black 22's

Chapter 19


Is it bad that you put your all into somebody and you do some fucked up shit & once they’re gone you blame it all on them ? That’s how I’m feeling now . I’m forcing it all on Jaylin . If she wouldn’t have said the shit she said to Chris the day at the house while I was on the phone none of this would have happened . I wouldn’t have did the things I’ve done and we could possibly still be working on trying to move on with our relationship and get to where I know she wants to be .

All she had to do was keep them stupid little remarks about loving him to herself , or better yet been smarter and at least hung up on me . But no , she wants to be a sentimental bitch and pour her heart out to someone who don’t even give a good fuck about her or what she do for that matter .

If she wouldn’t have said what she said , I wouldn’t have fucked Naomi and she wouldn’t have went back to Chris . Fuck , in the end I’m still the one without no one . Naomi’s hoe ass got someone I’m sure , and Chris got Jaylin . My heart . He got my heart man and ion think I’m ever getting her back , unless I take matters into my own hands . But I couldn’t do that , I’ll get in trouble all over again . All my charges from ages ago will come back . I’m surprised none of them came back to haunt me yet .

Walking round school with my head held low , today was suppose to be a big day for me . We had our biggest game of the year and my main support system wasn’t even here to support me . Not only was my support system not here , I lost my mother last night to a sudden fire and I was hurting like a mf but I was trying to disguise how I was feeling .

I’m disappointed in myself because I was suppose to be my mothers protecter and I couldn’t even do that. Before I could hop out of the window last night , I hurried up and packed two duffle bags worth of clothes before taking off to Charles house . Getting there , as soon as he opened the door , for once in my life I put my pride to the side and broke down into tears . Charles being the caring guy that he is , he didn’t mind me crying in his arms and I respect that nigga for that.

When I finally stopped crying , I was numb and I no longer cared . Call me what you want but I started focusing on how I was going to get jaylin back and exactly what I would do . See , mark was making things impossible for me now because not only was I keeping up with jaylin but so was Emily and Charles but I made them promise they wouldn’t say shit about her talking to Chris. Although I hate the nigga with a passion , he is what has been stopping me from telling mark to come get her because I care for her and her feelings and I want to have fun on my own as well .

“ nigga you can’t be depressed for ever ” Charles smacked his teeth , taking me out of my thoughts as I ran dead into him because I had my head down still .

“ I’m good man ” I mumbled . Truth was I was far from good . One simple dumb ass mistake caused me to lose what was really important to me . Probably forever too . I basically opened Chris arms for her to walk to them . Something was off about that nigga too . I just can’t put my finger on it , I’ll figure it out sooner or later tho .

” check it out son ” Charles whispered nudging my shoulder . Meeting his gaze , Jaylin was standing. By Emily with her customized ’ last kings’ shirt on . Smiling , I was excited she was still supporting me . Seeing her in that jersey , it took some weight off my shoulders at having no one and gave me a little hope with still having the chance to be with her .

Taking a seat on one of the open courtyard tables , I watched as she laughed and interacted with Emily on a goofy level , something you don’t get to see all the time . To be honest , I’ve never seen her this happy since he- clenching my jaw at her not being happy since her and Chris had separated , my mind was telling me that’s where her happiness was coming from , from being with him .

Rocking back and forth on the table , I wanted to go punch that smile off her damn face and tell her to leave that nigga but I know it didn’t work like that . I need to keep my cool because I’m not going to pretend like what happened yesterday didn’t happen . Me calling her out her name , and if I’m not mistaken I think I put my hands on her I’m not really sure .

“ go talk to her son ” Charles egged . Looking over at him , he nodded his head towards her and nudged me again , this time for me to get up and actually make a move . Huffing I stood to my feet and walked over to her . With my hands being sweaty , I quickly rubbed them on my jeans before she thought I was some nervous ass bitch.

“ hey Jaylin ” I smiled , turning around she smiled up at me . Her attitude was way different from yesterday’s .“ hey Mikey ” she was even calling me Mikey .

Pulling at her jersey , ” I see you reppin a nigga ”

Popping her invisible collar ,” you see me huh ? ” she laughed .

“ look Jaylin , even if we can’t be a couple . Can I at least still be your best friend ? ” I asked slipping my hands into my pockets . I wasn’t going to be selfish , at least not for now but I don’t know how long it’s going to last . I want her , Chris got her and mark is trying to get her back . That’s two people I have to kill off before her and I can go on with our life . I was currently trying to plot this out in my head how exactly would I kill them and things .

“ I would love that Mikey ” she smiled .

Hugging her , ” I’ll catch you later , you better be at my game ” I pointed my finger at her .

“ I gotchu ” she laughed . Smiling I walked to my class . A nigga was happy I ain’t lying but how long will my happiness last before I have to come to reality that someone is after her and I am one of the workers that’s helping get her taken ? Stressing my self , I was wishing I never got myself into this and I was some how about to get myself out .

“ yo wassup mike , I’m sorry to hear about your moms man ” one of my fellow class mates paid his respect , nodding my head , I mumbled a quick thank you before proceeding to my seat . annoyed with people already , I clenched my jaw as the teacher made it an announcement that my mother died from an severe fire .

“ with all do respect , leave the shit alone . I’m not living off the past . I’m trying to move forward so get the fuck and leave me alone ” I elaborated and stressed the word ’ leave ’ because most people don’t know what that means . Taken back by the choice of words that flew out of my mouth , she turned around and wrote the lesson for today on the board .

Saying fuck that assignment , I rested my head against the cold wooden desk and closed my eyes only for them to pop back open in an instant from being shocked by my own phone . The vibration from my iPhone sent me disturbing the class with my high pitched scream due to me being caught off guard .

Annoyingly pulling it out my jeans pocket , I rolled my eyes dramatically before sliding my thumb across the screen and answering my incoming call . Holding my finger up , I signaled that I had an important call to take and I’ll be right outside the door . Once the teacher nodded and told me to take my time , I stepped out on to the empty lengthy hallway .” What you want ? ” I gritted into the speaker .

“ I want my update on her . It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve heard from you Michael and you starting to really test me ” marks deep voice seeped through out my receiver . Clenching my jaw , I balled and unballed my fist in anger as this stalker lunatic thought it was okay to talk to me any kind of way . “ you better check that shit . Don’t forget you got me working for you , not the other way around ” I hissed lowly .

The line went silent for a few minutes and right before I got ready to hang up and join my class again , I was told to come to his car cause he was parked out front . Squinting my eyes , I looked towards the front of the school and there was his black on black Porsche sitting on 22’s . Looking back at the class , I waved it off and headed towards his car . Looking both ways as I crossed the street , I looked at him through his dark tented windows .

Hearing the doors unlock , I slid inside the back seat on side of him as his body guards big and Rob sat in the driver and passenger seat . ” Hello Michael ” he greeted me . The other two just simply nodded their heads getting nothing in return from me . ” wassup man , what you want ? ” I questioned trying to hurry his ass up .

“ I told you I wanted my update didn’t i ? What’s up ? How she doing ? Do she talk about me ? What ? What is it ? ” he fired questions left to right with a lot of enthusiasm . Chuckling at how pathetic he was , I shook my head . “ she’s fine . Got in a car accident not too long ago but she’s good now . Hmmm she’s gonna be at my basketball game tonight a-”

“ did you just say she’s gonna be at your game tonight ? ” he cut me off with a weird twinkle in his eye . Nodding slowly , he clapped his hands “ great , tonight I shall see my princess ” he smiled . Looking at him like he was crazy , little did he know Jay was with another nigga . Licking my lips , I started to nibble on the bottom one as a plan to get rid of Chris came to mind .

