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MariChat May Day 19 - Identity Reveal

Mari, Chat and the Prank of Pranks

AO3 / FF

Summary:  Marinette and Chat Noir set a date - they were going to share some serious secrets!
But then a stunt of Marinette’s (one of a long line of pranks exchanged in the ongoing MariChat Prank Challenge) rubs Chat the wrong way and he decides to pull the Prank of Pranks on his unsuspecting girlfriend in the midst of his reveal.

Neither of them remembered how it had actually started and after that crazy year it wasn’t really that important. It turned out Marinette had quite a competitive streak in her, one that rivaled only Chat’s own. Thus the ongoing prank contest that had begun somewhere around June last year.

When it was Chat’s turn, he would sneak up on her at night and draw a mustache and a beard on her face with a waterproof mascara.

Marinette in turn would photoshop Chat’s pictures giving him a squint, altering his hairdo (he always knew he would look great in pigtails or with purple hair) or changing the color of his eyes (he actually liked the pink ones).

To avenge that disgrace Chat would then release spiders in her room and wait on the balcony to savor all the squeals.

Mari would return the favor by gluing a sheet of paper to his back when he was leaving her place – and on the sheet she would write things like ‘Leonardo DiCATrio‘ or ‘Paw-lease, kick me’. Sometimes he didn’t even realize she’d done it, until his pictures would appear on Ladyblog (because of course she hinted Alya every time).  

If the pun was purrrticularly pawsome Chat felt generous enough to make the next prank a pleasant surprise. Like that time when he had filled Marinette’s locker with thirty plush Chat Noirs. On the next occasion instead of plushies he used sweets, burying his unsuspecting girlfriend up to her neck in her favorite Ladybug jellies. He enjoyed pulling stunts like that in public the most – unbeknownst to Marinette he was able to watch her reaction from up close because she didn’t have a clue as to Chat Noir’s identity.

Some would say this was a strange custom, but it worked for Chat and Marinette. Somehow it was ‘their thing’, since there was a ‘they’ anyway. Oftentimes they would lie side by side on Mari’s chaise arguing whose joke was better, chuckling and giggling and cuddling. And neither of them minded or felt offended. On the contrary they both could appreciate a particularly funny or inventive trick.

The 19th of May was supposed to be special. Last time Marinette told him she needed to confess something important, but asked for a few days to prepare herself mentally. It had to be big, because his girlfriend usually wasn’t that nervous or agitated. Chat declared he would reciprocate with a secret of his own, the secret in fact. To his surprise Marinette agreed. There would be no more secrets between them, she would finally know who he was under the mask. They had set the date, kissed their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

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VIXX Adventures- N (pt. 1)

Summary: After opening your door, your find yourself in a weird carnival and freak show, but not everything is right, especially when people start dying one by one.

Length: 3651

Genre: Action, AU, Mystery

Note: Please read the Vixx Adventures Intro before reading this!

    Bright colors were the first thing I noticed as I walked through the cracked wooden door. It was unexpected and I observed my surroundings. I was in a small room. There weren’t any walls, but instead large tapestries of various colors hung from white poles. One of the tapestries was pulled ever so slightly to the side and I could just see people busying themselves on the other side. Carnival music filled my ears and the sounds of the trumpets and pianos was almost too cheerful sounding to the point where it was eerie. 

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I was laying in my double bed with my small cat, Carmichael curled up at my feet reading a romance novel.  I peeked up from the book to glance at the yellow alarm clock across from me on my bureau.  In blinding red numbers, it read 11:23.  I yawned once and pulled my floral duvet a little snugger coming back to the enticing novel.  

           Just as I was getting to the good part, the music started.  Then the thumping footsteps.  Then the loud, drunken singing.  The neighbors above me did this every few weekends.  I looked at the clock and it read 12:15.  Always around the same time.  They seemed to tire themselves out though and were usually quiet or asleep by 1:30.  I’ve never gone and complained to them about being so loud, but I might have to tonight.

           I have a job interview in the morning for a positioning doing marketing for a band.  Living in LA, there were bands everywhere and they were always looking for representation and consultants.  The band that I would be working with is called Black Veil Brides. Waiting for the music and drunken antics to end, I pulled my laptop from the other side of my bed to where I was sat and put down my novel.  I put on some of the band’s music and popped in my headphones.  I then pulled up Pinterest and went scrolling away.


           I woke up a while later to see my alarm clock displaying 3:05 in those same bright red numbers.  I searched for the source of what woke me up and was met with the cheers of the upstairs neighbors.  The headphones had fallen from ears after falling asleep and all I could hear was the loud noises coming from upstairs.  And with that, I was faced with a choice.  I could either try to fall back asleep, even though I was now wide awake, or I could go upstairs and face the loud neighbors and ask them to quiet down.  I laid on my bed a while longer, debating and weighing my options and with a loud crash from the ceiling, I knew my decision was made for me.  

           I hoisted myself up and threw on my slippers.  I was wearing a loose Motley Crue tee and plaid pajama pants.  My hair was a tangled mess, so I threw it up into a pony tail.  Grabbing my phone, I headed for the door to go plead with the neighbors.  I glanced at the clock on my way out and it read 3:14.

           I climbed the stairs to the foreign floor of my building to the apartment above mine, 33C.  I approached the door, tugging on my tee and readjusted my thick glasses.  I knocked as loud as I could to try and overpower the raucous laughter.  As soon as I had, the noises stopped short and from the other side I could hear “Dammit CC it’s probably a neighbor or the cops, I told you to be quieter!” I held in a smile and waited for someone to open the door. I heard a loud rumble of steps and then the door was quickly flung open and I was met with five attractive men staring me down.

