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rfa reacting to hurting mc accidently when they were arguing? i love your blog so much♥ (◎⌒○⌒◎)

here you go, lovely anon! thank you so much for your kind words aaah smooches you

RFA + accidentally hurting MC


  • oh boi
  • he did not mean what he just did
  • when you cried when he accidentally hit you on your face while you two were in the middle of a v heated argument
  • he lost it
  • it happened because he was sitting, his back facing you and you were so mad
  • he just won’t turn to look at you while talking
  • you deemed the action to be rude so you squeezed his shoulder to make him look at you
  • buuuut he swatted your hand that held his shoulder, accidentally hitting your face in the process
  • your nose bled because of the accidental force that hit you
  • when he saw the blood and your tears
  • ya boi zen certainly lost it
  • realization of what he did hit him like the waves of the sea, violently shaking his thoughts
  • “Oh god…” he muttered as he hurriedly went beside you, touching your hands that covered your face, “Damn! I’m sorry… Oh god… MC, I’m sorry…!”
  • he was stuttering as he tried his best to comfort you, even running to the fridge to get some cold compress
  • but you were so upset with what happened [ and the pain in your nose was very unbearable ]that you swatted his hand and scooted far away from him
  • he was horrified with your reaction because you never pushed him away in any of the fights you two had since
  • so he figured a breakfast in bed the next morning would be able to calm you down
  • dude slept on the couch all night
  • lucky for him you did not lock the doors
  • you found red rose petals everywhere inside the room when you woke up srsly zen stop thrashing the house lolol
  • a soft sexy music was playing in the background
  • “You’re a goddess in the bedroom
    Devil in them skin tights…
    Drug that I’m hooked to…
    But it’s ok, I’ll be alright …”
    • srsly his singing voice is just uhhhHHHH
  • “Good morning, honey. Breakfast in bed?” winks
  • and you saw him by the door smoothly doing some sexy macho dance while he’s only on his boxers and biting a single rose whispers magic mike anyone?? lolol
  • you literally squealed [ at the breakfast of course ]
  • ( ͡° ͜ ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • poor baehee was so stressed with her job [ imagine x 20 level of stress added to her usual one ]
  • that she had been so grumpy the entire week
  • you wanted to at least lift her mood up by cooking her favorite dish one dinner time
  • but when she got home all tired and upset and ate what you cooked for her you were honestly expectant about her reaction but then
  • she lost it??
  • she started commenting on how it awfully tastes and that you had no consideration about her situation
  • you can cook but you knew that what you did actually tastes fine and you knew the difference between awful food and okay ones so you got hurt by her claims
  • she insisted that you purposely served her this food
  • and that take out tastes better
  • “Uhm … Excuse me?” you asked, incredulous by what she said
  • but!! she did not stop her angry rants
  • and she only snapped out when she heard your soft whimpers
  • you stood up and excused yourself then ran to a separate room and locked yourself in
  • she was so guilty about what she did and that she didn’t actually mean any of what she said
  • she was so lost about what she’ll do to console you since she’s fully aware you’re so upset about what happened
  • so she figured it’s finally time for a vacation
  • you were so surprised to see her packing clothes the next morning that you panicked because is she throwing you out now??
  • when she saw you on the adjacent door, she walked up to you and hung what looks like a necklace made of flowers where did she get all of these beautifully colored flowers?? so early too??
    you slightly flinched on the touch
  • she smiled with regret and clasped your hands with hers
  • “I forgot one most important thing during the times I was stressed out: You. You’re all I ever be needing.” she sighed and pulled you to a soft hug “Let me spend my entire day with you. No works. No stress. I promise. Let’s go to the beach?”
  • you pouted and puffed your cheeks while trying to suppress a smile
  • she squeezed your cheeks then rubbed her nose against yours
  • you giggled and she followed while softly kissing your cheeks
  • and that’s when you fully forgave her(*/∇\*) キャ