He was ecstatic right now , talking aloud and smiling like a little kid in the candy store . Watching him with an bitter facial expression , the things he started to say clearly disgusted me . Talking about seeing her naked and fantasizing about being back inside her started to make my ears bleed and face turn red from the lack of respect he had for her to be discussing her private areas in front these no man ass niggas.

Watching all three of them discuss her pussy as if I wasn’t in the car , I sat back and listened to everything they were saying . ” my nigga I use to be waxing that pussy I mean whaaat pat whaaaat ” he pretended like he had An Ass in front of him , smacking it. Tilting my head to the side , I cackled in amusement . Not too long ago I could have sworn he said they only had sexual intercourse once but now that he in front his boys it’s a different story.

“ she’s seeing some one too now tho , he’s lightskinned , bout yeehigh ” I demonstrated his height with my hand , interrupting his ranting and bragging . Killing his vibe with quickness he punched the back of the seat . Squeezing his stress ball tight , he stared me down with fire in his eyes .“ Seeing some one ? Some one like who ? What’s his name ? ” he scolded . Looking at him like oh really ? I laughed and opened the door .“ That’s for me to know and you to find out ” I mumbled stepping out .

” get back in the car Michael ” he shouted through the closed doors . Walking back across the street onto the school campus , I sent the peace sign without even turning around . Stuffing my hands inside my pocket , I took a detour to the restroom where I could hear the voices of two females . Getting closer I recognized both voices , and an evil smirk played across my face . Without an invitation , I entered the girls bathroom and locked the door as I closed it .

“ wassup with my two favorite girls ? ” I questioned kissing both Naomi and Emily’s cheek . Smiling up at me , they both side hugged me and took a step back .“ Nothing just talking about some things that has happened because of your boy ” Emily rolled her eyes causing Naomi to do the same .

Furrowing my eyebrows , ” what boy and what happened ? ” I questioned . In a matter of a second she was clinging to my body while crying her eyes out .” What’s wrong baby ? ” I questioned . I’m knowing if someone was to see Naomi and I actually get along they would question our relationship status , well we’re good .

Naomi is actually on my team with getting Chris out of the way and jaylin in my arms . Although it may not seem like it . See , once I scoped out who would be in the way I started to gather people I knew anyone would least expect to do wrong doings . Naomi happened to be one of them and I so happen had her do a few things for me such as pop up at the hospital , try to have sex with Chris , basically take his attention away from jay but I see that’s not working .

It’s obvious he has some type of attachment to her and it’s making it almost impossible for me to somehow force him to fuck up . Looking down at Naomi as she cried , I added on to my current plan and she would definitely be part of it , I just don’t know where she’s going to come in at . Licking my lips , I looked over at Emily who was rubbing her back and soothing her .

Emily and Charles were two other members on my own team that I had to help me out with my dirty work . Charles was my nigga from day 1 and Emily was his ride or die so I automatically knew I had me a a1 team . I think it’s hilarious how jay thinks Emily is her friend when she’s really not , and you would think she would have caught on to that by now but what can I say ? The girl is slow in certain departments , catching on seems to be one of them .

“ Ch- Chris, he raped me and and and he shoved my head through his closet wall and he made me suck his bloody dick after making me bleed . Michael it was sick and painful . I didn’t know what to do and I hate you for making me have to go through that ” she yelled all while crying and beating my swole chest in . Taking my hits like a man , I didn’t know that’s what she went through and I know now more than ever that I have to take Chris out . If not for me , for Naomi .


Talking with Emily , it caught me off guard when Michael walked up to me with a nervous expression . I wonder if he thought I would have had an attitude when he walked up to me this morning but shocked him when I didn’t . It makes no sense to hold a grudge with someone , Life goes on and the clock doesn’t stop and on top of that I told him yesterday that I would be there for him .

Finding out through Emily that Michael’s mom died last night instantly brung sadness to my heart . I had just seen this lady earlier yesterday to find out she had died from a fire that night . It amazes me how all of the people Michael know are dying from fire after Michael does some fucked up as shit only thing is cad- . stopping in the middle of my sentence , I stood there with wide eyes .

Caden killed a previous friend and his family by fire , now all of a sudden Michael’s house is on fire , the leader of the group , the one who planned to jump Caden . Trying to put the pieces together in my head , basically Caden set the house on fire trying to kill them both but luckily for Michael he got out before he could be injured but he couldn’t save his mom . Frowning , no one deserved to die before gods timing and in this case Caden is hella wrong because passion did nothing to him and I actually liked her . I made a mental note to myself to tell Caden about himself once I see him .

Today was the day of the big game that determined if they were gonna go to the championship game away In Vegas or not and I had my Fingers crossed that they do . I know this would mean a lot to Michael and even more that he knows he had support from not only other people but from me as well . Just because Michael and I aren’t in a ” relationship ” doesn’t mean that I still can’t play that best friend role .

From the beginning that’s all I seen him as . Nothing more nothing less , maybe that’s why I didn’t really hurt as much when I heard him tell Caden or Chris which ever one that he fucked Naomi . I was more upset that he said it out loud and had people looking at me like I was stupid . That’s one thing you don’t do , make me look stupid in front of nobody .

Not only that , My father always taught me if a nigga cheat once he’ll cheat again . Though we weren’t really together , he still fucked someone while he was trying to get on that level with me . Being honest , I never believed that if he cheat once he’ll cheat again was true but once mark did it to me over 5 times after saying he wasn’t gonna do it anymore , I started believing it . Then again I don’t know why I didn’t believe my daddy from the jump , he would be the one to know considering the type of games he played on mommy .

This time I won’t allow Michael nor anyone else to do that to me . Enough is enough . What the hell am I saying , Im 99.9999% sure that if Caden were to do something to me I wouldn’t even think to leave him . He didn’t realize that whatever he did to me when we had sex got me as one crazy clingy bitch when it comes to him . If it was up to me I would be his shadow . Where he go I would go , I’ll be his lost puppy that’s always under him like I don’t know where I’m going but I wouldn’t want for him to feel smothered .

Just thinking about something happening between us both gave me one hell of a migraine . Waiting on Emily on the other side of the hallway , I struggled to get my backpack off my back while holding my crutches . Clutching on to my crutches tight , I signaled for Emily to reach me my pills out of my bag as she walked over to where I was standing . Taking two out of the bottle , she placed them into the palm of my hand .Downing two pills of Aleve , I scarfed down the bottle of smart water Emily had waiting in her hand along with my backpack .

Swallowing the big gulp of water I previously indulged , I screwed the cap back on .,” thanks ” I muttered to Emily , putting my arms through my backpack traps .

“ I’ll see you at the game ? ” Emily smiled with hopeful eyes .

“ yeeaaaa buddy ” I yelled like a loud ghetto bird . Laughing loudly she shook her head before walking off . Slowly but surely making my way to class , thoughts of getting my cast off today cluttered my mind . Either the doctor was going to tell me , I can get it taken off or things got worst . I’m praying I can get it off tho because I as tired of walking around with this ugly ass boot on my foot .

“ good morning Ms.Carter you’re mighty early ” Mr.Bankston said with a weird crooked smile . At times you would swear he was a child molester the way he tries to flirt with us young girls .Not even bothering to greet him back like a respectful child I know I can be , I continued my journey to my seat . Throwing my crutches down , I sat down and rested my head against the cold hard table .Vibrations against my butt caused me to pop up because of the scare it gave me . Rolling my eyes , my screen lit up with Caden’s smiling face being the cause .

“ hello ” I whispered into the speaker .

“ Come outside ” he said. I could see him frowning now .

“ I’m coming Caden ” I huffed hanging up . Walking out the class , I didn’t attempt to pick up my crutches because I felt they weren’t needed .

Waiting outside of the door , Caden’s body appeared from around the corner with a apple juice straw hanging out of his mouth . Rollin my eyes in annoyance , he looked like he had no home training . Not only did he look stupid but I was still highly upset with him from his actions last night .

