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Men in Black MBTI

Kay [ISTP: The Mechanic]

ISTPs relate to the world by way of Introverted Thinking, a form of logic that’s tied to their direct perceptual experience. It works in the background of awareness, guiding their actions, facilitated by visual and tactile cures in an unfolding situation. ISTPs are not indiscriminate. ISTPs are utterly present oriented, so they don’t require novel perceptual experiences to stay interested. If they don’t want to be in a situation, they’ll “play along” until they can find a way to escape. If they can’t escape, they’ll create a humorous diversion to keep things alive. ISTPs are either “with” a situation or they are not. If they aren’t they will make no effort to pretend they are. They prefer to remain independent, to get paid for their time and skills, and not for their loyalty to a particular institution. [Lenore Thomson]

Jay [ESFP: The Performer]

ESFPs tend to be generous sorts, and they may seem vulnerable, even naive, because they’re inclined to surrender themselves to the moment without restraint. Whatever they’re in, they’re in wholeheartedly, and if they’re not interested, they’re likely to escape or create a humorous diversion. Thus, ESFPs may strike people as not taking life seriously enough, not caring enough about the consequences of their actions. In truth, these types are usually ambitious and to be admired and respected, but they don’t make plans the way judging types do; they don’t think in step-by-step terms. Introverted Feeling encourages ESFPs to be interested in people. They notice the way people say things, how they look when they say them, the intonation of their voices, the language of their bodies. For this reason, they often know more than they realize about others’ states and intentions. [Lenore Thomson]

Today is a good day! I bought EVERY component for the new pc and I’m starting to build it. But of this pic? I simply grabed my scanner and took it home so I wont have to take crappy pictures anymore.

This little thing is actually not complete, because it’s my homework for the manga classes I take (to then teach). HOPEFULLY it’s finished tomorrow.

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2 for TylerxVince ❤️

Although it wasn’t the first time, his heart thrummed as a smile spread across his face. He felt nervous of course, but happy and elated.

“I’m at the hospital.”

The words Vince had told him over the phone as he struggled to keep his breathing under control had sent him into panic mode. He was going to be a father. Again, of course. But it wasn’t any less exciting now than it had been the previous three times Vince was in the hospital having his baby.

The thought still hit him hard, even now, so many times later. Vince was having his baby. His heart swelled with the love an happiness he felt.

Grabbing his keys from the counter, he quickly closed up his shop. The two customers that were browsing around had been a little annoyed, but it hadn’t lasted long when he said he was going to be a father.

He started up his black Camaro, revving the engine as he sped down the street towards the local hospital. 

Thank you so much. :p I really didn’t know what else to do for this one! lol. I guess I could have been a little more creative, but I wanted to be mushy. :p 

The funny thing is I actually wasn’t opposed to Bucky being in Black Panther in a small role because it made some sense considering where we left off in Civil War

But every time I see “Where’s Bucky?” or “This was cool and all but is Bucky going to be in the next trailer?” I re-up my membership to Team “Throw the Winter Popsicle down the river and over a waterfall”


Villainous is wickedly fun and I implore you all to get in on it. It’s got lots ‘o nostalgia and is made by a Latin American animation studio which is pretty neat.

*slams fist* effed up the monocle