  • the fight was actually caused by you
  • and the catalyst was due to jumin’s neglect over you for the past few days all the sweet stuffs in the beginning of your relationship just STOPPED
  • it happened one fancy dinner event with the new investors & he did not even notice how you dressed up for the night
  • your black laced mini cocktail dress and gold pumps did not even make him turn to look at you likE HELLO TRUSTFUNDKID AM I INVISIBLE HERE
  • you were being a bit needy but only because he was very neglectful
  • he even left you alone at the table as he entertained his clients which mostly consisted of young, sophisticated women who want nothing else but to be noticed by this young & eligible business man
  • he did not even introduce you to any of them
  • some women even didn’t have the proper conduct as they just threw their selves right on front of him
  • and he actually seemed to enjoy it??
  • he was smiling from ear to ear!! the nerve! you are so going to sleep on the couch tonight mister
  • because you were ultimately pissed by this, you suddenly stood up and grabbed a strawberry champagne from a passing waiter
  • you drank one wine flute and went for another and another until you felt yourself become dizzy
  • when you got another, you knocked the wine flute to a lady wearing a pink gown she was actually the one who bumped you
  • you froze on the spot
  • the lady shrieked and went to your face, fuming about how expensive her gown was and that you had no manners at all
  • she started making fun of your clothes and told you how tasteless jumin was for choosing someone like you who lets herself get drunk without discretion this btch right here i2sg
  • you got so mad that you were about to slap her when someone caught your arm mid-air
  • your eyes widened when you saw it was jumin and that he was glaring right at you, his hold on your arm turning to a vice grip
  • you flinched and yelped in pain as you grabbed your hand from him, the part where he held producing red marks
  • “What is this immature act I am seeing? You should learn to own up to your mistakes. Apologize to her.” and you became ultimately upset when you saw how he handed the lady his handkerchief and apologized like he owed her his world
  • the lady smiled sweetly and batted her lashes at him the nerve of the btch and smugly raised an eyebrow towards you
  • you got so blinded by rage that you laughed
  • yes. you. laughed.
  • you removed your silk gloves and loosened the ring around your finger
  • “Hey, cat-face!” you were a bit drunk forgive yourself “See this?”
  • he narrowed his metallic irises towards you as you pulled out your engagement ring from your finger and threw it on a wine flute filled with strawberry champagne
  • his eyes widened and panic immediately filled his face, “MC—”
  • you were not taking any of his shits right now
  • “Bye bye.” and you immediately ran out of the event hall
  • you heard a few curses and because you were running on a 4-inch stiletto, Jumin immediately caught up to your retreating figure
  • he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him
  • “Let. Me. Go. Entertain them all you want. I don’t care!you said as you felt tears started to prickle your eyes
  • “If you think I would then you’re wrong. You’re truly thinking low of me, love.” his husky, breathy voice soothed your ears that you forgot why you were even running away in the first place “I’m sorry. I might have been neglecting you
  • he kissed you on your forehead as he pulled your body closer to his and hugged you tight, “You smell like strawberry champagne, sweetheart. Lucky for you, that’s what I like.”
  • the smirk on his face and the curious glances and few murmurs you both got made you flush on your position, growing suddenly shy
  • “Let them see who owns me completely. Who I am crazy for.” he whispers to your ear, his lips lightly grazing the skin there, making you tingly from head to toe “Their opinions doesn’t matter. Let’s go.”
  • srsly jumin han one minute you’re cold then now you’re hot uhm ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°)


  • he was raging in LOLOL
  • when the fight broke out and happened
  • you accidentally pulled the LAN router off of the power source and that caused the internet connection to go down you were vacuuming his messy room
  • he screamed when the words ‘YOU ARE OFFLINE. GAME OVER.’ flashed on his screen
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” you gasped when he angrily stood up from his chair causing it to fall over as he marched up to you and pulled the vacuum from the power source as well
  • “Sorry?! I was in the middle of getting a very rare item! It costs a thousand won if you purchase it separately! Darn it, MC!”
  • the boi was fuming mad
  • if he wasn’t being offensive and hurtful right now he would be hella cute
  • but no
  • NO
  • his game was more important than you??
  • down with it boi
  • you narrowed your eyes at him as he continually rambled and ranted about how unlucky he was and that you ruined his chances of ever getting the item that you were more than welcome to leave his house and how you were making him feel hella useless by cleaning the house for him
  • he was saying too many hurtful words with lots of hand gestures that he accidentally hit a glass on the side of his counters and it shattered on the floor
  • you were so surprised that you accidentally stepped on the glass shards and you got pricked by some
  • ya boi yoosung didn’t even notice the glass shards on the floor
  • and only when you cried in pain that his rage disappeared into thin air
  • guilt washed over him like he just took the ice bucket challenge
  • his mouth formed to an ‘O’ shape as his amethyst irises widened in surprise
  • “MC! Oh my god!” he panicked when he saw blood on your foot
  • yes. blood.
  • “Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. MC—” he crouched to see your wound
  • “No! Don’t touch me! Go and play instead!” you cried and limped away from him and tried to get out of his house asap
  • he was so horrified that he was prancing around, scolding and smacking his self for saying those harsh words to you
  • he hurriedly took off from his house and followed you home like some crazy stalker he made sure to buy some meds and treats just in case you kick him out when you see him
  • he knocked on your door and he was right, you were about to kick him out if not for your wounded foot but he was quick to pull you to a hug and he cried so hard
  • “I’m sorry! I was stupid! I’m sorry! I’ll never put games first before you ever again! MC … Don’t leave me. Please. Please … I beg you. I’ll never do it again.” he cried and chanted these words on repeat like a wounded animal
  • you sighed and let him enter your house but you were still not talking to him
  • he was like a puppy adjusting to his new place and when you went to take a bath, he made sure to set up a pillow fort on your living room and prepared some snacks, ice cream and movies to watch
  • it was a movie date night!!
  • he even prepared a small banner that said: ‘I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me? I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll be your slave!”
  • you managed to stifle a soft giggle at this and boi was he so happy that you finally cracked a positive emotion but you glared at him when he chuckled a bit
  • he whimpered in fright lolol
  • he had been ultra caring towards you to the next few days until you recovered


