black 5 panel

How to end “Civil War II” in 5 panels

Black Spider-Man! I must arrest you so that you won’t kill Captain America in the future!

No, Carol! You can’t!

Step aside, Cap! I have no time to discuss ethics with-

No, Carol. You LITERALLY can’t do that!

… What are you talking about? Of course I-

Can what? Arrest him for something that haven’t happened yet? Forget ethics, how about common sense? Like, how would his trial work? There are no evidence unless you somehow recorded the premonition. And even then, it would be questionable if a jury would acknowledge it as ACTUAL proof. YES, you saved people with these visions, but can you PROVE that it was because of the visions, and it wasn’t just because you were at the right place at the right time? Did you ever bother to make sure to prove to anyone that it was because of Ulysses?

… Well… Um…

Or did you really count on the authorities to take your word for it when you say; A boy with future powers told me so?And besides, these visions have recently been questionable, like the one about Banner becoming Hulk once more. But he is dead, proving that the vision was wrong. So if that one was wrong, who is to say that all the other visions aren’t wrong as well? Also, WHY would Spider-Man kill me? Maybe he didn’t kill me, maybe it was a robot, or maybe I became a vampire, or, and I know this is crazy, what if I was a Hydra agent all along or- Carol? Carol, can you hear me?! CAROL, WAKE UP!

…Um, guys? I think Cap… broke her?


until they had my dylan rieder cherry remix taken off of youtube i was kinda on the fence: imo the limited edition fashion type shit is wack but their team & Strobeck’s vids are dank af

i just remembered a funny story for yas: the only time i’ve been to NYC back in 07 i bought a preme shirt for a friend & a simple black 5-panel for myself. a month later i wore it to see RZA on bday here in Vancouver. got blazed & drunk af & kicked out the club, at the end of the show anyways so fuckit. homies had peaced & i was sitting on the sidewalk, so wasted. some turds were feelin my supreme hat & talkin shit about me not deserving it & so one of em snatched it off my head & took off & i was too wrecked to chase em

needless to say, i was distinctly unimpressed w supreme fans & have never run their shit since

I have no idea what the text is saying, but these pics are usually taken way out of context by non-Japanese readers.

Watch it just turn out to be Seb guilt-tripping Edward into joining the f5 plan to save Lizzie….

We wait for translations in our preferred languages.

(Meanwhile we stew in our own dirty juices…. Heh heh.)


It’s been a busy day for the Orphan Black cast!

Graeme Manson, Kristian Bruun, Ari Millen, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Kennedy Doyle, John Fawcett, and Dylan Bruce stopped by Yahoo! TV, TV Guide Magazine, and the LA Times Hero Complex this morning [x, x, x]

Don’t forget - they’ll be visiting Room 6BCF this evening for the Orphan Black panel at 5:45pt!