Wrapping his arms around my body , he leaned in for a kiss but I swerved his lips . Frowning at kissing my cheek instead of my lips he looked as if he wanted to kill me . Leaning in again this time with a clenched jaw , I moved my face once again not caring about how upset he was or how upset he was getting .

“ So you can’t give your man a kiss now ? ” he asked harshly , still chewing on the straw . Pulling it out of his mouth I threw it out into the grass . Frowning deeply at me , stress lines occurred on his big ass forehead . Popping him upside the head , “ Caden , get rid of the frown ” I gritted as we stood in the hallway . He had just got to school and already has an attitude . It’s bad enough I’m missing half of the assignment to be out here dealing with his childish ass .

“ shut the fuck up man ,it’s bad enough I don’t wanna be here ” he huffed tightening his hands around my waist . Punching him in his chest for telling me to shut the fuck up
, he gently rubbed it before pulling me close to him by my neck . ” touch me again and watch how I beat your ass “
He threatened , triggering my inner bitch .

“ I’m not scared of you boy . ima pretend like I didn’t hear that , get your ass in here ” I spat pointing towards the class . Letting go of my neck , he took a step away from me . Yanking me to him by my shirt , he took a look at the back before nodding his head in an disproving manner .

“ ima pretend like I don’t see that nigga name on the back of your jersey ” he retorted pulling hard on my hair before walking in .

“ estupido ” I mumbled following behind him , straightening out my ponytail . It took me forever and a day to get it straight and now this asshole comes and messes it up . Fixing my jersey on my body , I almost tripped over Caden’s backpack that he dropped by the door . Sighing , I bent over and picked it up , throwing it on my back .

“ Mr. Brown I’m so glad you could join us today ” Mr.Bankston said sarcastically eyeing Caden before eyeing me . Shaking my head. , he’s always picking with somebody and he just don’t know that Caden would be the one to put him in his place .

“ so glad I could see your face ” he shot back . Taken back by his choice of words he went back to writing the lesson on the board and explaining what we were about to watch .walking behind him , I rested my hands on his hips as I held on because I was tired of walking on my own with this big ass boot .

“ watch what you say to people ” I said reaching for his hand as we sat down in our seats . Latching it on to mine he held it tight before trying to get comfortable. Taking his bag off of my back , I sat it down next to mine and pulled out the half way frozen brisk strawberry melon drink I asked him to bring me last night . Smashing the drink on the desk , I turned it into a full slush . Unscrewing the cap, the juice started to Poor out the bottle on to my pants causing a big wet spot in the front of my denim cut up boy friend jeans .

Letting out a frustrated sigh , Caden quickly got up and grabbed me a few paper towels and stooped on side of me . Patting my wet spot gently , he kissed my hand in comfort as he tried to help me out a bit and dry my pants although It wasn’t working . Highly upset behind spilling my drink on my pants , I shoved the juice by Caden and made a baby type noise to express how I was feeling at the moment . ” stop that shit ” He grumbled kissing my cheek . Smiling , I kissed his pink juicy lips that I was madly in love with .

“ I’m guessing we going to the game tonight ? ” he asked me with a mug . Slapping his cheek softly , I tried to wipe the frown off of his face .

“ fix your face . And yes . He’s still my best friend ” I said turning my attention to him .“ yea whatever ” he mumbled scooting me closer as we watched this stupid documentary .

“ you smell good ” he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back .

“ vanilla coconut ” I mumbled twirling my index finger around his star tattoo .

“ my favorite ” he said snuggling his face into my hair , giving it a gentle kiss .

“ No PDA ” Mr.Bankston yelled .

“ fuck up ” Caden spat . He was clearly irritated with the teacher telling him shit and I found it kinda amusing on how he could get irritated so fast .

“ if you have a problem with my rules then you can get out ” Mr. Bankston gritted .

“ I would st-” I squeezed his hand tightly before he could finish his sentence .

“ what was that Mr.Brown ?”

“ nothing ” Caden mumbled scooting over a bit . Our hands stayed intertwined , bodies just wasn’t touching and for this convenient time I was okay with that .

“ I’m ready to get out of this class ” I mumbled slouching down in my seat . Caden leg was bouncing up and down and I could tell he was trying not to explode . His eyes were beginning to turn different colors and I was starting to worry because I didn’t know how to deal with his anger just yet because I believe I have yet to see all types of his anger and aggressiveness .

Pulling our hands up to my mouth , I gave it a gentle kiss . Looking over at me I sent him a small smile that he greatly returned. ” you don’t know how much I appreciate you baby ” he groaned into my ear , kissing behind it .

“ awww ” I cooed .

“ forreal , I’m taking you out this weekend since we didn’t go yesterday ” he grinded his teeth Together . He was still upset about the plan B thing , I just knew it . After we had sex last night , he pulled out because he said he respected my wishes but I could see it all in his face that he was still broken hearted . I felt bad for him because he didn’t receive too much love growing up so he’s trying to get it each and every way possible and that’s one of them , by a baby he can call his . Not only his but mine too as well as “ ours” , something we share with each other .

It’s not that I don’t want to have babies for him or shall I say ” them ” I just don’t wanna be a junior and pregnant . Give it a few more months and I’ll be more than happy to have a baby with him and maybe more In the future , 5 or 6 wouldn’t hurt but I feel as if he will ask for more and more and more . Laughing a little at having a house full of joyful kids running around and playing , I thought about the on going headaches and always being on the move .

I’m going to take having babies to the most advantage because some times things don’t seem to be what you think it is . Once upon a time I couldn’t conceive a kid at all because mark beat me so bad for refusing to lie to my parents so I could run the streets with him . It was a school night and I was studying for a test I had on the following day but he just wouldn’t take no for an answer . Not only did he force me out of my own bedroom window , but he beat me in the back seat of his car and threw me out into my lawn .

For a good five minutes I laid there unable to move or talk and I felt like I was honestly going to die . If it would not have been for Lexi pulling up from her job that she was working at the time and seeing me on the ground , I probably wouldn’t have gotten any help until the next morning when my dad left for work . Once Lexi had lifted my body and got me into the house , my father and mama Allison immediately rushed me to the emergency room .

2 hours at the most they were working on me trying to figure out what all way damaged or broken while I was asleep . When I finally woke up , I was delivered the tragic news by one of the many doctors that I could no longer conceive , breaking my heart into a million pieces . Hate wasn’t the word that could possibly describe how I felt about mark or how I still feel about him . He makes me sick in the worst ways possible .

Sitting down on a random day with my father he was hurt behind me not being able to give him grand kids along with my other sister because of my previous position so I had took matter into my own hands for once to see if there was anything my doctors could do to help me be able to have kids of my own . Scheduling an appointment, it was on a early Friday morning for me to meet with my doctor about a severe surgery . Being the risk taking person I am , I told them to go on ahead and preform the surgery on me that same day and whatever happens happens.

The surgery happened to go really well and a Few days later my doctor , Ms.Tammy called to let me know everything went well , seemed to be back on track and i could now have children . That day had to be the happiest day of my life other than meeting the man of my dreams , Caden. Looking up at his handsome self as his attention was on the tv screen , I started to imagine what our crazy babies would look like .

“ I really want this to work ” I mumbled laying my head on his chest . Fuck mister Bankston and his rules , I wanted to be close to him .

“ me too baby , me too ” he kissed my hair . I liked this part of Caden but I also like his mean side too ,but I rather for him to be nice to me and hurt other people instead of the other way around . Playing with his fingers , he sat and watched me the whole class period as I did nothing valuable with my time unlike the others . Sticking his index finger in my nose , he snapped a picture of us two and posted it on his Instagram “ hey why would you do that ? Now everybody gonna know you get my buggaas out ” I laughed lowly . “ ion care baby . Let them know I’m the only nigga that can pick your nose ” he said beating his chest .