  • being with Seven and adjusting to his presence was quite hard
  • there are times where he’d just be off where you couldn’t even talk to him properly or he’d be so comical it was quite hard to tell which was his true self
  • he was sometimes cold and he was sometimes hot
  • and one time, when you were so curious of what he’s doing since you haven’t seen him in a day
  • so you tried to enter his lair aka his room
  • and you were so surprised to see how messy it was and he was staring right at his screen with a picture of two red-haired toddlers
  • he was blankly staring at the picture with an unfinished PhD Pepper on his hand and an opened Honey Buddha Chips on his desk
  • “Seven?”
  • he was so surprised that he immediately shut his laptop down and stood up, rage and panic evident on his golden eyes
  • “What are you doing here?” he hissed as he crushed his drink using his hands “Didn’t I tell you that this room is off limits?”
  • he stood up and you shivered under his accusing gaze, his steps sounding like loud thunder against your ears
  • “Get out, MC.” he exclaimed and you yelped in surprise with the tone he used as you felt tears form on the edge of your eyes
  • “But, I … I just want to, uhm …” you tried to explain your side but he just shook his head and marched to you, grabbing your hand and dragging you outside
  • “Please … stop. I don’t need your explanations.” he coldly spat as he stood in between you and the entrance of the room
  • “Seven …” your voice almost sounded like a whisper but he refused to even look at you
  • what is his problem? who were those in the photos? what is he hiding?
  • “Go. Get out. Don’t ever bother me. Don’t ever come near me. Just … go.” his voice sounded really wounded like it was really hard for him to say it
  • you felt your tears flow down against your cheeks and you tried to hide your soft cries
  • this caught his attention
  • his eyes widened at your reaction and you immediately wiped the tears that have escaped
  • you were just offended and hurt by his sudden hostility being born as a shallow teared person sometimes becomes a burden
  • he seriously looked like he was debating whether he’d comfort you or he’d just let you go
  • you saw how his bit his lower lip and closed the door in between the two of you, like it was one of his hardest decisions
  • Seven … is a very big mystery.


After taking 15 minutes to mentally prepare myself, I finally knocked on her door. After the last knock, I instantly regretted it and wished that she wasn’t home. The door opened, revealing Y/N in a mini black dress, gold accessories, black pumps, and her hair in messy waves. Damn, she was hot.

I’ve been focusing on her appearance, it took me a few minutes to allow what she just said to sink into my brain.

“Okay, I’m ready, let’s go,” she called out.

She immediately stopped in her tracks when she noticed me and gripped tighter onto her green parka.

Her eyes were so hypnotizing, I could just stare into them all day long, “Hey, can I come in?” I asked.

“I brought sushi!” I added, keeping the conversation light.

I smirked slightly when I noticed her checking me out and unknowingly biting her lips.

“Um, I was j-just about to go out, I-I have to meet some-o-one,” she declined, stumbling on her words.

Her hesitations led me to confidently ask, “May I ask who?”

“You don’t know him,” Y/N suddenly blurted.

I knew it. I shouldn’t have come. She’s going to meet up with Shawn. I don’t have a chance against Shawn. He’s been Y/N’s celebrity crush since forever.

“Well, have fun with him,” I commented, emphasizing on the ‘him’.

I could tell she was nervous with the gestures she does when she’s nervous or scared. She ignores my eye contact when I look at her and she keeps on rearranging her hair. I watched the lump in her throat swallow and that just turns me on. She’s just so cute, ugh.

I sighed in annoyance and started to head for my car, hoping to leave before Shawn gets here to pick her up.

