black and grey and white

before there’s more discourse being made, i really want to reach out to the gd stans out there who still like him, but do not make excuses for him. you guys probably are feeling really conflicted and lost or pissed off or feeling like you’re the only one who feels this way. i just want to take this moment and say you’re not. there’s many of u guys out there, and as someone who used to like him, i’m saying your feelings are valid and real. no matter what other stans tell you, you are a fan of his. it’s also okay to still like him; you’re not giving him a free pass especially if you do admit his mistakes and if you can, speak out on them. you’re not a horrible person for staying, and you’re not a horrible person for not defending something he did that you feel isn’t right.

you deserve respect from both sides and i admire all of you for staying despite all of this. i also admire those who have the strength to leave because i know how hard that feels. if you do stay, don’t be so hard on yourself for excusing so much; at least you know now so u can move forward. we need more gd stans who can call him out. we need more gd stans who won’t let him slide for the 104883th time. we need more gd stans who genuinely are here for ot5 and know his position in this group and how it affects him. i know not a lot of you may not have as many followers than these delusional ones, but don’t give in! i’m here for you!



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You don't really post/share a lot about Luma Lee so only having followed you on Tumblr I don't know anything about him to know what I would like :(

Say no more Anon! It has been sometime since I posted something about Luma Lee aside from asks and screenshots, so hows about I bombard this little post with some muse facts and small tidbits of his lore, aye?

(Planning on typing out quite a bit, so enjoy the read perhaps? Also tagging those who may be interested, as well as frands)

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Ok, I have to -- the one you made me with Dirk being a badass on Derse. Which I looooooove. 😊

I think I’ve already mentioned that I had to make a little color diagram based on the number of shades of grey I wanted to use and all the different carapacian black-white-grey bits.

Also, this piece had so many similar shades of pink-purple that needed to work together, that I specifically went to the store to try to color-match for it. And then I panicked and literally just bought every single shade of purple or pink paper the store had.

This was the start of my ridiculous paper collection.  Plus side: at the point, I can basically sit down and papercraft p much whatever I want, just with what I have on hand.

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Look you know what, bottom line is that it doesn't matter what personal things went on in Johnny's life. He was a poor choice for Grindelwald and I think that's a large part of the reason people were upset. Grindelwald is clever and seductive and charming. He always seemed to be the villain with more greys next to the black and white ideology of the Voldemort storyline. But as soon as Depp came on screen you can see that Grindelwald is just another characture of a villain. (1/2)

“2/2) Next to Colin’s stellar performance and the magnetism and grounding that he brought to Graves, the reveal of Grindelwald needed to match up to him and it just didn’t. Even before the drama in his personal life, Johnny’s rep as an actor and his chops just haven’t been up to that challenge in recent years. That’s speaking as someone that gives no shits about personal life when judging performance. (Sorry for adding to the discourse on you page btw. Just needed that off my chest.)”

I mean I agree with you. I think most of the fb fandom agrees with you, too. I think when abuse or other shit gets involved /that’s/ when the personal life of people starts to matter ? but yeah, whether or not those allegations are true, I’m with you in that I don’t think he’s great for the role either