black & white stripes

Some phases of bean growth. First we have a freshly minted bean, newely harvested. Little more than a blob of protomaterials, this squishy beanbag mostly beeps, cheeps, and voraciously absorbs raw materials and energon in order to grow. 

Next up, some features become more distinct- the biolight on the forehelm has grown, and the head is separating from the body. On her back she has her lights, as well as little buds that will become her wheels soon enough- she also has a windshield growing on the front of her body, which one can see sparklight through if they look close.

Third, this bean is just about ready to pop out some limbs and start running around! Actual sections of plating are becoming defined and hardening- her initial chestplate is almost fully formed, and her wheels are now a bit large in proportion to her, but fully functional! Beware, this stage involves lots of wiggling and angry, irritable sparklings as their color nanites begin to grow in- soon she’s get black and white striping.

Once she grows enough to have proper limbs, real armor can be fitted to her.


Party girls! #EllenDeGeneres and #PortiadeRossi laugh as they hold hands while leaving a pre-#Oscars bash.
On Saturday (26/2/2017) #Ellen Degeneres and #Portia de Rossi were in full party mode.

The couple couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces as they were spotted leaving a pre-Oscar bash holding hands in the city’s Westwood neighborhood.

Ellen kept her outfit simple, wearing a black bomber jacket with double white stripes around the collar, cuffs and hemline.

(/ 📝)


Hallowsaur, Hauntisaur, and Harvestaur. (Maybe? That was a rush job on the respective names oops)