black and tan puppy


Shawn hands me the phone when he’s done uploading the picture and I look at the image, the caption underneath it saying, “Us and our son.” 

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x non-gender specific character 
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1451

A/N: So this is the requested full version of the blurb I wrote about getting a dog with Shawn. It’s fluffy. And a little smutty. Thanks to everyone that suggested names for the pup! ^^ My primary goal with this is to make B uncomfortable with the kiddo’s name. 

Shawn reminds me of a child on Christmas morning the second we step into the shelter. We introduce ourselves to the volunteer and his face lights up when the woman leads us into a large room with kennels.

“Here’s your guy,” she says with a bright smile on her face. “ He’s been waiting for you.” She unlocks the door to a smaller kennel and as soon as the door swings open, a black and tan Yorkshire Terrier puppy rushes out to greet her. The energetic creature runs circles around her until she crouches down to scratch his head.

Shawn kneels next to the woman and starts to stroke the puppy’s back. “Oh, look at you! You’re so beautiful, yes you are!” He picks up the Yorkie, kissing it. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you little guy,” he murmurs to the puppy in his arms. The ball of fur barks, licking at Shawn’s nose.

“Please be careful,” I beg.

“I took an allergy pill, promise I’ll be fine,” Shawn smiles at me, and then his attention is diverted back to the dog.

“Are you sure about the dog being compatible with allergic people?” I ask the animal carer.

She stands up next to me and looks at Shawn and the dog. “It varies from person to person, but Yorkshire Terriers are fairly hypoallergenic and they’ve been known to be compatible with people who have mild allergies. Some other hypoallergenic breeds include Havanese, Poodle,  and Maltese,” she informs with a smile.   

“So we saw on the website that he doesn’t have a name yet?” Shawn asks, his face nuzzled in the Yorkie’s fur.

“No, we haven’t named him yet. Well we have, but none of us could agree on one name so I guess it’s up to you guys.”

When the adoption is finalised, we put the Yorkie in a transport cage in the car, making sure the young puppy is comfortable.

“I’m staying at your place tonight,” Shawn states.

“Do you think that’s a good idea? You know you’d have to pop a pill every few hours right?”

“Can’t I just take several at once?” Shawn questions.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. But you can stay if you want. I’d want you there.”

“I love you so much. And I love him so much. I can’t wait to cuddle him. We’re gonna become best friends.”

“Fawkes is so unoriginal though.” I move my fingertips through the wet fur, making sure the shampoo has been distributed everywhere.

“But Fawkes is so badass! He saves Harry in Chamber of Secrets!” Shawn squeezes the bone shaped squeaky plastic toy, attempting to pull it out of the puppy’s mouth.

“This little guy cowers at the sound of the doorbell and we can’t even get him into the bath without baiting him with a treat.”

“Fine,” Shawn smiles with an exaggerated eye roll.” There’s another name I’ve been thinking of…” Shawn turns on the shower head, rinsing out the shampoo.

“What kind of name?” I stroke the Yorkie, keeping him calm.

“How about Pick? Short for Pickering? Like home,” Shawn smiles.

“I like that,” I nod. “That’s a really cute name actually. Pick. Also like guitar pick!”

“Interstellar or WALL-E?” Shawn asks, his eyes glued to the TV screen as he reads the description for Interstellar.

“Have you never seen WALL-E?”

“Of course I have, it’s just good enough to watch again. I think we have to watch WALL-E anyway because Interstellar has a PG-13 rating.”

“Shawn, he’s a dog, he doesn’t understand anything.” I scratch at Pick’s head that’s in my lap, his body still in its resting state as he quietly snores.

“I’m not putting my child’s innocence at risk,” Shawn deadpans.

“WALL-E it is,” I smile, endeared. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

“Nope. Have no memory of that,” Shawn shakes his head, smirking. He moves closer to me on the couch, crawling up between my legs.

