black and silver tips

Hi my name is Alex Sportscandy Sapphire Aerobics Busybody the Tenth and I have short cobalt blue hair (that’s how I got my name) with silver streaks and black tips and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Magnús Scheving (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Íþróttaálfurinn but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a sports elf but my ears aren’t pointed. I have tanned white skin. I’m also an aerobics champion, and I live in a town called Lazytown where I’m the town nice guy. I’m a hero (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly blue. I love Academy and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a white and blue shirt a with matching vest and blue striped track pants, a hat and tall blue boots. I was wearing dark black eyebrow pencil, mustache wax, white mascara and chapstick. I was walking outside Lazytown. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very sad about. Robert Rotten stared at me. I waved at him.

Industrial yet glamorous, old but new. Stainless steel mosaic tile is the perfect backsplash-turned-accent-wall in this glamorous kitchen. Pendant lighting suspended by black pipe mimics cage lights of the industrial-era to add vintage charm.

Six of Crows Modern AU Fashion

Kaz: He always wears dark colors. Black, gray, sometimes white. Inej calls him “Mr. Monochromatic”. Somehow makes ripped jeans with a button-up look good. Seems to have an endless supply of scarves but wears only one coat whenever it’s remotely chilly. Doc Martens or manly black boots with little silver tips on the laces. Classiness meets goth. Rocks the closely-cropped-hair-on-the-sides look and always has some sort of vintage watch on his wrist. He likes to do this thing where he’ll be wearing all black and then a pop of white somewhere, like a single stripe across his shirt or an ivory scarf.

Inej: Queen of layering things, no matter the weather. In the cold it’s fawn colored leg warmers pulled over sheer black stockings, blouse collars peeking out over sweaters, thin hoodies underneath denim jackets. In the warmer months it’s loose, fluttery, cardigans over shapeless dresses or tasteful crop tops worn on top of spaghetti-strap tank tops. Kaz thinks her hair is the most beautiful thing in the world and it is, she always braids it prettily or leaves it down in waves. A fan of gold ear cuffs and ballerina flats. Can somehow mix badass with chic.

Jesper: Total skater boy. Unbuttoned flannels, graphic t-shirts, worn jeans, Timberlands. Also keeps his afro shaved on the sides but likes more volume on top. Leather bracelets with snap fastenings and hoodie-leather jacket hybrids. Wears those loose tank tops with the long arm holes. Owns at least ten “Very Gay” t-shirts, destroys gender stereotypes on a daily basis by wearing neon floral patterns and dress-like tops. Makes snapbacks and fedoras very, very, hot. Likes to balance sunglasses on the brim of his hats or always drape his headphones on himself, whether it’s his neck or his shoulder it looks like a cool accessory.

Wylan: Cutest person ever (and I don’t mean in a teddy bear way). He has that attractively nerdy aura going on, has a crap ton of galaxy-patterned and pride-flag bow ties. Sometimes allows Jesper to buy them matching t-shirts. Carries a leather satchel with loads of pins and iron-on badges of TV shows he likes. Wears Brogues that he found in a used shoe store or a pair of million year old Vans. Always has his sleeves rolled up, even when it’s freezing outside. Wears chunky hipster glasses that he’s always pushing farther up his nose. Beautifully tousled red-gold curls. Owns many wacky socks, his favorite pair is covered in algebraic equations. Paints his nails sometimes (usually green) and it’s always ridiculously neat.

Nina: Actually real-life supermodel 24/7. Looks good in anything and everything. Owns her curves and will wear any shade of red. Lipstick is always crimson, eyeliner is always on fleek. Her makeup in general is just flawless, and her brows are the definition of perfection. Can do anything with her hair, whether it’s two messy space buns or straightened. Wears a lot of 50′s cut dresses with brightly colored belts. Always tucking her shirt into her skirt. Will use her pretty acrylic nails to scratch you up if you mess with her group. Lace-up boots with a little or a lot of heel. Fitted pea coats that flare out at the waist and tie in a bow at the back. Can be intimidatingly gorgeous one day and doll-like the next.