Covering my rosey red cheeks at his current cuteness , I couldn’t take how adorable his was being . From kissing my forehead to stroking my cheek and now mumbling sweet words into my right ear . Blushing at his very appreciative words , I started to squirm in my seat as he got a little nasty .” You gonna let daddy get in that pussy baby ? Hmm ? ” he whispered , rubbing my thigh when he know that’s my weak spot .

Nodding my head fast , The next bell rung for us to go to our second hour class and we gladly stood up without hesitation . Between The teacher being a straight up bitch and given Caden a shitty attitude , I was ready to leave so I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore . Also , him trying to make me wet although he did , I wasn’t trying to get wetter and end up soaking my panties . Reaching me my crutches , I placed them under my arms and walked out the class . With Caden’s hands secured on each side of my hips , we stood by his locker as an old morning ritual . Watching the people go to class , he turned me to him and kissed my lips roughly , biting it and making it bleed a little .” You asshole ” I hissed touching my bottom lip .

“ that’s wtf you get for making me catch your cheek earlier ” he stuck his tongue out . Pushing him playfully , he laughed before smacking my ass . Letting him , Naomi walked by looking beat up and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor girl . Her face was bruised up and she looked like she could barely walk . “ what happened to her ?” I silently asked while looking at her still . Shrugging his shoulders , I shrugged my own .

Lifting my body up off the ground , Caden carried me inside the classroom all the way to my seat . Using my body as a weapon , he purposely hit Michael upside the head with my boot and didn’t bother to say sorry . Smacking him in the back of his head , he slammed my body down into the desk . Raising my hand to punch him in the face for being such an ass , he looked at me with an I dare you facial expression . Turning in my seat , Michael was looking at me with fire in his eyes . Quietly apologizing , he nodded his head before turning around .

“ I don’t want you fucking talking to him . You better be lucky I’m letting you wear this jersey to the game tonight ” he spat lowly in my ear . Pushing his mean ass away from me , he clenched his jaw and nodded his head . Scooting away from me , I frowned at how petty he was being at the moment . Pouting , I scooted my desk closer to his and laid my head on his shoulder . “ don’t push me away asshole . ”

“ don’t disobey me Cali , cause I swear to god I’ll fuck your tiny ass up . You hear me ? ” he forcefully lifted my face up by my chin . Whimpering lowly at how thick and heavy his hands were , I nodded my head letting him know I heard each and every word that left out of his mouth . Letting go of my face , he started on whatever the assignment for the morning was while I just stared at him yawning .

Tired from the sexing that went on last night , I yawned once more before closing my chinky eyes . Some how I managed to get out of my seat and climb into Caden’s lap , wrapping my body tightly around him . Tucking my face into the crook of his neck that was warm af , I breathed softly on it before I felt my eyes get heavier than what they were and my grip on him kind of loosen . Seconds later , I was knocked out in baby’s lap .


Alexis and I were back out shopping for more stuff for the baby , and we needed some extra accessories for the room , or as she says to fancy it out . The kids weren’t even here yet and they were spoiled rotten , courtesy of their mother .
” diapers , plenty of diapers ” she muttered looking at all the different types of diaper brands . ” get them huggies , the best brand out ” I chuckled . Laughing a little she threw 4 packs in .

“ damn girl where you going with all that ? ” I asked staring at the diapers . It’s not like we were having triplets or some shit .

“ uh do you not realize babies use the bathroom on themselves more than 5 times a day ? These diapers are going to go by so fast ” she stated leading the way to where ever we were going . Following behind my queen , she slowed down as we started to pass up paint.

“ so I was thinking we could change the room color ? ” she asked holding up different swatches of paint .

“ to what color ? ” I asked.

“ ehh pink and brown ? But do it a cheetah type way ?” She suggested . I liked that idea for Anaya , not for my son .

“ it sounds like it’ll be cute but I don’t think I could do it so I’ll have to get Chris to do it ” nodding she picked up 5 cans each of both colors and sat them in the basket .

“ that should be just enough ” she mumbled sitting the swatches back down . Sucking my teeth , I realized how I had previously spent all my time with painting and decorating their room . We would not be changing shit around until they get a little older and have developed enough of sense to say what they want and don’t want .

Not informing her on my current thoughts and outlooks , I let her sit the paint in the basket and continue to run her mouth .
” it’s about that time you meet moms ” I blurted randomly . I was serious though , she was pregnant with my first two children and have yet to meet my mom .

“ when ? ” she stopped to look at me .

“ hmm maybe this weekend ? ” I suggested , it didn’t really matter .

“ that’s fine ” she smiled . Looking at my watch it was 2:30 .

“ you hungry ? ” I asked as she rubbed her belly .Nodding her head , “ yes very ” pushing the basket , I stopped at cashier number 5 since it was the emptiest .

“ hi how are you today ? ” the cashier asked Lexi and I .

“ we are fine ” Lexi smiled pulling her wallet out . Jacking it out her hand ,“ don’t even try it ” I pointed sternly . Huffing she didn’t try to put up a fight .

“ your total is 323.55 ” the lady smiled stacking the bags in the basket. Swiping my black card , I waited for her to give me my receipt . Lexi said always get your receipt no matter where you go or what you get .

“ have a good day ” Lexi chirped as we made our way to the truck .

“ you know . Ima need a new car soon ” she sent out a hint hint .

“ why ? ” it’s not like it’s a problem cause moma gets what moma wants, I just wanna know .

“ cause I have a two door , when our babies get here I need a 4 door ” well that made sense .“ we’ll go look tomorrow ” I assured her causing her to squeal .

Chuckling , ” where you trynna eat ? “

” pizza kitchen ” she danced in her seat . I swear she was a fat ass .

“ pizza kitchen here we come ” I yelled obnoxiously . Her fist went flying towards my chest because I scared her and she wasn’t expecting me to do that . Rubbing my chest ,“ damn baby . I was just trying to have some fun ” I groaned .

“ sorry big papa . You scared me ” she pouted , pushing my hand away and doing it for me . Driving out of targets parking lot , I looked both ways before pulling off on to the road . With Lexi still massaging my chest , we rode in silence , a comfortable silence .
With the silence Making my nerves bad , I turned on the radio and raised the volume just a little so it wouldn’t be too loud for Lexi or the babies .

Glancing over at her , I admired her beauty and hence of fashion for the day . Her pretty caramel skin was glowing , and her smile was as bright as ever . Looking at her , I found my self grinning , a toothy grin at that . It’s amazing how I could fall deeper in love with this girl as the days go by and each day I wake up to her beautiful face .,

Highly appreciative of her , I made it my number one priority to make sure she is forever good whether she got her own or not . Having my kids only added on to that and I vowed to myself and out loud to god that she will forever and always be my only baby mother because I don’t believe in more than one . That shit is nasty , trashy and simply disgusting . Honestly I don’t see how these niggas out here can do that shit because I’ll look at myself as a hit it , nut in it & quit it ass nigga . And we all know I’m a real ass nigga .Turning up my lips , I tried not to laugh at my dumb thoughts .

Getting Alexis out of the car , she handed me her overloaded all black Michael kors purse and I gladly threw it over my shoulder . Giggling ” you look a mess baby ” . Shrugging my shoulders , I helped her out of the car . Slamming the door shut , I didn’t bother giving her , her purse back . Instead I kept it prompted up on my buff shoulder.

Once I was sure her clothes were fixed and adjusted on her body the right way , I held her hand and walked her across the highway on to pizza kitchens property. Deciding to be childish for a change , I started to walk with a twist as if I had a big booty and it was going some where . ” you look a mess ” Alexis cackled through each word making it hard for me to make out what she was saying .

