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Could I get a Feferi Maryam? She has her hair wavy and has little side pieces hanging down, and wears a black top that looks like the top of Roxys update dress, with the jade Pisces symbol where roxy cat would be, and a red high-low skirt with black ballet flats. She also has dark green lipstick and black eyeliner!

TG: dude highkey id pay her to kill me
TG: i guess thats why people with good fashion sense are what the kids call “slayin”

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Could I get uuuuuh,,,, pale Meu and Horuss??? They both have pointy ears and meu has longer and crazier/curliest hair than canon, a sweater with a little white Leo symbol in the bottom corner, a black skirt, and black ballet flats with green knee socks! Horuss isn't wearing his goggles, has some freckles, wears a white tshirt with his symbol, a blue sweatshirt wrapped around his waist, brown pants, and brown boots! Thank you!

TG: this is actually so good and pure
TG: i love them holy shit
TG: also uh meulin is cat themed right and shes got big old puffy hair now
TG: could one say she is a hairball in a way

Slip ups (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Jughead x Reader keeping their relationship a secret, they just don’t want other people to know, but one of them accidentally slips.

A/N: I changed it a bit but hope you liked it!!! Requests are welcome! 


Slip Up (Jughead x Reader) 

You and Jughead have been a thing since he questioned you about Jason’s death for his novel. You didn’t have any useful information but you two got along quite well.

After the interview, he asked if you wanted to grab a milkshake at Pop’s. You guys have been dating since.

The only thing is that no one knew as you both liked the privacy and Jug didn’t want anyone picking on you for dating him. Of course you had called him crazy and that you didn’t care what those idiots thought.

Three months into the relationship and you both were starting to slip up causing everyone to question what exactly was going on.

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"Tell me one good reason why I should wear that" Marichat, please!

“Tell me one good reason why I should wear that,” Marinette laughed, pointing at the “Chat Noir’s #1 Fan” shirt the hero was holding. 

“I can give you three good reasons actually,” Chat Noir grinned. “One, you are my number one fan; that’s just a fact so don’t try to deny it. Two, you look ravishing in black. And three, pretty please, I bought it just for you!”

“So if I make you a ‘Marinette’s Number One Fan’ shirt, you would wear it?”

“Every single day,” Chat Noir promised.

Marinette leaned forward and tapped his bell. “You’re ridiculous, kitty.”

He beamed at her. “Does that mean you’ll wear it?”

“Like to sleep in?”

“I do like the thought of that,” he winked, “but I was thinking more like out in public.”

Marinette took the shirt and sighed. “This is really important to you.”

“It is.”



Marinette rolled her eyes and giggled. “Well, that explains everything. Fine, silly kitty, I’ll wear the shirt.”

“Tomorrow?” he asked excitedly.

“May as well.”

“When do I get my Marinette Fan shirt?”

“You really want one?”

“Of course!”

“I could make it this weekend, I suppose,” Marinette said, tapping her chin. “Do you have a color preference?”

“I trust your judgment. In fact, don’t wear the shirt tomorrow. Wait until I have mine and then we can wear them on the same day!”

“Pictures are going to be mandatory.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Princess.”


Marinette smoothed the black shirt down over the green circle skirt. She figured if she was going to go Chat today, she may as well do it right. Chat Noir had been so excited about his soft pink ‘Marinette’s #1 Fan’ shirt. She had been sure he wouldn’t like the color but he immediately pulled it on over his suit and strutted around her room like he was modeling the latest couture. She had laughed until her sides ached.

Alya rushed up to her, panting. “Girl, please tell me you haven’t seen Adrien yet.” She looked down at her friend’s outfit. “Wait, did you guys plan this or something? It doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“What are you talking about?”

“See for yourself.” Alya stepped back and Marinette spied Adrien across the locker room. His back was to her but he was wearing a soft pink shirt with gray skinny jeans. Marinette felt her heart stutter.

“No. No, no, no, no, no,” Marinette muttered, stepping back. Adrien turned and caught her eye. He started towards her, smiling.

“How about that picture, Princess?”

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With A Little Bit Of Sugar

Request by: @toasterstrutle 

“Yo, I’m a huge sucker for soulmates au’s, same with coffee shop au’s, and any story where characters A and B (in this case Draco and Harry) get stuck in the same room for a long time.” 

°One Shot

°Pairing: Drarry (Draco x Harry)

°Warnings: Slight NSFW??? Idk??? Harsh Language

                                 ~With A Little Bit Of Sugar~

“Only one more hour to go.”

With a heavy sigh Ron leaned against the little open doorway that leads to the kitchen, whitch is seperated from the rest of the Cafe’.

“Yeah. I miss my bed.”

