black and tan coyote


Hazard 4 Battle Axe

Marketed as a discrete rifle case disguised as a guitar case. There is enough room to actually put a real full size electric guitar in there, although it may be tight if you have your rifle packed. Comes only in Coyote Tan and Black at the moment, the shoulder strap is sold separately. MSRP is about $199. (GRH)

Every so often, an incredibly rare genetic mutation results in a coyote with absolutely stunning black-and-tan coloration. Unlike melanism, which is an overdose of black pigmentation, this genetic fluke leaves the pale underbelly and white facial markings unaffected. The contrast in hues is quite striking, and the fur itself often has a sleeker, plusher feel to it.

This coyote’s face has been expertly shaped for the most realistic expression and form. It fits perfectly atop the wearer’s head, or can be worn over the face like a mask, as well. The eyes are not backed so the wearer can look out through them, effectively viewing the world from the animal’s own.

These headdresses are exceptional for ritual use, but are also perfect for photoshoots, performing arts, and home decor for the serious collector. I only make a few of these per year. This is one of only three I’ve ever made that feature such a unique genetic mutation.

Available from the NaturePunk Etsy Store

hoxsie  asked:

hey, i remember you posted pictures ages ago of what might have been your room in college? i just remember it being a super cute room with pelts and stuff. could you post those again?

Are you talking about these ones? 

This was my second dorm room, during my Sophomore year at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. I had just moved in and was prepping for a backpacking trip (hence all the crap on my bed). 

The leopard pelt is one of a handful of personal pelts I plan to never sell - it’s a pre-ban chrome tanned piece from the late 1930s or early 1940s and came from a local friend/licensed antiques dealer. The bedspread is African black-backed jackal skin that I got from a fellow taxidermist. And the canines on the wall are (from left to right): A black wolf, a black/tan Australian dingo, a black coyote, a while wolf, a black-and-tan coyote, and a normal coyote. 

Enjoy! :D 


For sale in my etsy shop, a unique coyote headdress. This black-dyed coyote was garment tanned and unsuitable for traditionally mounted taxidermy, but I still wanted to give her a colorful expression.

To achieve this, I hand painted a pair of eyes on some leather squares and affixed them behind her face, giving her that wild stare! There are a few advantages to this kind of headdress: You get the benefit of colorful eyes and a lifelike expression, you get the light weight and easy portability of a hollow head dress, and there’s not as much risk for rigid parts or clay to crack or break as there is with a traditionally mounted head.

This piece is super light weight, and has some heavy duty button snaps that close in the front, taking the weight off your head and onto your shoulders for a more natural feel. It could easily be worn for physical activity or long periods of time without causing undue strain.