Y/N just completely, out of nowhere, grabs my shirt collar and pulls me inside her house. She slammed the door with her heels and then planted her pink lips on mine. She cupped my cheeks with her soft hands to pull me closer and the tips of her fingers lightly pressed around my face. I wanted to find out what was going on, but I didn’t want this moment to stop. I wrapped my arms around her waist, slowly adapting to her figure. After dropping the box of sushi on the table, her arms were relaxed on my shoulders and her hand was running through my hair. I left a hand on her back and allowed my other hand to explore freely, running lower down her waist towards her thighs.

We then reluctantly separated from each other, “Damn, baby girl, when did you get so wild?”

She then dropped herself onto the couch, “I know I’m not the type of girlfriend you need, Charlie, but I’m willing to change. I’m just a shy and awkward girl who can dance hip hop. I-“

I had enough of this nonsense, “Y/N! I’m really sorry for breaking out on you last time and how I hooked up with her. I made a mistake. You’re the girl I need. The only one I’ll ever need. I like you for who you are. Don’t change. I was really stupid for leaving you heartbroken last time.”

She smiled and joked, “The sushi was the only reason why I let you in”

I still wasn’t convinced, “You and Shawn were never a thing?”

She rolled her eyes and explained everything, “You dumbo, I said ‘him’ but I meant Louis. He was gonna pick me up for a charity event. I can’t believe I misled you. Louis was the one who I begged to teach me how to become a better girlfriend.” her voice trailed downwards.

I held her chin up to face me, “You’re an amazing girlfriend. Will you give me a second chance? Be my girlfriend?”

She nodded vigorously and hugged me tightly.

We ended up staying in eating sushi and ordering pizza while watching Netflix and then cuddled and just talking with each other.

“A lady like you should be loved. And cherished.” I whispered to her when she was sleeping like an angel beside me, in my grasp. I’ll never let her go, ever again.

Female / Capricorn Sun + Rising / Aries Moon / Slytherin / ISFP ( @foreignkiss )

Jealousy isn't your Color

        Hey, I’m gonna be starting my multi part Dylan imagine series. At the moment I’m planning 4 because when I started to write this it was originally intended to be one but I had so much fun I couldn’t stop. As per usual feedback is ways accepted. Constructive criticism welcome! My imagine box is open. So….lets begin! Y/BF/N stands for your boyfriends name. <3 <3 <3

     You enter the doors at Columbine High School ready to start your senior year. Hand in hand with your new boyfriend it feels like this year couldn’t be bad. Y/BF/N was new to Columbine and Littleton as well. Hed moved at the end of the school year last April. He didn’t finish the school year because of how late in the year he’d moved. 

     “So you’ll have to stay close to me because I don’t know anyone here.” Y/BF/N says shyly. You smile and head with him in the direction of his locker. Your silence is broken when a far to familiar voice spoke up from the crowd paralyzing you to your spot. 

“Y/N!” The voice called. You immediately drop your head and the sudden action confuses your boyfriend. Instead of asking what just happened he opened his locker, slowly out of lacking know how to unlock the locker. 

“Y/N!” The voice is louder this time, you try to hide your face as your shoulder is tapped. Awkwardly you turn around knowing who tapped your shoulder already. 

“Dylan…” The encounter was weird as you’ve missed him so much but in odd ways. Your boyfriend turned around with a huge smile upon his face as hes always looking for more friends he just doesn’t know the past you and Dylan have.

`”Hello im Y/BF/N! Her boyfriend i take it you two know each other?” He shuts his locker to shake Dylan hand. This hand shake didnt go as your boyfriend had planned as Dylan took your boyfriends hand and crushed it in the palm of his, a sly smile sliding over Dylan’s sharp facial structure. 

“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Dylan.” He almost snarls shaking harder than necessary. Finishing the assault on your boyfriends hand Dylan shoves his in his pockets before walking away. Y/BF/N looks at you with slanted eyes before asking you where homeroom is, he wasn’t exactly sweet about it either. 

History class was long as was Trig but now you were in German class, no doubt you would have this class with your best friend, Eric Harris. He don’t typically smile unless your around. He walked through the door and the class fell silent. Trench coat flailing around him awkwardly it was loose fitting to his slender frame. Black combat boots stomping to take the seat beside you. 

“Long time no see where have you been all summer?” His soft hazel eyes would shine in the sunlight were now glazed over as if hed been smoking before class but you knew that wasnt the case. He knew something you didn’t. 

“Iv’e been home all summer, you could have come over you know?’ You giggle at the facial expression of “duhhh” he made before crossing his arms and sitting back. 

“Thing is, that boy of yours and I wouldn’t get along and you know it.” 