Matthias: Probably the one who cares least about his appearance. The type of person who reaches into his closet and pulls out whatever. Nina drags him on shopping trips and makes sure he always walks out of the mall with some stuff of his own. Sweatshirts and varsity jackets. High-tops and never anything else. Somehow makes a man bun not nasty. Has one of those rope/survival bracelets with a tiny compass that he never takes off. Makes henley shirts hot and owns way too many white v-neck tees that frankly, all look exactly the same. Beanies are the only hat he’ll ever wear. Wears blue on days that he actually cares so that his eyes stand out. Jogger pants, the black ones with two white stripes down the sides.

W- The Harpy

W is a young harpy, around the human equivalent of 6. She wandered into our warding by following a river that runs through our astral space and beyond our warding. She was very frail, both malnourished and ill. She was also covered in superficial wounds; some were infected while some were not. After a few days of not speaking she told us “bad men” took her parents away. Some of my companions went to investigate by tracking her energy the way she came, and what was found will be revealed to her companion in her background piece.

W is a spitfire of a little lady, which is probably to be expected of harpies, haha. She’s a lot of sass, but she’s also quite sweet. W is dark-skinned with red eyes and short black curled hair that looks almost like an afro (and is gorgeous). She has small black wings with silver and red tips that will grow with her as she ages. For offerings W will be happy with whatever her spirit companion gives her.

It should be noted that W isn’t ideal for beginners who are just starting out or those who don’t have another companion yet and have issues with hearing or seeing and/or astral traveling. Being a child she needs to be tended to like, well, a child. Her educational lessons need to be kept up, her health needs to be monitored due to her neglect at such an early age (My mate Healer will be making monthly visits and will be giving her companion or their spirit family a journal of her medical records), and she needs to be guided on her life path. She isn’t opposed to a big family though as she has enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the orphanage in our astral refuge.

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(glamorous-revenge) "... I know you're nervous about tomorrow, mon perle... but it's going to be alright. While I can't be in the building with you in person, maybe this will help..." He lowered his claw, revealing a necklace that was hanging from its tip. The pendant was a black pearl, set in silver that wrapped around the top and sides in a shape reminiscent of a crab's pincer. "Even if you can't wear it into the actual procedure, imagine it there, cuz I'll be there with you in spirit, Echo."

Her hands immediately flew to her mouth, her eyes wide.  She felt her breathing catch in her throat.  Part of her wanted to squeak, but she knew if she did, it would make her throat shot more than it already was.  The tentacle half curled around the side of her leg flashed brightly, the tip curling into what seemed to be a heart.

“T-Tamatoa it’s-Oh gosh-I-I–”  She took a deep breath, trying to get control of herself.  Carefully, she gently took the necklace from his claw.  It was absolutely beautiful beyond words… She put it around her neck gently, letting it hang there with her other necklace.  Looking up at him, her eyes watered a bit, and she immediately hugged his claw, the purr coming from her loud and shaky.

Here’s the up to date Ladybug design for SF (except for the gloves–she doesn’t have those in the fic yet). There is more to her design than this, but any more would be spoilers. 

Here are the key differences between SF and canon Ladybug: The boots are mid-thigh, black, and silver tipped (similar to Chat’s, but without the paw-print aesthetic). She has two yoyos. The gloves, which she doesn’t have in the fic yet, are black like the boots and topped with a kind of black fur (this mirrors another addition on Chat that he doesn’t have in the fic yet either). On her back, between her shoulder blades, is the paw-print (as shown on the right). Her staff in the image is not to scale–it’s at least as long as she is tall. The staff ends are the yoyo sides, and the middle glows pink (think light saber or like the original staff design she had in the concepts for the show). 

I’ll sketch Chat tomorrow, but for now I’m headed to bed. Hope this helps people out ;D

Ignore my crap drawing skills.


The small monochrome colored gem wearing a black and dark grey body suit had arrived outside a large door.  A door that led inside to the throne room of one of the very Diamond Authority members.  Next to the door was a keybad with gem inscripted buttons.  Typing in a combination of numbers, an item similar to a camera had appeared above the tiny gem.

“Lady White Diamond” the gem spoke while looking into the camera, also while holding a bulky looking item in her other hand.  “I was able to retrieve the enemy planet’s artifact you requested.”  With Black Star Diopside’s free hand, she tipped her silver colored visor below her eyes briefly.