black 16

a headcanon of mine

Another girl who loves girls dies on my TV screen and people call it poignant. People call it “actually necessary.” People look at her crumpled brown body and call it a brave, artistic choice.

I call it a bag over my head. I call it dry-heaving into a throw pillow.

Girl-who-loves-girls doesn’t get to be called by her name in this poem because she wouldn’t be called by her name on the news. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a trope anyway, just a social justice lesson. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a body, just a prop left on the floor until convenient. Supposed to make you feel some kinda way to see her lying there, all that could-have-been slipping out of the room like air from lungs, or bullets from a gun.

I’m angry but this poem is not to say that I am angry. This poem, like all poems, is a safe space. This poem is not the only place I can kiss my partner without worrying who’s watching, but sometimes it feels like it is. Sometimes kissing her feels like a precursor to violence. 

If we don’t get to be happy, even in fiction, then whose blood shows up for shock value next season? Hers or mine?
—  Trista Mateer
no offence ???????????

yes offence
all the fucking offence in the world
o f f e n c e
u fuckin disgust me
o f f e n c eeeeeeeee
but why does the hp fandom appreciate snape, an abusive trash, more than regulus black who joined the deatheaters then backed out as soon as he did — without waiting for any specific ppl he was in love with to die —
and discovered the truth behind the horocruxes then proceeded to hunt them down and found one and managed to replace it but he couldn’t destroy it and he ended up sacrificing himself for kreacher, a house elf, all when he was only eighteen????
he was a slytherin and a majority of his cousins and housemates were deatheaters who stuck to voldemort’s side. snape himself would have stuck to voldemort’s side if it wasn’t for the death of lily?????
regulus backed out because he knew that it was the right thing to do and he didn’t do it out of fear, either, because he died in an attempt to kill voldemort himself??????
but yall still go and be like sevvu snappu is our slytherin hero and daddy yay?????