” girl what’s funny ? ” twisted all the way over to where Aaron and Tammy were sitting . After a successful day at the zoo with basically my second family , we both talked about how the girls got along well and how we now have each other to do things with . If we being honest , I prefer my baby to hang out with Tammy anyways because I’m use of Tammy and I know how Tammy carry herself as a woman . I don’t need nobody influencing my girl to do any wrong doings and with Tam I reassurance that she won’t .

” hello darlings , my name is alsina first name august . How are you guys doing today ?” I questioned in my gayest voice . Both Tammy and Alexis were banging on the table , dying with laughter while Aaron stood there mugging me . ” boy if you don’t sit your gay ass down ima bust a cap in your ass ” he threatened with a small chuckle .

Finding amusement in it all , I grinned at Alexis before winking . Sitting her purse under the table by her feet , I took a seat next to Aaron to give the girls their privacy to discuss whatever .” I see lil mama happy ” Aaron nodded towards Lexi . ” yea man , I’m trying . That’s my main focus honestly ” I cleared my throat .

” that’s good man . She needs to be , y’all got kids on the way . You shouldn’t want anything to stress her out . Not even that bird looking bitch she call her sister ” he gritted . Shaking my head , I haven’t hit up Mariah since that night we fucked and I was proud of myself from dodging all her calls and txt . At some point she ended up on my blocked list because she wouldn’t leave a nigga alone while he was trying to make things right with his girl .

” all lat la boy , what about you and Tam tho ? Your brother back ? ” I questioned , sipping my sprite . Every year around this time he takes a vacation by their dad and he’s been gone for two months so his time should have been up with that nigga . Though I don’t know the guy personally , I dislike him for the shit he put Deb through . It’s none of my business to tell but know me and that boy got bad bread and the only thing sparing his life is Aaron’s little brother kayo.

Smiling big ,” yea he back . He been back for a day now . Right after we left the zoo we went scooped him from the airport ” he informed . ” that’s wassup son . I miss his bad ass ”

“ he got a soccer game tonight . Moma gonna be there as well as tam if you and lex wanna roll with us . We wouldn’t have to take two cars ” he some what suggested . Taking it into consideration , I reached over the table and tapped her arm . Looking at me like what , I told her about the game and she didn’t hesitate with saying yes . Shaking my head , I went back to talking with Aaron as we waited on our food .

Tired of the caffeine , I requested a beer to drink . Getting one for both Aaron and I , we both excused ourselves and headed over to the bar to watch the highlights on ESPN from last nights game . Sitting directly in the middle , I rested my elbows on the counter and focused my attention on the tv .

The waiter had brought us out food on your way over to the girls and we thanked them before immediately digging in . Eating while watching tv , I looked back at Alexis who was tearing her food up . My babies must have been hungry because she waddles over to me , asking for my food . With me not having one of those big appetites , I gladly slid my plate over to her .

Smiling , she licked her lips at my three pepperoni pizzas and dug in . Sitting a bottle of water next to her , I refused to let her eat all of that junk and then drink nothing but pure sugar . Looking at me like really , I clenched my jaw at her questioning me after I already made a decision on what I wanted her to do .

30 minutes later everybody was done eating all nice and full . Rubbing Alexis’s belly , Aaron had told us it was time to go if we were trying to Catch Kayo game on time to find good seats . Deciding on taking my Range rover because it was more spacious , we all piled into it and took off towards his school . Sitting comfortable in my seat , I bumped my mixtape that I recorded about a week ago . Bumping my head to the beat , Alexis grabbed my hand and held it in hers while looking out the window .

In the matter of twenty minutes , we were pulling up at the field and all getting out to head inside the gate . Grabbing a hold of Lexi , I lifted her heavy ass up so she didn’t have to walk through the grass . Walking to where the rocks were , I put her down and let her walk the rest of the way . Paying for our bracelets , the people at the gate approved of us walking in .

Heading over to the side where Kayo was , we heard loud screaming and arguing . Realizing it was coming from Kayo and deb arguing with another child , Aaron and I both made sure the ladies were good before making our presence known where they were currently standing . ” do we have a problem ?” I gritted out . Kayo was standing in front deb with his hands spread out as if he was protecting her .

“ aug you take Kayo . I got this ” Aaron suggested . Nodding my head , I walked with Kayo far off from everybody .“ What’s going on man ?”

“ I’m tired of people with the bullying uncle august , why they just can’t leave me and my family alone ?” He cried into his hands . Sighing , I pulled him into me and began rubbing his back. Rubbing until he stopped , he raised up and looked at me .

” bullying is a crime uncle aug and people act like they don’t know that or like they can’t go to jail for it . See people are so dumb because one minute they hollering about they are calm humble people and the next minute they are throwing shade at the next nigga or bitch . I see it with my own two eyes on how people who don’t even know someone could dog them out and find any and everything negative about them to say . My whole outlook on this shit is , if you claim you don’t like someone , you would you know their every move or know about anything that has dealings with them ? ” he said . This lil nigga was speaking some real shit and I was listening .

” people are sad . They think just because they’re behind a screen talking shit there is still no consequence . Bullies , shade throwers , and everything else that falls underneath those two names sickens me . Especially these young kids out here who bash people for no reason . Most of them just wanna join the crowd so they can be part of the conversation . They have nothing better to do with their life . Like as a person why would you want to do that ? You have absolutely no idea about what’s going on in someone’s life yet you gonna say and do what you do , possibly making it worst . And what hurts my heart is , I’m watching people talk about my own mother and I’m angry because I don’t know how to defend her . This shit gotta stop uncle aug , it really do . ” he sniffled roughly .

“ 12/21/14 mark the date ”


Flipping my long blonde hair , I was at chipotle out eating with my best friend and catching up on each other lives . Leaving Dom home for the day , he needed to get from under me and have his own space for once and a while . If he’s not working , he’s under me . If I’m not working , out with Bambi or with august , he’s under me and that shit gets annoying after so long .

Bambi has been my friend since I was in middle school . We didn’t meet on good terms but at some point we became close . She use to bully me on the daily bases because she thought I was some weak bitch but when I showed her what I really was about , she wanted to be cool . With me being the kind person that I am , I accepted her invitation to be my friend . Ever since we had no problem with each other .

Once I graduated high school and I told her I was making a move to Cali , she didn’t hesitate to come with me . We both packed up our bags that was filled with what we thought was important and got the fuck with out telling anyone anything . Bambi was really my partner in crime, we did our dirt together . Whether it was fucking bitches niggas together , taking their money or simply just ruining their relationships , we did it Together .

This would be the first time I refuse to let her fuck and suck a nigga I’m messing around with because well because he’s mine and he’s sexy and I just refuse to share . It’s bad enough I have to share with my hoe ass sister Alexis and barely get time with him so I’m knowing if Bambi and I were to share I would never get the time I want .

No matter how many times august say he is done with me , I would not allow that . We not done until me , Mariah say we are done & I’m not ready to be done yet . I don’t know what it is about him but he just always have me coming back for more , it’s like I’m addicted to him . Addicted to something that isn’t mine .

With my head hanging low, I bet he never think of how I feel and what I go through with my feelings and not being able to be with him . It hurts my heart to see my sister playing the wife Role when that’s something I’m suppose to be doing . The other day when we went to the mall together , I wasn’t trying to be mean but I couldn’t stand to watch her shop for things august and I are suppose to do .

Simply seeing her large baby bump made me want to push her on to the ground and stump them out of her , that’s how much I hate and despise her . No longer wanting to be in her presence , when she told me I could leave I gladly bounced . Just thinking of her currently made my head hurt , rubbing my temples I took a sip out of my ice water and tapped my freshly done acrylics against the wooded type table .

“ so about this August guy ” Bambi said trying to spark conversation . Looking up , A smile instantly spread across my lips as a whole list of things about him to say filled my already racing mind .

