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Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Words: 4880 (what even?)

Pairings: Moxiety (oops) and implied Prince-logic (if you squint, it’s starting up kinda.)

Summary: It’s Halloween: Patton is in charge of costumes while Roman is in charge of adventures this years. What could possibly go wrong..? Maybe a poor decision to visit the dragon witch could…

Possible Triggers: blood, near death experiences

AN: I have never written a fic like this before, especially for the sides, so if they’re a bit out of character, I apologize. This… This was supposed to be short… Enjoy?

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To Tease is to Love

From this request:  Can I request a funny deanxreader where the reader is a super badass, strong stubborn hunter and she and Dean are constantly teasing each other and making fun of one another but they actually rlly love each other? Then at the end they confess their feelings and lots of fluff?



Dean glanced over at you.

You sat in the passenger seat, clothes stained with blood, hair decorated with twigs and leaves. There was a slight smile on your face, the same smile you got every time you finished a hunt.

‘God, she’s beautiful,’ Dean thought to himself.

You turned your head slightly and the sunlight caught the small stud in your nostril, glinting into Dean’s eye. Sometimes he forgot you had that piercing, but when he saw it, he couldn’t help but remember the night he met you.


The boys had been led to a small town in North Dakota, hunting down a shifter. They’d killed it after tracking it for three days and Dean had called for a celebration. He pulled the Impala up to a small watering hole and led his brother in, ready to get drunk on alcohol and attention from pretty ladies.

After a few drinks, Dean had begun to look around the bar, trying to figure out which girl he should approach first. His eyes were drawn to you, sitting alone at the bar. You were dressed in an almost-threadbare flannel, faded jeans, and scuffed up combat boots. As he approached you, he saw your reflection in the mirror behind the bar—your eyes were circled heavily with black liner, and a menacing silver hoop protruded from one nostril.

Sure, you looked scary, but the alcohol convinced Dean that he had the right amount of charm that could melt away your icy exterior enough for him to see what lacy undergarments lay beneath your wardrobe.

“Hey, there.”

“Fuck off.”

“Whoa. No need for that.”

You lazily turned toward him, looking over him with a look of boredom and disdain. “Sorry, where are my manners? Please fuck off.” You sneered at him and that only made him want you more.

“You think I came over here to hit on you?”

You raised your eyebrows but still managed to look bored.

“Well, you’re wrong, sweetheart. I just came over to tell you that if we were in a magazine spread, I’d certainly win the ‘wore it better’ award.”

He watched your eyes trail down him, a slow realization filling them when you saw that you were wearing almost identical outfits. The corner of your mouth twitched slightly.

“That may be,” you said, looking back up at him. “But my ass looks better.”

Dean chuckled and offered to buy you a drink. “It’s the least I can do for a fellow hunter.”

Your eyes widened slightly. “How’d you–”

“Come on. We’ve all got that sixth sense, able to pick a comrade out of a lineup.”

You finally relented, allowing Dean to buy you a drink and lead you over to the table where Sam sat. Hours passed, trading hunting stories.

“You hunt alone?” Dean asked after you told the tale of taking down a particularly mean werewolf. “That’s dumb. You should have someone to watch your back.”

“Those who watch your back are close enough to stab it.”

Your dark cynicism surprised the Winchesters. And your unwillingness to have a hunting partner was annoying to Dean. He’d just met you, but he couldn’t push away the want to protect you.

He glanced around the bar and saw an empty pool table in the corner. “I’ll make a bet with you,” he said. “We’ll shoot a round of pool. If I win, you come and hunt with us. If you win, I’ll leave you alone.”

You cocked an eyebrow at him. “Please. You think you can get away with that?”

Dean raised his own eyebrow at you.

“You think you can con me into playing against you. You’ll let me win, make me feel sorry for you so that I suggest double or nothing, and then you’ll hustle me so you can get your way.”

“I don’t… how… what…”

“Birds of a feather, Dean.” You drained your glass and headed over to the table. “You coming?”

