is they one that Joshua’s Trumpet gets turned on. And just to make everything more painless, he’s wearing the same clothes.

Here’s a better look:

See? Same outfit. Dandy.

This is actually a promo picture, but it’s very important. Look at Casifer. He’s got some kind of fire burning at his feet (holy oil?) and if you look through them, it looks like they summoned him by what shit is on the table. Maybe they want him to use the horn or trumpet or whatever the fuck to kill amara or the darkness (too many names).

Look who it is! Mark! We’ve missed you, pal!

Okay, but in all honesty, what the actual fuck. This has to happen soon because we haven’t seen much of Crowley this season, so im guessing maybe 11x18-11x19?? Actually, this picture is from the 11x16 promo, so I don’t really know if they’d even filmed 11x19 at that point in time. So most likely next weeks episode.

It looks like they’re in the bunker, and going off the shiny silver thing in the background I would say the kitchen.

A good guess is that maybe Crowley is in Cas’s head?

At Vegascon (2016, ovi), Misha said that we will eventually get a conversation between Lucifer and Cas. He also said that 'A bunch of people are gonna be talking in Castiel’s head.’

Maybe when they summoned Lucifer with Crowley, Crowley jumps in his head to get him back.

 Here is that better view of the table I was talking about.  Dean is probably holding some kind of spell. (Im getting excited for this episode)

Another thing to remember: Rob is coming back to the show.

I honestly wouldn’t have ever thought that he was god, like seriously thought that unless I’d seen this.

Like what the hell?? We never got an explanation to this. I want one now, please and thank you.

Also, at SeaCon, Misha hugged rob and as he walked away he said, “What a god.” So yeah, I’m like 60% convinced.

No matter what, Chuck is comin back. So that’s cool, I guess.

I guess overall, were gonna get Cas back, Lucifer is gonna die (or be put back in the cage or just float around lookin for a vessel) and the darkness is gonna be our main focus. I guess if dean really does get turned into dust, whatever is near him will, too. Maybe the darkness or casifer *gasp**not cas too!* wont that lucky and will be zapped to dust, too. Maybe that’s when chuck comes back. Maybe he saves dean &/or cas and locks Lucifer back up (assuming hes god) and helps take down the darkness.

But the thing with Lucifer being in heaven kinda messes that up. Maybe he wants all the angels and demons to bow down to him or some shit so they can take down Amara together. I bet he wants the word of god (hey I don’t remember what happened to them…) so he can play god.

Maybe that’s when god comes back. I mean Lucifer hasn’t been in Heaven in a veeeeeerrrrryyy long time, ever since he was banned from there, ever since god threw him out.

Man, these last few episodes are gonna be epic, I can feel it.