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pogryzc  asked:

HMMMMM something with dogs? One of them is a dog walker or they both volunteer at an animal shelter or something like that?

Hmmm maybe something with bigger Steve? I just keeping big guys with little puppies for some reason, haha.

Any excuse to write about wiener dogs is a good excuse in my book.


Steve started volunteering at an animal shelter after his best girl Peggy died. She was the most beautiful English Springer Spaniel in the world, with curly brown hair and the most beautiful brown eyes. He can’t stand to get a new dog just yet, not when it’s only been six months, but he misses dogs and goes to the shelter on weekends to play with the pups for a bit.

“Hey Steve,” Sharon says, brushing the fur of a surly-looking cat with dark black fur and penetrating green eyes. “Good to see you.”

“You too,” Steve says, hands shoved in his pockets. “You got anything for me to do?”

Sharon’s steady hands pause on the cat’s back. “Well, there’s…” She frowns. “There’s somebody I want you to meet.”

Confused, Steve follows Sharon back to the room where the dogs are kept in small kennels. “He came in a few days ago and, well, we thought of you the moment we saw him.”

“Sharon, you know that I’m not looking to adopt right now. I just can’t think of…”

He trails off when he sees him.

He’s a blond dachshund, long-haired but obviously not yet full grown. When he sees Steve coming, he scurries to the back of his kennel, looking up at Steve with wary brown eyes. “He’s shy,” Sharon explains. “His home wasn’t a very happy one.”

“What’s his name?” Steve asks.

Sharon grins. “Captain,” she says.

And Steve is sold.

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