You enter the lunch room the kids at Columbine have appropriately dubbed “The Commons”, showing your boyfriend where the cafeteria is. You walk over the normal seat near the back of the room where you see Nick and Brooks eating their meals. You sit down with Y/BF/N taking the seat beside you. Eric and Dylan  not being far away reach the table, Eric smacks the table and sits. Dylan is straight faced and almost angry looking. 

“So who might this handsome lad be?” Brooks asks clearly addressing your boyfriend. 

“This is my new boo!” You laugh trying to lighten the mood. Y/BF/N waves at the table and says his name. Dylan drops his head. 

“Better you than me, right?” Dylan spits with such malice it seemed acidic. His eyes red and body trembling with anger. He walks away leaving the lunch table stunned. Eric who had been surprisingly quiet looks at you with sympathy, a very rare look from Eric. Eventually he too gets up to go in search of his tall friend. 

“So, there’s a back to school bash this Friday night. Coming?” Nick asks after a huge bite of cheese burger. You just shrug and smile a little. Parties aren’t really your thing but it could be fun.


Friday came and you were standing in front of your bathroom mirror. A little black dress and golden pumps fit your frame. Light black winged eyeliner with gold accented eyeshadow. Your face perfectly contoured and lips glossy. Your long h/c hair curled into loose waves that touched your mid back. Loose black and gold cuffs to accent your look and long black nails completed the outfit. A light smile escape your lips as you remember this was Dylan’s favorite dress. He always made it known to you. However your saving your self for marriage. He knew that, your eyes sting with years at the memory if why he left. It was your policies that specifically lead him to cheat on you. Not the other way around.

 "Ready?“ Eric asks slightly slack jawed holding the door for you.

 "Yea, are you?" 

 "Yea I suppose. You look amazing by the way. So…why isn’t he coming?” He asks in reference to Y/BF/N. 

 "He says parties aren’t his thing.“ You shrug and out on your seat belt, Eric had been nice enough to hold the door for you. He stops before shutting the door bending to meet your height. His eyes serious now. 

 "You don’t know the pain you put Dylan through do you?” He scans your body. Not in an uncomfortable way, but more in a searching way.

 "Remember this Harris, he walked away from me. I didn’t walk away from him.“ He stays looking into your eyes a minute before shutting the door and driving away.

The party was buzzing with drunks and the smell of weed unavoidable. It was completely revolting but for some reason you continued to walk into the party. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t looking for Dylan and you’d not be shocked if he didn’t show up actually. It was wrong and you knew it to still want your ex-boyfriend, but something just kept pulling you back to that boy. The music was so loud you felt like a turtle, huddled in your dress to pull away from the music, walking around this way and the smell of weed as well as the smoke took effect and your eyes well with stinging tears from being dry. Trying to find a bathroom you turn around to bump into Dylan’s back. Dylan turns around slowly then once its registered that its you he smiles wide. 

“You look good,” His words are slurred hes already buzzed. 

“You look very handsome as well.” You say grabbing his Vodka from his hands. It burns going down your throat but it feels so good. Y/BF/N never lets you drink. Dylan never cared to let you, you just never took his offer so to see you drinking something as strong as Vodka really shocked the young Klebold. Dylan has nothing to say as he watches you down another 2 swigs, handing it back to him as you finish your sip he sets the drink on the table beside him. 

“You drink sense when?” The question meant to be curious buy came across more turned-on. Turning to grab the drink once more you explain yourself to a highly intrigued Dylan. 

“You left me, I went into a spiral.” Another swig burns like hell. It’s kicking in the Vodka is working. Your head is light weight and you feel carefree. The music burning in your ears you start to dance, pulling Dylan along with you. He was awkward at first but eventually loosening up. He didn’t know what a drunk you was like and honestly you didn’t know either. 

Dylan grabbed your hips and pulled you even closer. The room was spinning and your body burning but you’ve never felt more alive. Grinding to the beat your eyes accidentally lock with Dylan’s bright blue orbs. All movement between the two of you seems to halt, he moves in slowly ever so slowly and almost touches his lips to yours. Teasing you your body burns even more with the temptation Dylan’s handing you. Your about to give in you can feel it. 

“What the hell is going on here?” Y/BF/N yells. 

2000s popular songs for the signs

Aries: Pump it- The Black Eyed Peas
Taurus: Gold Digger- Kanye West
Gemini: Hey Ya- OutKast
Cancer: In Too Deep- Sum 41
Leo: Sk8er Boi- Avril Lavigne
Virgo: Lose Yourself- Eminem
Libra: Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne
Scorpio: Dirty Little Secret- The All American Rejects
Sagittarius: All Star- Smash Mouth
Capricorn: All The Small Things- Blink 182
Aquarius: Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani
Pisces: Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus