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Serena Williams is pregnant!

  • The Serena Williams, the queen of tennis, is expecting.
  • In a Snapchat posted on Wednesday, Williams announced to her followers that not only is she pregnant, she’s 20 weeks in.
  • Williams is currently engaged to Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. She announced the engagement with a poem she shared on Reddit, naturally. Read more (4/19/17 11:30 AM)

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I’m so proud to see this! It’s no accident black women surpassed any other group based on race and gender by having the highest percentage that is the most educated. I see black women constantly going for education, even single black mothers or pregnant black women, as well as wives.

African-American men and women today are holding up the lamp that has always been a testament to black people in this country. We have always valued education!


Imagine that you are in an arranged marriage with Thor. You both aren’t happy in the marriage and try to divorce, but Odin will not allow it. You begin seeing Loki and when you fall pregnant, Odin believes it to be Thor’s child. Imagine the look on Odin’s face when the child is born with black hair and green eyes.


For whatever reason The New York Post has a problem with Beyoncé and her fans being happy about her pregnancy. They posted two articles in two days, that did nothing but show how much hate lies in their hearts. How can you even tear a women apart for being happy and confident while pregnant. You don’t have to like Beyoncé or her music to know that this is gross and unnecessary. Having a baby is miracle for all women, but to attack a woman who has previously suffered a miscarriage for being happy and healthy, while carrying twins at 35 lets me know you are truly sick. Beyoncé and all women deserve to be happy about becoming a mother and they all deserve to feel like goddesses! GO FUCK YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T THINK SO!

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