Trying to play it off like I didn’t care , ” what about him ? ”

“ girl I’m not dumb . You must have forgot I’ve been your best friend for some years now . he must be something special if he got you smiling like that’ tho ” she smiled a little .

“ I mean . Something like that ” I blushed . Covering my cheeks , she smacked my hands down showing my crimson red cheeks . Licking my lips , I looked away and rubbed my hands up and down my denim jeans .

“ why I never see y’all out together ? ” she asked before taking a bite out of her burrito bowl .

“ well he’s more of a sneak around ” I said honestly , made no sense for me to lie to her .

” girl you don’t have to keep him on the down low . If a bitch hating let her hate . Show off what’s yours ” she snapped her fingers in a S shape . Laughing loudly , it only lasted for a second as reality of what she said settled in .

“ actually he’s not mine ” I mumbled .

“ well we don’t give a fuxk about these hoes so you still good ” she smiled .

“ what if it’s my sisters man ? ” I asked sitting on the tip of my seat .I know it’s wrong to be in a sexual relationship with my sisters boyfriend but god I just can’t help myself . August is a fine piece of work from the heavens above and it’s safe to say I’m addicted to his long thick dick . I mean how could anyone not be addicted ? You think he’s fine with clothes on but with them off it’s even better .

Starting off with his plump lips , making your way down to his tatted neck and finally to his chest my god . His tattoo of that girl instantly makes you moist and want to indulge him . Staring down at his caramel colored body , my eyes never help but t-

“ okay wait , another bitch is cool but your sister Mariah ? ” she looked at me with disgust all while cutting my description of august in my mind off. Closing my eyes , I tried to refrain from crying . I wouldn’t want to hurt my sister but damn I can’t control who I want .

“ does he know y’all are sisters ” she asked , not allowing me to even have the chance to answer a question of hers . Nodding my head , she sent me the hardest glare possible . Turning away from her , I could see it in her face that she was highly disappointed with me .

“ you’re dirty Mariah , so dirty ’ how could you do that to your own blood ? ” enough was enough . I had to stand up for myself .

“ look I need happiness too ” I blurted out in an icy tone . everyone was always concerned about Alexis and Jaylin . I mean I could understand why they would be concerned about Jay but fuck Lexi had her fair shares of niggas . It was Lexi this , Lexi that , why she couldn’t be like jay and not want nobody ? Just because I’m a stripper , doesn’t mean I deserve to be locked away in the shadows of my two younger sisters. Let’s not forget I said younger sisters.

“ with what ? Fucking with your sister man ? You’re still the side bitch .” She spat . That hurt coming from your own best friend should be enough to let you know when you’re wrong . I’ve never been called a side bitch before . And the fact I had the nerve to laugh at the side bitches that works at my job make me feel filthy and judgmental.

” who’s side are you on ? ” I cried .

“ hers, all this shit is going to eventually come out and I’m not gonna stick around for it ” she shook her head grabbing all of her belongings .

“ where are you going ? ” I asked touching her arm , trying to pull her back .

“ don’t you damn touch me ” she spat walking away .Everyone is so here for Alexis , well what about Mariah ? When is she gonna find her happiness ? I don’t care what any one has to say , I’ll never stop fucking with August .Obviously she doesn’t mean that much to him if he’s fucking over her and didn’t once mention a thing about her existence when we first met .

August is a grown ass man and he knows what’s right and what’s wrong . No one can be held accountable for his wrong doings but him . Now , am I wrong for being the one who is participating with this and basically encouraging cheating , yes but it’s not like I give a fuck . At the end of the day , until august actually stop messing with me instead of just saying the words , I’m going to continue to ride his long lengthy dick and that’s the end of the discussion .


“ Staayy with meee ” I sang out of boredom . I was waiting for Jay to come Back to the house so we could head to this game and she was taking forever . Some shit about she wanted to freshen up and make sure she’s decent . Ion see why she couldn’t do that here but to each be their own . Stepping into the shower , I allowed the scorching water to hit my bare skin and relax my tense muscles . Groaning , I cracked my knuckles and neck .

Going to grab my ’ black ’ body wash that Cali brought me , I clenched my jaw at coming in contact with her Victoria secret ” pure seduction ” body wash . Slanging it across the room , I quickly got out and began to search for what was mine and belonged to me . Tearing up the bottom of the cabinet ,both of our things covered the floor an I refused to pick them up .

Smiling once I retrieved my manly body wash , I stepped back into the shower and started to rinse my always tense body. As the scorching water dripped down my body starting from my head first , I bit my lip as I had flashbacks of fucking jay for the first time . Though she lied and told me she was a virgin and I took my anger out on her pussy , the first time was everything for me believe it or not . That was the first time I ever felt her walls clench against my thick dick and from that point on I vowed it would not be the last .

Smirking , her sweet pleads for me to do deeper somehow began to play in my mind , turning me on . Automatically , my body began to crave hers and I needed to get out the shower fast unless memories from that night would continue to fill my mind and make me go find her ass just so I can pound in her insides . Scrubbing my body fiercely for a minimum of 10 minutes , I hopped out and dried my body off.

Throwing the towel in the Hamp , I walked in room with absolutely nothing on. Slanging my dick , I laughed at my childish antics . Standing in the mirror , I put my hands behind my head and slung my body back and forth , watching CJ go everywhere . Clapping my hands as I died with laughter , I Caught my breath and slipped on my polo Ralph Lauren boxers . ” I’m one stupid ass nigga ” I said as my laughter died down some . If jay would have walked in here and seen me this way I probably would have blushed out of embarrassment .

Smiling big , I realized how happy I have been since I’ve had my baby back in my care and to be honest I enjoyed every bit of it . Though it’s not hard for me to upset , evil , and bitter all the time , I rather be happy and actually enjoy my surroundings . It sad to say the only way I can do that is if jay is around but I have no problem at all admitting that to anyone .

Looking out my window , I watched as the sun began to set reminding me that the game will be starting soon and Jay still wasn’t here . Strolling through my walk in closet for a outfit for the night , I went with all black and some white shoes to compliment my look . Throwing on my thin windbreaker , I jogged down the steps after turning off all of the lights upstairs .

Twisting my lips from side to side , A nigga was hungry as a muhfucka and my stomach was growling loud as hell . Walking to the kitchen I started searching through all the cabinets for something to eat , Nothing . I moved on to the refrigerator , came up with nothing . Jaylin gonna have to put some shit in this house , Nigga can’t be living like this I’m fat and greedy . Slamming the fridge shut with my foot , I hopped on the counter .

“ she cute ” I mumbled scrolling through my twitter . Bitches was forever throwing them selves at me on a social network , I just never paid them no mind . Tilting my phone to the side , Some hoe sent me a direct message of her fingering her self .

“ well damn ” I mumbled as I felt myself getting hard . Hearing the keys jiggling in the door , I quickly logged out and slipped my phone into my pocket . The last thing I need was jay to see me on hard because of another bitch . Fixing my dick in my jeans , I sat there like nothing was going on .

“ baby ” her soft voice called out .

“ kitchen ” I mumbled loud enough for her to hear me . Walking in she had a bag of food in her hand and a duffle bag in the other .

“ what’s in the duffle bag ? ” I asked cracking my knuckles .

“ a week worth of clothes ” she smiled faintly . Pulling her close I kissed her lips before resting my chin in her hair . I could still smell the thick sent of vanilla coconut . Shit drove me crazy . Holding her in my embrace for a minute , she played with my thick fingers as I watched her . She looked different for some reason , I just couldn’t pin point it . “ something’s different about you ” I mumbled .

” my cast off ” she chuckled taking the fries and burgers out the In N out bag . Looking down at her leg, It was for sure off .” why you didn’t tell me you was going get it off today ? ” I asked with my eyebrow raised

“ it slipped my mind ” she shrugged .

“ who brought you ? ” I asked curiously .

“ Lexii ” she mumbled .