Harry, his best friend and workmate, chuckled and threw the piece of cloth he used to clean up some of the already empty tables over his shoulder.

“I miss my girl, Hermione.”

It’s been about two years now and Harry still didn’t get used to the sight of his two best friends being all lovey dovey with each other.

Ron and Harry have been besties since they were little kids. They met in school and never left each others side until this very day.

And Hermione?

Well, she was a new kid when they were in second grade. She used to live far away, but due to her dad’s promotion (he’s a dentist) they had to move and that’s basically how the trio found each other.

As time grew by, Ron and Hermione got together and as soon as they could call themselves adults the two of them moved into a nice flat together.

Harry, too, had a flat of his own, but unlike Ron his lover was his bed.

Why I said lover and not girlfriend?

Well, our little Harry is gay.

He discovered that during fifth year in his school. At that time, he also had his first actual crush.

Sure, he found some girls pretty before that. There was this girl called Cho Chang, he fancied her but he never told her. Not because he was too afraid, more likely because the thought of being with her, kissing her and…doing certain things with her seemed so absurd to him.

In other words, he quickly got over that ‘crush’.

There was a short period of time where he found Ginny Weasley, Ron’s sister; cute and he even considered going on a date with her, even tho he was scared of Ron’s reaction, but he just couldn’t.

Even after she told him that she liked him he rejected her and moved on fast.

Luckily, she found someone that could make her happy.

It was until he walked into class that Harry told himself he just wasn’t intrested in those two specific girls.

It all started with this one french class.

Harry was forced to choose between spanish, latin and french.

Latin didn’t even cross Harry’s mind once-like who the fuck speaks latin anymore?

And spanish and french were his least favourite languages, but since he had to choose one, he decided to give the french class a try.

Ron, that idiot he is, lost his sheet, so the teachers said he had to go to spanish, while Hermione volunteery joined the latin class (WHO THE FUCK SPEAKS THAT ANYMORE).

The dork he is, he ended up being late on his first day at french class and had to sit next to a girl that wouldn’t stop talking.

He remembers her name was Pansy something. She had black hair and always wore black, white and green clothes. For example her favourite green skirt, combined with white high socks, black shoes, a white blouse and a green, sometimes black tie around her neck.

But the most remarkable thing about her probably was her red lipstick.

Pansy however doesn’t even matter that much in this story.

Who mattered much more was who she was friends with-Draco Malfoy, the boy that everyone would tell you to stay away from if they were in one of those cliche’ teeny movies.

The thing was, Harry had just discovered who he was as a person, and then someone like Draco Malfoy steps into his life, just like this, and messes up everything.

He used to play Basketball back then, and just because of Malfoy messing with his head and his heart, Harry never showed up at practice anymore.

Harry had never been less interested in Basketball; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.

In other words, Harry had the hugest crush ever on Draco Malfoy himself, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Nothing other than masturbate every chance he got to the thought of Draco and him getting it on.

There was a little party in their school and everyone was there. Of course, some alcohol was involved, which is why Harry believes that this was the reason for what Malfoy did, but when they were outside the school and talked about deep stuff, Draco kissed him.

It was Harry’s first kiss and he felt his heart burst with joy. But that heart got torn apart the next day, when Draco told him it was a big mistake and that he was disgusted by what they did and that, if he sees Harry anywhere near him or his friends again, he would beat the shit out of him.

The next day, Draco was hanging on Pansy’s lips and when Harry wanted to confront them, Malfoy turned his words into reality.

The poor boy didn’t know what hurt more; his heart or the bruises his classmate caused that day.

Whatever it was, Harry decided to ignore the pain and Malfoy for the rest of his life, which was hard because he left quite a weird looking scar on his forehead.

But, the years passed and they all finished school and went on with their lifes.

And they never saw each other again.

A little ring was heard from the bell hanging over the door, signaling Ron and Harry that someone just entered.

“I’ll take this one. You can go and get to your girl.”


“Yeah, go. See you tomorrow. And tell Hermione I said hey.”

They said farewell and as Ron left through the backdoor, Harry grabbed his little notebook and walked towards the costumer, that sat with his back to him.

Strange, he thought. No one else seems to be here anymore. And it’s oddly dark for this hour of the day.

But since he wanted to be a professional, he just shook his head and put a smile at his tired face.

“Good evening, sir, what can I bring yo-”

There was a small sound heard of something colliding with the floor, and Harry’s face looked like death itself.

No way…




“Wha…what are you doing here?!”

“Obviously, I wanted some coffee.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. After all this time, and all he said was that he wanted some goddamn coffee?!

Who the fuck gives two shits about a coffee in this situation?!


“Didn’t you hear me? I mean, I get that I damaged your stupid face, but did you get deaf or something? I said I wanted a coffee. With a little bit of sugar, if you can tell what sugar and what salt is.”

