black and leaks

One of Inktoberwatch prompts was Sombra. I really don’t know (maybe Blizzard will let us know coming weekend).


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

when tyler gets arrested

policeman : you have the right to remain sil-


policeman : anything you say can and will be held against you in a-

tyler : JOSH DUN!

jenna : wtf

tyler : it’s just the lyrics babe

josh : ;) ;)  

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

Omikron (Part 59)

The entire video is of Matt laying on the ground as black goo begins to leak from his eyes and mouth. Pat can be seen in the background, wearing a paper mask of David Cage and slowly climbing a stairway to where a noose hangs. The noose turns into a snake and the snake falls onto Woolie who simply stares up at the sky. More snakes begin to wrap around him, eventually he’s covered in the snakes as we see him drown.

We cut to Pat, still wearing the Cage mask as he starts to choke Matt who continues to spew forth black goo from his mouth. An audible mesh can be heard as this goes on. If you record the audio, play it backwars and speed it up x10 you can hear a distorted voice say “you could have stopped this. At any time you could have ended this.”

Woolie can be seen carving words into a wall. All they say are “The platform doesn’t work. Push the button. Reset the game. The platform doesn’t work. Push the button. Reset the game.” it continues on like this for several rooms, becoming more and more mangled before eventually we see Woolie laying on the ground, the stone he used to carve the words is soaked in blood and his eyes have been gouged out, assumedly by the very stone.

Eventually we see pat try to pull the cage mask off his face ecept it won’t come off. His tongue lashes out furiously at air that he seems unable to take in. Matt begins to thrash as spasm as now the goo starts to erupt from his chest. It splatters against the wall as we see Pat fall to the ground gasping one last breath before turning his face over and inhaling the goop that has filled the room entirely.

We slowly pan away and fade to black… we then cut to footage of Omikron as we hear a melancholic voice say “okay we fixed the bug… we are now… 85% of the way through…”

If you see or have any leaked material from Lana’s upcoming album, make sure to report it and do not share it! Lana’s management as well as Universal and the FBI are actively working to ensure that nothing leaks and you could get into a lot of trouble by participating.

If you really are a fan, then you don’t want Lana to get discouraged like during that time when “Black Beauty” leaked. She pulled the entire album and started from scratch!

Please respect the fact that she’s not ready to share anything with us yet. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


Age: ???? (couple years older than Serif though)

- His eyes always has black ooze leaking out
- When he’s in combat mode, he has an asterisk sign in his right eye.


- Asshole / Mean / Jerk
- Doesn’t give a crap about anyone
- Still jokes but in a insulting way
- Judgemental
- Always picking a fight
- Hates Gaster’s prank and joking around
- Sort of care for Gaster in a way


- can summon Gaster hands
- has the ability to levitate
- can’t summon gaster blaster / but his Gaster hands can shoot light beams


Age: ???? (he’s not dead)

- He lives inside Asterisk’s head
- Can’t travel outside of Asterisk
- Nobody can see him except for Asterisk


- goofy (Goofster lol)
- always positive
- playful
- likes to joke around


- Can also summon Gaster hands

Relationship with Asterisk

- Protective of him
- Likes to mess with him or annoy him
- Make sure he stays positive  by annoying him

All done with Photoshop CC and Cintiq Touch
Artwork done by @spacejacket
Logo design done by @bluerose099
Asterisk and Gaster from Paraverse Tale belongs to @spacejacket and @bluerose099

Undertale © Toby Fox

This aerial photograph of Pearl Harbor was taken three days after the attack. The black streaks are oil leaking out of the sunken ships. The USS Arizona is on the bottom right.

(Official U.S. Navy Photograph, National Archives)