Yanking her hair ” now we can have really wild sex ”

“ no nigga ” she laughed pulling away from the tight grip I had on her hair .

Frowning , ” why not ?”

“ I just got it off , give me time to walk first ” she mumbled sliding my plate over to me . Taking a bite into my sandwich , we ate in a comfortable silence . Eating like a monster I was of course finished before her . Bawling up my package paper , I got in a basketball player position and shot it the the trash .

Watching as it fell into the trash bin I turned my attention to Jaylin who was eating her fries and doing whatever on her phone . She obviously didn’t know I was staring at her but that was a good thing because I tend to do that a lot and I wouldn’t want her to think I’m a creep although I don’t give two fucks .

Admiring her face , I moved down to her breast, gradually making my way farther down stopping at her ass . Grunting , I rubbed my semi hard dick through my jeans . ” you changing ? ” I asked. The shorts she was wearing was unacceptable leaving out this house .

“ what’s wrong with what I got on ? ” she asked looking over her attire .

“ them shorts is too short ” I spat . Just the thought of another nigga fantasizing over what’s mine gets me heated .

“ oh shut up , I’m gonna be with you the whole time ” she grumbled throwing her hair into a ponytail . With Michael’s name in plain view , I instantly clenched my jaw . What part did me not wanting her having any dealings with this nigga did she not understand ?

“ ready baby ? ” she smiled looking yo at me .

“ mhm ” I muttered walking a head of her . Opening the door for her , she walked out with me following behind . Slamming the door shut , I locked both top and bottom and made my way to my range . Unlocking the doors , she hurried and jumped in the drivers seat . Looking at my with a goofy smile , I shook my head and got on the passenger side .

Hitting the button on my key , she began to back out almost hitting my lambo .” Bitch you better watch what you’re doing ” I said in an jokingly manner . Flipping me off ,” I got this baby don’t make me nervous ”


Arriving at school , the parking lot was already packed , making it hard for us to find an empty spot which only resulted in us parking all the way to the back . With her being able to walk freely now , she didn’t seem to mind since she wanted to walk as much as possible so she could get her feeling in her leg back. As we walked towards the entrance, I had my arms secured tightly around her petite waist .

“ why so tight baby ” she whimpered . I hadn’t realized the grip I had on her was tighter than I thought but I wasn’t about to loosen up for shit in the world . “ you know I’m not to great around crowds baby ” I mumbled in her ear . All eyes were on us as we stood in the line to get our admission tickets and I wasn’t appreciating it .

” Fuck all y’all looking at ? ” I growled . These people just didn’t know I would kill them all with no remorse for even thinking it was okay to look at me past 2 seconds .

“ Caden stop it ” Jay said scratching at my hands with her pointy nails . To stop myself from hollering In pain I bit the piss out her neck .

“ this is not the place for us to be fighting but watch when we get home ” she growled before smiling at the nigga handing out the tickets .Sinking my nails deep into her sides , she squirmed before letting out a low whimper only audible for me to hear . Pinching her side , I tore some skin and left behind a tiny purple bruise .

“ you enjoy the show ” he licked his lips at her handing her the tickets . Jacking it out his hand , I sent a hard blow to his face .“ watch who you looking at bitch ” I gritted . Reaching my hand for Jaylin to grab , she didn’t hesitate to interwind our fingers .

“ let’s enjoy the game ” she huffed leading me to the gym . Nodding my head , I didn’t want to make her upset so I cooperated and followed behind without muttering another word. Sitting down in our seats , she pulled out a pack of sour patch kids out of her pocket and handed them to me.

“ cheap ass ” I mumbled pulling her closer to my body . She was so close I could literally feel the body heat radiating off her body .
” I already had these at home so it didn’t make any sense to buy none ” she shrugged throwing one of her legs over mine .

Adjusting both of our bodies so we could be comfortable while embracing each other , I sat back in my seat and watched as they started the game with an all star dunk off . Watching in amusement and entertainment , a smiles graced both Jaylin and I’s face as her favorite player Kobe Bryant jogged onto the floor . Jumping up out her seat , she screamed his name loud as hell , saying how much she loved him . Normally I would get upset about her loving another nigga but I could understand why she loved him , as well as I met her being a big fan of him .

Chuckling at her over excited Ass , I walked down to the court and pulled Kobe into a tight hug . Kobe happened to be a good friend of mine through my brother , and it’s been a while since I’ve seen him so it was nice to be able to say wassup.” What’s good man ? ” he asked , big bright smile plastered on his face . ” Coolin man , what’s been up ?” I questioned . ” living life man , making this Guap doing what I love . ” nodding my head in an understanding manner , I pointed to jay for a quick second .

” you see that girl right there ?” Licking his lips , he eyed her body intensely before nodding his head .” Yea , I’ll like to get up in them guts ” he tried to dap me off . Mugging him , he went from a good family friend to my next target . ” no bitch . That’s mine ” I assured , getting disrespectful . Holding his hands up in defense mode ,” my bad my bad. . I didn’t know but what about her ? ” . ” she’s your biggest fan and trust me I know this ” I mumbled .

” yea ? Call her down here . ” looking towards jay , I waved her down to where I was . Smiling , confusingly she walked down the already packed bleachers , leaving our belongings where they were . Walking next to me , she looked at Kobe with a cheesy smile before shyly hiding behind my back . Chuckling at how kiddy she looked , I pulled her back in front of me .” Kobe this my baby Jay , Jay this Kobe ” . ” nice to meet you lil mama , you’re gorgeous ” he complimented kissing her hand . Blushing , she mumbled the same words back .

With my anger trying to get the best of me because he just had the nerve to kiss her in front my face , I wanted to go sit down ASAP . I don’t care that kiss was on her hand , I still felt like he was doing my job , making her blush . Don’t no bitch nigga need to feel like they need to do my job because I’m doing it just fine . Watching him hand her an autographed t-shirt , cup , basketball and jersey , she politely said thank you and smiled up at me from making this happen for her . Faintly smiling , she seemed to have caught my drift and ended her short convo with Kobe . ” I know it was disrespectful baby but please let it go ” she begged as we walked back to our seats . Sighing , I nodded .” Anything for you babe ”

“ Jay baby ” Emily yelled . Holding my ears, Bitches always loud when they see their best friend but damn bitch we right here tf is you yelling for . Hugging jay , jay handed me all her items to hold while she stood in Emily’s embrace . Shifting my weight on to my right hip , I sighed roughly as I was ready to sit down . Eyeing the shorty that stood next to her she looked mad familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on who she was .

“ Brianna you know I don’t fuck with you ” Jaylin spat . Oh yea , I remember I kissed her back in the gap . Laughing lowly at that dumb mistake , I could have literally smacked tf out of my sElf for being so dumb that day .

“ why ? Your man do ” she smiled , catching my attention . “ watch that shit bitch ” I warned , taking my seat . Sitting Her stuff by my foot , I sat back and waited for Jay to cross over my body and take her own seat . Sitting down , she rolled her eyes at Brianna who couldn’t seem to shut the fuck up . Hearing my name fly around , “ keep me out this shit ” I mumbled looking out at the court . The game has started 2 minutes ago and we were already taking the lead , no one had time for this bitch .

“ Oh Chris please you weren’t complaining when my tongue was down your throat ” she retorted . I knew that had struck a nerve for Jay cause she moved out of my grasp and on to the other side of the court . My eyes stayed glued to her body until I saw she sat down in an available seat and wasn’t bothered by anyone .

“ fuck was that shit for ? ” I gritted .

“ what ? I was just speaking straight facts ” she smiled walking out of the gym . Looking up at the ceiling , “Lord please forgive me for what I’m about to do ” ‘Standing up , I took another glance at Jaylin who had her elbows propped up on her knees and eyes on the court before exiting the gym behind Brianna .Stepping out onto the hall , I was just in time to see her turn down the pathway of the bathroom . Running , I caught her just in time before she could walk in .

