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I never saw this before today. I’m astounded that I missed it.
To my people of African decent. I ask you… I dare you to watch this. It is so powerful. Some of the imagery may be spiritually unsettling or foreign to you, but what you see.. is a part of you.
It also reminded me of the impact that we can make right now to tell our stories and uplift the stories of so many other people of color who voices have fallen on deaf ears, blind eyes, and closed minds.
We are the change that we desire.
We are the past, present, and future existing in this moment.

Infinity War Anticipation

I can’t really wait for the infinity war, mostly because I want to see the characters interacting with each other. I especially look forward to:

Black Widow and Gamora, and possibly Nebula: lethal lady assasins that were raised by evil but overcame their conditioning;

Starlord, Iron Man, and Captain America: Tony and Cap reconciling, Tony and Peter geeking out over tech, Cap and Peter being lost at modern Terran tech.

Thor and Drax: They just have no clue what is going on, but they’re happy to fight. 

and, of course, Rocket ‘I need that guy’s arm’ Racoon and Bucky. 



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So just imagine that Natasha and Bucky find it to be a fun idea to spy on Steve and Sharon during one of their dates, so they basically hide behind their menus or something, and like anonymously send drinks to Steve and Sharon’s table.

But Steve and Sharon notice who it is and are like “ha ha nice one guys.” But Natasha and Bucky find this to be disproportionality hilarious and for Steve and Sharon’s next date they decide that they need to be slightly more elaborate, maybe like wear fake wigs or something. They still let Steve and Sharon know that they are spying though by sending drinks over, which leads to a very confused couple looking around the room and scrutinizing every face until they find Natasha and Bucky.

Then it essentially keeps going on and becomes this giant escalation of disguises spying on the other, where you get lines like “look Steve, I know you think that they are the two teens on their first date but I’m 110% SURE THAT IT’S THE TWO COLLEGE BROS AT THE BAR!”

But they are both wrong because it’s actually the two little old ladies knitting scarves in the booth behind them.

The Charmer: Bloom

This chapter is named after a song by The Paper Kites called “Bloom”. Listen to it and you’ll understand why.

Part 3

Y/N jolted up in bed, the sound of her own screaming waking her up. She quickly cut off the sound hoping no one else had heard. The adrenaline from her dream was still shaking through her muscles begging her to run, hide, fight, or do anything to save herself from her imagined attackers. She tried to take deep breaths to settle her nerves but it was no use. With a resigned sigh she got out of bed and strolled through her quarters. She’d been here two weeks now. Steve stopped asking her questions about the terrorist group last week. The trail has gone cold on them, but she wasn’t surprised. With or without her that group was good at hiding, until of course they decide to launch an attack. The lack of news on the terrorist group meant the only person really talking to her was Wanda, and occasionally Steve; Natasha and Tony seemed like two busy people. There was another person she’d seen on the common floor with Wanda once or twice, he was red, and often wearing some kind of sweater. Y/N found his appearance unsettling and usually retreated at the sight of him. Wanda was good company though, she did most of the talking, and when Y/N found something to comment on she’d jump in, but it was a good change of pace from her previous silence. Wanda liked going through music with her, there were so many different artists that she’d never been exposed to. Y/N caught sight of a clock in the front room, it was nearly 4 AM. She sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote to her stereo and turned it on. The CD inside was a present from Wanda by a band called The Paper Kites, not Y/N’s usual type of band but upon listening to the first song she decided it wasn’t too bad. Wanda came to visit her long after the sun was up, Y/N was cooking when she came in.

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Taking Request for The Avengers

•comment and choose from any of these categories

1. Tony Stark
2. Natasha Romanoff
3. Bruce Banner
4. Maria Hill
6. Steve Rogers
7. James Barnes
8. Clint Barton
9. Nick Fury
10. Sam Wilson
11. Pietro Maximoff
12. Wanda Maximoff
13. Vision
14. Ultron
15. Pepper Potts
16. All the Avengers

1. Human
2. Alien
3. Robot
4. Immortal
5. Mutant

1. Baby
2. Toddler
3. Preteen
4. Adult

1. “Need a hand dick bag!”
2. “You farted while I was giving you a blow job once.”
3. “Well I told you to stop!”
4. “Who knew one day we would end up in a polyamory relationship.”
5. “I did.”
6. “Anti-hero actually.”
7. “How do we you we can trust you.”
8. “You don’t.”
9. “I could set you’re bodies on fire in the middle of the night but that would be mean.”
10. “I’ve always thought you were gay.”
11. “Good to know that you aren’t.”
12. “Bucky if you don’t give me that back right now I will tell everyone about Bucky Bear.”
13. “I’m pregnant.”
14. “With what?”
15. “Food.”
16. “I had to sit on the toilet all night because your semen wouldn’t stop leaking.”
17. “I’m hydra.”
18. “did you honestly believe my feeling for you were real.”
19. “Was this all a game to you.”
16. “Yes.”


We’re back! There’s so much to respond to, but first I’ll show you this super cute art I bought at the convention! Cute kitty Avengies!! The artist is @wavechan on tumblr. Now I wish I had a Wolverine tsum.

I also bought more capsule toys and some Thor socks. Because you can never have too many Thor socks.

In case you were wondering...

The admin of this blog is white, so very white sure I could tell you how my grandma and my first cousins could pass as 100% Native but I can’t just as my genetics and 1/16th Nativeness would have it

I could tell you how I had my genes tested and there is a 95% chance I’m Jewish

I could tell you how my mom’s stepmom is Hispanic and how on that side I have a new half Hispanic half African American cousin

but the fact is me and my parents look 100% white, super white like blondish and gingerish white

No one has ever looked at my face and thought “dirty Indian, probably a drunk” like they do my family members.

