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danger is our middle name!

(part two)

ok, I was starting an illustration on the entire Weasley family.
 I SWEAR! I was doing it.

 Then I don’t know what happened, I was distracted for 5 minutes, and this Sirius came out. 

Sorry, it was a time of weakness.

I swear I’ll do all the arts I promised.  


Happy HalloweeeEEEEeeeen!

So I got to make this year’s Halloween Google Doodle and I thought I’d share some production art for it!

It was a long, crazy project (longest doodle we’ve ever made!), but I wanted to take the chance to tell a story I thought might resonate or maybe even help someone. After all, nothing is scarier than emotion.

Thank you to everyone who helped out along the way in making the video (Melissa Crowton, Cynthia Cheng, Sophie Diao, Helene Leroux) and everyone crazy enough to let me make a story for the homepage. 



Lieutenant Vester Belknap, Cirian Aster and Lord Quinten Sunsage.  

-He believed if he could make himself look virtuous and pure and pretty- that no one would even notice the things he was hiding.  The struggles and sins he carried with him, that tore him up from the inside, would be all but invisible.  He was still waiting to be proven wrong.

Cirian is a cleric I’m playing in a solo game with my favorite DM.  Belknap was Cirian’s antagonizing commanding officer for a while, and Quinten “Silver-fox” Sunsage is his adoptive father.