Harry was mad; no he was furious.

“Is that everything?”, Harry growled, his fake smile obviously covering up the storm inside the young male.

“No, that would be it.”

Draco grinned at Harry’s misery, but as he watched him walk away into another part of the building, Draco’s mask fell.

His eyes became teary and he had to bite his lip in order to keep the sobs from coming out.

What has he done?

It was at the time to apologize.

He whiped away the tears quickly, shut the front door with a switch of his hand on the lock and walked to where Harry has disappeared.


Draco entered the room and slammed the open door shut behind him…only to find horror on the others face.



Instead of answering, Harry just yanked at the door, which won’t open.

“You idiot, Malfoy! This door needs a key to be opened, and my key IS NOT in THIS ROOM!!!!”


“Yeah, right.”

The boy sighed and sat on a little two seat sofa.

Draco sat next to him and looked through the tiny room.

It seemed like a storing room for small things, like flour and sugar and all that kind of stuff.

And, to his surprise, there were an open salt and an open sugar package on the little cupboard.

Okay so, either he was trying to poisen him with that salt, or he actually was checking which one is which. Did he take his nasty comment seriously?

“Look, Potter, I actually came to talk to you.”

Mentioned one turned his head to Draco, and suddenly their faces were way closer than they should be.

It took him back to the party…and the day after.

“You see…ugh, I’m not good at this, okay?”

Draco took a deep breath and felt relieved that Harry now didn’t seem as angry anymore; he actually seemed very interested in what Malfoy had to say.

“First of all, I’d like to say that you still have not aged up one bit. I mean, oh god, sorry I…”

And there was it-a small chuckle, almost unnoticed, but Draco heard it clearly, and his heart jumped.

And suddenly it felt so much easier.

“Harry, I am sorry. For everything. You see, back then, when we were in school, Pansy always told me about you and how good you would be for me. In this state of my life, my father was sent to prison, because he robbed a building and hurt people in the act, He was getting blackmailed and saw no other way out than to do what they said. The one that made my father do it-ugh that fucking asshole, he broke my whole family apart.

He’s in prison too, forever, while my father was supposed to get out after five years, but…he died in his cell. He slipped in the small bathtub und hurt his head, and the staff didn’t give two shits so he died due to the bleeding.

My mother never was the same anymore and I had only myself, Blaise and Pansy. So when she told me about you, I wanted to get to know you so badly.

Harry, after a while, I had these thoughts about you, and they scared me because I never thought about someone like this, let alone a boy I just met a few weeks ago.

I kissed you that night because I wanted it, I didn’t drink one bit alcohol. And I was aware of how it felt and I was aware of the way I couldn’t sleep the whole night cause you kept creeping into my mind and god, I was aware that I was no good for you.

So I hurt you to stay away. to make you walk away from me because you deserve so much better. I’m selfish, but this time I had to think about you. When I kissed Pansy, I felt like throwing up, cause that cheep lipstick felt so wrong, and your lips felt so right, and when I hit you I felt like I was dying.”

There were tears in both boy’s eyes and Draco raised his hand to slightly brush his fingers over the scar he made.

“I bet I left even worse scars in your heart, didn’t ?”

Harry nodded, but then took Draco’s hand in his.

A sob escaped his lips and Harry finally pulled him into a tight embrace.

“Draco, we both made mistakes. Let’s forget what happened, okay? Fuck, I’m so happy to see you again.”

They both laughed a bit before they looked into each others eyes, and then, finally finally finally, they leaned in and their lips locked together.

Neither could hide their smile anymore when their lips met, and when they pulled away, they were grinning like idiots.

Draco cupped Harry’s face with his hands and leaned his forehead against his.

“I missed that.”

Harry smiled.

“I missed you.”


The next day, Ron and Hermione walked into the Cafe’ and were confused when they saw Harry’s jacket and keys on the counter.


Since they got no answer they opened the little door to the store room.

“Oh my god!!”

Shocked the couple stared at a sleeping Harry on the couch, a sleeping Draco in his arms.

Hermione pointed to the cupboard.

“What did they need the sugar for?”

Hope you liked it, sorry if I got anything wrong. Lots of love!<3


Slytherin For The Night?

Draco Malfoy x Hufflepuff reader (i mean you could replace the word hufflepuff with your house it would still work)

Word count: 2036

Warning: Smut!!!!!!!

Originally posted by lel-moriarty

It had finally been Christmas break after what felt like a ten year long term at Hogwarts. Draco had invited you over on your first day of break to hang out together. His parents were out shopping and taking care of a few things, which caused excitement inside of you, and in Draco as well. He seemed to be planning something, and you were also.

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