“Well, I do love you. A lot,” I grin. “Come here you goof.” I reach out to Shawn, and as soon as our lips touch, Pick wakes up and barks.

“Think we woke up the little man,” Shawn laughs.

“He’s such a cockblock. I haven’t gotten any Shawn-time in forever,” I pout.

“Do you think he feels excluded?”

“Maybe,” I ponder. “But sex….” I groan, letting my eyes wander down to a strip of skin above Shawn’s pants.

“We can always close the bedroom door,” Shawn suggests.

“I think he’d just whine and scratch at it until we feel guilty enough to let him in.”

“Okay, that’s true. But I like kissing you, so I’m gonna do it anyway,” Shawn smiles, moving closer and placing his lips against my jaw.

Pick barks again.

“Shawn, look, he’s asleep,” I whisper a while later.

“He’s so adorable! Come on we have to take a selfie with him!” Shawn picks up his phone and aims the front camera at us, and I smile broadly, getting into the frame. “Look at us! We’re the most adorable family ever. I’m gonna put this on Instagram. What should I caption it? Wait, I know!”

Shawn hands me the phone when he’s done uploading the picture and I look at the image, the caption underneath it saying, “Us and our son.”

“You are the cheesiest being on this planet,” I chuckle.

“Fetch, boy!”

I watch as Shawn throws a tennis ball across the living room. Pick chases the ball and holds it between his teeth, playing with the object on the other side of the room.

“I don’t think he gets the game,” I smirk, trying to hold in my laughter.

“We’ve been doing this all morning,” Shawn sighs.

“I’m sure he’ll learn eventually. Maybe try something simpler, like teaching him to sit? Operant conditioning works well on young dogs.”

“That sounds like a good plan. Until then I’m just gonna spoil him with toys and cuddles. And chase him around the house.”  

“Are you sleeping again?”

“Huh? What?” Shawn stirs, opening his eyes. “No, I swear I was awake.” He lifts his head off my shoulder, blinking rapidly.

“Yes you were,” I laugh. “You’ve been taking naps as often as Pick.”

“S’not my fault, the allergy meds make me sleepy.”

“Just like Pick,” I smile, running my fingers through his hair. “Maybe we can go for a walk with him, that would wake the both of you up.”

“Mhm. Where’s my boy?” Shawn looks around the living room, spotting Pick sleeping on a pillow on the floor, front legs tucked under his chin.

I sigh as Shawn places kisses down my neck, his hand pushing up my shirt to feel my skin. His thigh rests between mine, his hips pressing against my body. He starts to move so that I feel him press into my hip; I push my lower body up against his and he groans at the contact.

“I’m so hard,” Shawn breathes.

“Do you like that?” I press against him again, earning a moan. I take a hold of hair at the back of his head, lifting his face to mine so I can kiss his lips.

Shawn’s hip moves in circles, his erection a warm bulge against my thigh. “That feels amazing. Please, don’t ever stop,” he says as I suck at the skin on his neck.

“I like making you feel good,” I mumble against him.

Shawn’s fingertips graze my stomach, traveling downwards and he tugs at my waistband. His fingers slip under the elastic of my boxers and he tugs at the confines, pulling them down my thighs. I kick them off my legs and our bodies bump into one another’s. Hands grab at my hips, shifting me further up the bed. Shawn kisses down my chest to my abdomen where his mouth lingers. His teeth gently drag along my skin, making me shudder. My hips buck up desperately for contact as he kisses me.  

“I want to taste you,” Shawn mumbles against my skin. He kisses the insides of my thighs, licking his way to my pelvis. “I could spend all day between your legs.”

I moan at the words being spoken between my thighs, and shudder when Shawn’s mouth finally finds me. His soft hands hold my hips in place, one of them trailing down to my thigh to lift it up. Suddenly, I feel a weight shift next to me on the bed and I tug at Shawn’s hair, pausing his movements.

