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Challenge: tell me an animal fact I don't already know.

Looks like it’s time for some


  • A zebra’s stripes are not for personal camouflage, but rather herd camouflage; in a sea of vertical black and white stripes, predators have a difficult time discerning any one particular member.
  • Much like canine or equine, the adjective for pigs is “porcine”, which is where we get the word “pork”.
  • A group of tapirs is called a candle.
  • Despite rhinos being perissodactyls and hippos being artiodactyls, they share similar features due to convergent evolution even while not closely related. Elephants, meanwhile, are in another order entirely.
  • Dolphins are born with mustaches.
  • The horizontal pupils of a goat’s eye provide a wider radius of vision, as well as allowing them to always see their surroundings while their head is lowered by looking “up” and keeping their pupils perpendicular to the ground at all times.

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Nicknames: Sarastus (meaning “dawn”) and Sarppa (UNAPPROVED)

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5′4

Time right now: 19:58 (putting this in the queue so it’ll probably be a different time when this comes out)

Last thing I googled: 165cm in feet xD

Song stuck in my head: Senbonzakura

Last movie I watched: Detective Conan Movie 6: Phantom of Baker Street (one of my fav movies tbh)

Last TV show I watched: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo

What I’m wearing right now: A black t-shirt with white dots; A grey skirt with stripes and lots of buttons on it (I think it looks cute!); Blue and black leggings; Black socks with white dots (matches my shirt :D)

When I created this blog: 2013… (?)

Kind of things that I post: Uhhhh just stuff that I like xD Mostly anime. I also reblog lgbt content, positivity, cutesy stuff, animals etc.

Do I get asks regularly?: Sometimes  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Nickname: Oddy, Yuya, Senseh, Saph, Seli

Sign: Virgo

Height: Uh,. I don’t know how to write it in english, so: 1,61 meters

Last Thing You Googled: “Fantasy blue water’‘ because I needed some motivation for drawing glowing blue water omg

Favorite music artist: Skillet, Linkin Park, Super Dragon, most of the Yugioh OP song artists

Song stuck in my head: Lost in the fire because I saw a fuckin amazing AMV with that song for One Piece~

Last movie you watched: Not hard to say because it’s the subbed Dark side of Dimensions since IT’S LOVE *Q*

What are you wearing right now: bright blue pants, black shirt with white stripes on the edges, a white scarf and green socks

What do you post: My Drawings, mostly all stuff from Yugioh especially Arc V, Ao no Exorcist, One Piece.

Why did you choose your URL: Well I love Yuya the most before Zarc together with Oddeyes, so since many people with myself do draw Yuya as Oddeyes, I choose this

Do you have any other blogs: Well yes I do ;D One Side blog for RP’s to do all RP’s on this beside my Main blog, so it won’t disturb anyone (Idc to be honest) and I can post it on there

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: What Relationship? ;D Never had any cause I’m not interested

Favorite Color: All shades of blue and red, yellow, neon green, turquiose, black, white

Average Hours Of Sleep: 6-8 hours, on the weekend more like 9 hours at all

Lucky Number: 42?

Favorite characters: ZARC *Q* Rin, Mephisto, Sebastian, Ciel, Luffy, Ace, Sabo, Law, Yuya, Yugo, Yuri, Yuto, Atem, Judai, Johan, Haou, Reiji, Kuroko, Akashi, Kise, Cloud, Zack, Smaug

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Just with one since it’s getting to  spring again over here, so it’s getting pretty warm and I just need one due to this

Dream Job: Drawing my Ideas out, doing Artist stuff, writing Fanfictions but I’m still learning, dog trainer since I adore Dogs so much and Game Designer ~

Tagging: Tbh I don’t know any people anymore since they got tagges already from what I saw, so feel free to do it if you want ^w^~


Hallowsaur, Hauntisaur, and Harvestaur. (Maybe? That was a rush job on the respective names oops)