The game had been close—the two of you were evenly matched. And just as it looked like you would win, you looked up at Dean. The hoop in your nose glinted in the light coming from the fixture above the table. You overshot and missed the pocket. “Huh,” you said, laying the cue down on the table. “Looks like you win, Dean. Guess I got myself some hunting partners.”

Dean looked you over. You’d had a clear shot—how had you missed? Then he noted the small glint in your eye, the slight lift of the corner of your mouth. “You did that on purpose.”

“You can’t prove that,” you said with a wink.


That had been over a year ago. And with each passing day, Dean couldn’t help but feel thankful that he’d run into you at that bar.

You’d changed a bit since that night long ago. You no longer wore heavy eyeliner, the hoop was replaced with a stud. You smiled more. But you were still a badass hunter who could hold her own, and that was the sexiest thing about you.

“Eyes on the road, asshat,” you said, still staring out the windshield.

Dean smiled to himself. You often called him any variation of a name that involved ‘ass’. “Sorry. I was just distracted by how gross you looked with all that blood on you.”

The corner of your mouth lifted. “At least the mirror doesn’t crack when I look in it.”

The rest of the drive passed in silence. Dean finally pulled the car into the garage at the bunker, but neither of you made a move to get out. A heavy silence fell between you.

“Y/N,” Dean said, turning towards you.

“Dean,” you said at the same time, turning towards him.

You both chuckled slightly and Dean thought he noticed a slight blush cross your cheeks.

“Go ahead,” you said, biting your bottom lip slightly.

“I…” Dean faltered. Saying those words would change things forever. He reached out and plucked a leaf from your hair. “I just wanted to let you know you had this stuck in your hair.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

The silence came back, heavier than ever.

‘Just do it,’ Dean told himself.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

You’d spoken at the same time again, words overlapping each other. Dean saw your eyes widen and the blush deepened on your cheeks.

“You do?” Dean finally asked, sure that he’d misheard you.

The slightest smile crossed your lips as you nodded. “Ever since that night in North Dakota.”

“Damn,” Dean whispered. “I knew I should’ve kissed you at that bar.”

“Yeah. You should have. Jackass.”

Dean reached out and pulled you closer to him. Your hands reached up and rested against his chest, feeling his heart beating in his chest, it’s tempo matching yours.

“Guess I have a lot of time to make up for,” Dean said, leaning forward, pressing his lips to yours.

Lemon Eyes || Bonkai Fanfic

I already posted this on but I know I always tell you guys that I will post on here as well and THEN I COMPLETELY FORGOT! So, I was writing and took a mini break to catch up on here (YES, I AM UPDATING UNDISCLOSED DESIRES;) 


A baby summary of this: Bonnie moves to NYC to live with Caroline and Klaus, who are indeed coupled up (I’m a Klaroliner!) Klaus is a high-powered attorney with a lot of strings that he can pull and a very influential BESTIE;) Enter Malachai Parker, a billionaire businessman, with an eccentric reputation. He is known for being quite the playboy and having a questionable temper. Caroline realizes her close friend is struggling to find her footing and asks Klaus to juggle that ball of power; so he does. 

Can Miss Bonnie be the personal assistant of an egotistical and childish, yet charming and intelligent Mr. Parker? 

Of course he does have his requirements…

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Photographer assistant Liam with anxiety issues that lead to panic attacks having a massive crush on model!zayn but not knowing what to do with it, thinking it can't possibly go well if he tries to ask him out.

Liam is not a fashion photographer. He likes to do small weddings, he likes to takes family shots or animals in the quietness of the woods behind his parent’s house. Liam loves to capture happiness, serenity, smiles, love

He loves to stay hours without moving with his camera in his hands, trying not to wake up that beautiful stray cat living down his street with the amazing shades of brown in his fur. He likes to stay immobile until the cat comes to him, walking so slowly with such grace and fluidity.

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