“That good, huh? You alright, love?” Shawn looks up at me, smirking.

“No, Pick’s on the bed. Next to me.”

Shawn moves his head up so that he can see Pick, and groans. “Not again.”

The signs’ physical looks

Aries male: One of the most attractive guys, very masculine, healthy-looking, brown hair and brown eyes
Aries female: One of the most attractive girls, a bit masculine but still very hot, with a beautiful smile; Brown hair and pure hazel eyes

Taurus male: Skinny, sometimes chubby, a bit short but still beautiful, light brown/reddish curly hair, green eyes 
Taurus female: Either dark brown or red hair, black eyes, skinny and very attractive

Gemini male: Fit (but not too much) because always exercises, healthy-looking, tall, black hair always in a good condition, blue/grey eyes, very stylish
Gemini female: Skinny, sometimes fit, tall, dark hair and dark eyes, very elegant and stylish, has R-O-C-K-I-N-G eyebrows; 

Cancer male: Sometimes tall, sometimes not at all. Can be chubby, always has soft lines. Black or dark brown hair, black puppy eyes, tanned 
Cancer female: Very sweet, with an adorable smile, puppy eyes, likes to tan a lot but still pale, dark/light brown hair, not too expressed eyebrows

Leo male: Fit, masculine looking, black/golden thick hair, tanned and sunlight cannot burn their skin. Pure hazel/black/green eyes
Leo female: Skinny, short, thick and very beautiful hair, either golden or black, light/dark brown eyes

Virgo male: Light brown wavy hair, they are short-looking but aren’t actually that short, black eyes, soft lines and cute facial expressions
Virgo female: Straight hair, blue/green/light brown rounded eyes, eyebrows with perfect form but too light, angelic look, very feminine, has thigh gaps

Libra male: Hot, cool looking, always wants to dress in specific clothes, has a beard, thick eyebrows, short hair, green/blue eyes, not too fit but still good looking
Libra female: A bit chubby, always stylish, healthy light brown hair, wants to put make-up a lot

Scorpio male: Either very tall or very short, pale, either black or either blonde hair, interesting nose, small waist, green/blue/black eyes, looks a bit younger for their years (or should I say like a child), big cheekbones
Scorpio female: Sometimes very feminine, sometimes very masculine, either black or either light blonde hair, S_L_A_Y_I_N_G eyebrows, small eyes, big cheekbones

Sagittarius male: The award for best-looking zodiac sign goes to Sagittarius male AND female; brown hair, very very fit and good looking, striking light brown / green eyes, looks like they are gonna explode at any moment
Sagittarius female: The award for best-looking zodiac sign goes to Sagittarius male AND female; Green/blue/light brown eyes, the most striking look from all, perfect eyebrows, looks a bit untouchable

Capricorn male: Always wants to look sophisticated, always has a perfume on, tall, skinny, can be chubby or fat in the later years, glassy look, black/grey/brown eyes, either smiles a lot or doesn’t smile, dark hair
Capricorn female: Cold, glassy look, very attractive, interesting nose, perfect eyebrows, light grey/blue eyes, very skinny but can be a little bit chubby sometimes, elegant and feminine in her own way

Aquarius male: Likes to change their style a lot, short, not that thick, curly blonde or light brown hair, light eyes of any color, ugly nose but they’re still cute
Aquarius female: Small nose, very healthy looking, light eyes, straight or wavy blonde hair, tall 

Pisces male: Either very tall or a bit short; pale; skinny; very dark black or very light blonde hair, very small or very big blue/green/black/grey dreamy eyes, big nose, stylish in any segment of their lives, s-l-a-y-i-n-g jawline, thick and big lips, when they smile they might scare somebody because they look like a snake
Pisces female: The most feminine of them all, short or normal height, very pale and has a clean skin, interesting cheekbones and eyebrows, blue/grey/black dreamy eyes, either has no make-up or tons of it but is always cute and attractive