“ the fuck are you doing ? ” she yelled as u pushed her into the bathroom . Slamming her head against the sink ,“ I didn’t ask you to speak ” she let out one hell of a scream before holding her nose . Locking the bathroom doors , I stood over her body .

“ you thought it was cool to say that shit to Jay ? ” I asked . When the bitch ain’t reply I kicked her in her stomach .

“ answer me ” I gritted through clenched teeth .

“ no ” she coughed , blood dripping down in the process .

“ well since you wanna say shit like ” your man do “ then ima show you what I really do ” I said unbuttoning my pants .

“ what are you doing ? ” she asked with wide eyes as I forcefully pulled her shorts down . Hoe ain’t have on no draws .

Covering her mouth with my hand ,” shut up ” I grunted .

“ get off of me ” she cried . Her fear and pleads for me to stop only enticed my desire to hurt her .

“ nah , I like you right ? So take this dick ” I spat ramming her as hard as I could . I knew it hurt cause the bitch wasn’t even wet , even when I tried to give her some pleasure the shit didn’t work .

“ I’m so sorry ” she cried pushing my chest back . Feeling my nut at the tip of my dick I pulled out and nutted all in her mouth and nose . “ if you tell anyone about this , I promise I’ll kill you ” and everyone know I keep my promises .Nodding her head , she struggled to pull her shorts up .

“That blood stain will not look to dandy with them white shorts” I said out loud as I exited the bathroom . Fixing my wind breaker , I headed back to the main gym , not before getting me another pack of sour patch kids . Hearing loud pleads for help , I stepped out of line and watched Brianna limp along the lobby . Clenching my jaw at her attention seeking ass , I knew it couldn’t have hurt that bad . Saying fuck the candy , I went on about my business to check on my number one woman .

“ stop being mad at me ” I whispered in jaylins ear , causing her to jump slightly . Sitting down on side her , She looked like she no longer wanted to be here and if she didn’t I wasn’t gonna force her to .

“ I’m not mad . Just uncomfortable ” she mumbled shifting in her seat .

“ why ? ”

“ that guy from the ticket booth and his friends keep staring at me and making movements as if he was gonna slice my neck off ” clenching my jaw my eyes landed directly on this nigga and his pussy ass crew .

“ you ready to go ? ” I asked never taking my eyes off of them .

Nodding her head ,” yes ” she bent over and picked up her YSL bag and helped me to my feet . I don’t know what makes her think her lil 4’11 ass can help my big ass up . But I just let her think she’s doing something . Gathering her Kobe collectables , I helped her down the bleachers. Interlocking our fingers , I gladly lead her out of the gym and to the parking lot . I honestly didn’t want to come here in the first place but for the sake of Jaylin , I came and did my best to cooperate .

“ I’m glad you didn’t put up a fight with me about going to this game ” she smiled looking up at me .

“ mhm only caus-” my sentence was cut short by a cold substance flying on Jaylin and I’s back . Turning around slowly I already knew who did it .“ you got a problem with me ? ” I asked the young nigga calmly .

“ baby let’s just go ” Jaylin tugged at my arm .Yanking away from her , “ nah. He got something he wanna say . Go head and take it off your shoulders ” I said walking closer to him .

“ nigga ain’t nobody scared of you ” he spat with his bitch ass friends co-signing him .

“ you thought it was okay to throw a drink at my girl ? ” I didn’t give a damn about me but when you do something to Jaylin , it’s over with .

“ Your lil bitch iight , I see she ain’t die ” he laughed dapping his friends up . Wrapping my hands tightly around his neck . I brung him down to the ground gently before kicking the living shit out of his face. One thing about me is I will never let anybody and I mean anybody disrespect Jaylin . You could be my mother , I would still kill you behind her .

That girl is my life and if she’s not happy neither am I . If I feel like her life is threatened by anybody , I’m taking theirs . That’s just how the game goes when it comes down to me about mine. Cocking my fist black, I sent blow after blow to his face . Pushing his body onto the ground I stepped on his right knee , causing him to scream out in pain . Ignoring his bitch ass whines , I stomped his chest in .

“ Caden stop it ” I could hear jaylins cries for me to stop in the background but I wasn’t hearing her forreal forreal at the moment.
I knew it was going to be some shit when we get in the car because look at me and what I’m doing . What girl wants to watch her boyfriend basically knock a niggas brain out with his bare hands ?

“ pussy nigga that’s all you got ? ” dude spit blood in my face . Pulling out my pocket knife I sent jab after jab to his stomach area and chest . Flaring my nostrils , all I seen was red and I started going crazy . Blood enticed my hunger to see some one suffer, so I was enjoying this at the moment . Getting tired of stabbing his stomach and chest , I lifted up his right hand . Starting with his thumb , I cut each finger off until I reached his pinky.

Looking around at my surroundings , all of his so called friends had done disappeared except for one . Smiling at the evil shit I’ve just finished doing , I sent one more stab to his chest. ” you killing him nigga ” his friend cried obviously scared for his life . Dusting my self off , I looked at the dirty work I had just done one last time . Killing some one made me feel good inside .It was something like a natural high for me . I got amusement and excitement out of it . Seems like all my problems and troubles fly out the window when I take someone’s life .

Flicking my knife down , I placed it back inside of my pocket . Kicking dirt around the Guys body , I wanted to make sure nothing traced back to me . I didn’t need for the cops coming for me from murder . That means they’re taking me away from Jaylin and I can’t live with out her . I won’t live without her .” come on ” i spat walking to the car. With Jay walking slowly behind me , I waited patiently for her in the car .

Putting her in , I threw her shit to the back & backed out fast as fuck, almost ramming into another car . ” I’m sorry you had to see that ” I mumbled trying to touch her thigh , only for her to scoot all the way over to the door .

“ you scared of me now Jaylin ? ” I asked In a hurtful tone . I figured some shit like this was going to happen and this is what I feared the most . I didn’t need the girl I felt I can only depend on to be scared of me because that mean she would be distant and I need secureness & some body to hold me after moments like this . It never failed that after I kill some one , I fall into this depressed state .

“ you just killed some one in front of me Caden of course I’m scared ” she screamed with tears running down her face. Watching the light turn green , I pulled off with out muttering another word .“ I’m in love with a monster ” was the last thing she said before slipping off into a deep sleep leaving me in my crazy thoughts . How could a girl so beautiful and innocent be in love with a crazy ass nigga like me ? I obviously lucked up and found something real , something I’ll probably never find again .

It was always something about Jaylin that I liked . Even when Chris had me hidden in the dark , I was always able to figure out when she was near . The little heart I did have left , would light up at the sound of her voice or the slight giggles she would let out at random moments when she found something funny .

Everyday it felt like my heart would expand with love just because of her . Her bright smile , the way she takes care of me in ways my own mother can’t , and her as a person all around . With my heart sulking to the bottom of my stomach , I slammed the drivers door shut and made my way over to her side . Opening up her door , her head fell and almost hit the ground but thank god I caught her .

Through all of what just happened , she some how seemed to be knocked completely out . Chuckling a little to myself , I lifted her tiny body and started for the front door . kicking it open wider with my foot , I used my back to close it . ’ I’ll just have to come back down to lock the door ’ I muttered walking up the stairs , careful not to bump jaylins head against anything .

Once I knew she was tucked comfortable underneath the covers , I searched for a pen and some paper . Finally finding some , I pulled out the chair that’s connected to the desk table and began to write a note . ” If that’s what’s best then that’s hoe it’s has to be ” I mumbled folding the note and sitting it on the night stand . Crawling into bed , I kicked off my jeans and socks . Snuggling up against Jaylins body , I kissed the back of her neck before allowing sleep to take over my demonic body .