No one has ever thought “damn Jew” when they get to know me

No one has ever ASSUMED I am not christian

No one has ever ASSUMED I am not straight

No one has ever ASSUMED I am not monogamous

No one has ever ASSUMED I am not allistic

Sometimes people have not seen me as a woman, its so surreal when most of my life I was treated as less so automatically, will never have career goals of my own for myself alone,as a woman and now people just see me as a strange girly man many times

No one has ever looked at me and thought “are they legal?” like some of my cousins and my grandma I’m sure have had people think

I get a lot of people on here who think I must be black, and Muslim, and a  woman with all the black Muslim womenish stuff I post on my blog.

I’m a psych major

who knows about 77% of Americans are 100% white

who knows all these white folks, most Americans are more likely to listen to me a white, agnostic man like me then all the black, Muslim and women people out there who need to be heard.

I don’t need to look the same as someone to know someone needs the same love, acceptance, respect and support as I do.

I hate my white privilege, it makes me sick and makes my country sick, but I might as well try to do as much good as I can with it.

alluringbutterfly  asked:

Do you all know anything about the Gullah people?

Funny story, lol I 1st learned about the Gullah people after watching Gullah Gullah Island as a child (please tell me you remember otherwise i feel old). I didn’t fully understand the culture and motive behind the show until last fall in my African Retentions in American course in college.

So here goes:

The Gullah people are the descendants of the slaves who worked on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. They still live in rural communities in the coastal region and on the Sea islands of those two states, and they still retain many elements of African language and cultureMany traditions of the Gullah and Geechee culture were passed from one generation to the next through language, agriculture, and spirituality. The culture has been linked to specific West African ethnic groups who were enslaved on island plantations to grow rice, indigo, and cotton starting in 1750, when antislavery laws ended in the Georgia colony.

A Board of Trustees established Georgia in 1732 with the primary purposes of settling impoverished British citizens and creating a mercantile system that would supply England with needed agricultural products. The colony enacted a 1735 antislavery law, but the prohibition was lifted in 1750. West Africans, the argument went, were far more able to cope with the climatic conditions found in the South. And, as the growing wealth of South Carolina’s rice economy demonstrated, slaves were far more profitable than any other form of labor available to the colonists.

Rice plantations fostered Georgia’s successful economic competition with other slave-based rice economies along the eastern seaboard. Coastal plantations invested primarily in rice, and plantation owners sought out Africans from the Windward Coast of West Africa (Senegambia [later Senegal and the Gambia], Sierra Leone, and Liberia), where rice, indigo, and cotton were indigenous to the region. Over the ensuing centuries, the isolation of the rice-growing ethnic groups, who re-created their native cultures and traditions on the coastal Sea Islands, led to the formation of an identity recognized as Geechee/Gullah. There is no single West African contribution to Geechee/Gullah culture, although dominant cultural patterns often correspond to various agricultural investments. For example, Africa’s Windward Coast was later commonly referred to as the Rice Coast in recognition of the large numbers of Africans enslaved from that area who worked on rice plantations in America.

Documentation of the developing culture on the Georgia islands dates to the nineteenth century. By the late twentieth century, researchers and scholars had confirmed a distinctive group and identified specific commonalities with locations in West Africa. The rice growers’ cultural retention has been studied through language, cultural habits, and spirituality. The research of Mary A. Twining and Keith E. Baird in Sea Island Roots: African Presence in the Carolinas and Georgia (1991) investigates the common links of islanders to specific West African ethnicities.

Enslaved rice growers from West Africa brought with them knowledge of how to make tools needed for rice harvesting, including fanner baskets for winnowing rice. The sweetgrass baskets found on thecoastal islands were made in the same styles as baskets found in the rice culture of West Africa. Sweetgrass baskets also were used for carrying laundry and storing food or firewood. Few present-day members of the Geechee/Gullah culture remember how to select palmetto, sweetgrass, and pine straw to create baskets, and the remaining weavers now make baskets as decorative art, primarily for tourists.

Aspects of West African heritage have survived at each stage of the circle of migration, with rice, language, and spirituality persisting as cultural threads into the twentieth century. The Geechee/Gullah culture on the Sea Islandsof Georgia has retained a heritage that spans two continents. Sapelo Island Cultural DayAt the end of the Civil War, lands on the coastal islands were sold to the newly freed Africans during the Port Royal Experiment, part of the U.S. government's Reconstruction plan for the recovery of the South after the war.

During the 1900s, land on some of the islands—Cumberland, Jekyll,Ossabaw, Sapelo, and St. Simons —became resort locations and reserves for natural resources. The modern-day conflict over resort development on the islands presents yet another survival test for the Geechee/Gullah culture, the most intact West African culture in the United States. Efforts to educate the public by surviving members of the Geechee/Gullah community, including Cornelia Bailey of Sapelo Island and the Georgia Sea Island Singers, help to maintain and protect the culture’s unique heritage in the face of such challenges.

The Gullah/Geechee have arguable preserved the heritage of their African ancestors better than any group in the United States.

Cornelia Bailey, with Christena Bledsoe, God, Dr. Buzzard, and the Bolito Man: A Saltwater Geechee Talks about Life on Sapelo Island (New York: Doubleday, 2000).

Margaret Washington Creel, A Peculiar People: Slave Religion and Community-Culture among the Gullahs (New York: New York University Press, 1988).

To the millions of Muslim, LGBTQ+, women, all People of Color, disabled and immigrant humans living in fear in America right now: I stand with you. I love you. We will endure. “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” Take that to heart. We will continue to grow. Stand up for each other always. Stand up against the hate that is here, and that is to come. We will push back by coming together. We will make it. You are valid. You are strong. You belong here, you belong here, you belong here.