black and thie

This panel is definitely the best of the chapter and so full of symbolism. 

Kaneki says farewell to Arima, his father and his teacher. He feels forever indebted towards him. Arima was everything for him, he was his model, someone to look up, someone he could follow, someone who helped him to not give up in any situation. 

In addition and it’s truly important, Arima gave hope to Kaneki, someone who doesn’t have any hope for himself and only wanted to die. Arima helped Kaneki to see the light at the end. He helped him to realize how important he is. Kaneki opened at least his eyes about himself, he wants to live. 

Kaneki thanks Arima several times in the manga but this farewell is truly meaningful. This is the last time Kaneki might say something to Arima before a very long time. If Kaneki doens’t say goodbye to his father right now, his heart won’t be in peace. He has to do so. 

Besides, his farewell reminds me of a farewell we shall give to a warrior and a father, someone we have to look up. It’s just beyond amazing. With so few panels and so few words, Ishida-sensei makes us realize this is truly important. Nothing will ever be the same after this fight. Everything will be upside down. 

And do you see the chacked pattern above everything? Kaneki was shows several times with thie black and white pattern. It was a way to tell us Kaneki still has to choose his side and his way. But Kaneki doesn’t have to anymore, Kaneki is his own person thanks to Arima and his teachings and his guiding. 

Kaneki won’t suffer from the lack of choice he makes and he will have to live according to his own heart and beliefs. Actually, Arima leaves something beautiful behind but Kaneki doesn’t realize it yet. Arima will leave the most amazing person in this cruel world to change it. 

Kaneki will be seen as an amazing person and warrior, no one will look at him down. He will be the best of all. Kaneki will be himself after that arc and he will the best of all. I just can’t wait for more. Kaneki is just about to be born again.