           “Hi, can we help you? You aren’t a cop right?” The one on the far side asked.  He had long black hair, well they all did, but his eyes were a piercing blue.  I smiled and let a chuckle slip out.

“No, I’m not a cop.  I live below you guys and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind quieting down?  I have a big job interview in the morning.” I explained, trying not to sound to cross.

“Oh yeah of course, sorry about that, we’ll settle down.  Good luck with your interview!” the one with brownish hair called as they shut the door with a wave.  I trudged back down the stairs to my apartment, 22C, and crawled back in to bed. I was then lulled to sleep by the quiet.


           Waking up after only 3 and half hours of sleep was miserable.  I woke up around seven to my blaring alarm and quickly showered and changed into a red pencil skirt, black and white striped top, and black blazer.  I wore my hair up in a bun and threw on some sandals, rushing to get out the door on time.  

           Pulling into the lot of the studio the clock read 8:53, meaning I was running a tad on the late side for my 9:00 interview.  I climbed out of my car, tugging my skirt down and making sure I looked alright.  I grabbed my yellow purse and made my way into the building.  I opened the door in a rush walking up to the receptionist.  

           “Hi, I have an interview for the marketing position for Black Veil Brides.” I said as politely as I could muster.

           “YOU!” I heard and spun around.  I was faced with the five boys from last night, “Why are you here?” The one I can only assume is their front man questioned.  

           “I’m interviewing to work for Black Veil Brides as a marketing consultant” I said backing off and wondering why they were here.  

           “Well clearly you aren’t much of a fan then, hi, I’m Andy Biersack, and we’re Black Veil Brides.”

—–Hey guys its Mich, I hope you enjoy it :)

Live performances of 세븐틴 - 아낀다 

150526 Debut (all white)
150527 Show Champion (white & pink)
150528 M!Countdown (black & white)
150529 Music Bank (blue & white stripes)
150530 Andromeda Broadcast (just because)
150531 Inkigayo (shirts & shorts)
150602 The Show (black & white)
150604 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam  (red & black)
150605 Music Bank (blue & white checkered) 
150606 Music Core (baby blue & white)
150607 Inkigayo (blue & white)
150609 The Show (black & red)
150610 Show Champion (blue & white checkered)
150611 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam (baby blue & white)
150612 Music Bank (yellow, black & white)
150613 Music Core (black & white polka dots)
150614 Inkigayo (floral patterns)
150616 The Show (blue & white stripes)
150617 Show Champion (floral patterns)
150620 Music Core (white casual suits)
150621 Inkigayo (yellow mickey mouse)
150623 The Show (black & white ft. polka dots)
150624 Show Champion (blue mickey mouse)
150625 M!Countdown / Ch.MPD fancam (white shirts/khaki pants)
150628 Inkigayo (simple white ft. tassles)
150701 Show Champion - open stage (red & black) [fancams]
150704 Music Core (red, white & blue)
150707 The Show (blue/white ft red)*
150708 Show Champion  (white shirts/khaki-black pants)
150709 M!Countdown - open stage (yellow, black & white) [fancams]
150712 Inkigayo (pink, blue & green)
150714 The Show (black & white checkered)
150715 Show Champion (formal casual polka dots)
150719 Inkigayo (black/white checks ft. red & blazers)

< official promotion period over >    < mainly fancams of performances/member focused available >

150728 Sukira - Open Broadcast (black & white)
150730 Hwaseong Marine Festival (floral outfits)/FIREE 
150801 Prime Concert / Shining Diamond - sans Hansol (yellow & white) 
150804 Summer K-pop Festival - The Show (all white) 
150806 Cheorwon Snail Festival (dark blue) 
150807 SBS Cultwo Show (blue & white stripes)
150808 Wanju International Rally Night (black/white checks & blazers) 
150818 The Show (all white)

150711 Brand New Day Concert 

Fansigns & Fanmeet  [fancams only]

150613 Yeongdeungpo (black & white)
150614 Yongsan Park Mall (floral outfits)
150621 Hapjeong (yellow & white micky mouse)
150627 Busan (mix / assorted shirts)
150628 Myeondong (simple white & tassles)
150705 Jung-gu [‘Adore U’ switch ver.] (yellow & white)
150718 Yongsan (dark blue)
150719 Inkigayo Mini Fanmeet (black & white checkered)
150725 Incheon (blue & white denim)
150726 Daejeon & Daegu (blue & white stripes)
150802 Gwangju &  Guro (pink, blue & green) 

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Harry Styles Imagine: About Last Night

Harry and you had planned to go out clubbing for the night. One of Harry’s friends was hosting a party at one of the clubs near the flat you and Harry had been sharing for the last couple of months.

You were almost ready to go, having done your makeup, a simple black eyeliner with a little bit of gold and a nude pinkish lipstick. You then curl your hair and put half of it up with a hair-tie. It was simple, but this would do. Harry was sitting on the couch watching some football and growing impatient.

“I’m almost done, babe!” You shout from the bedroom as you try to curl your hair faster.

“It’s alright, take your time.” Harry says. But you knew if you took any longer he’d probably fall asleep as he usually does.

After you finally finish your hair, you slip into a halter top romper, and black ankle boot heels. You look in the mirror, apply some more lipstick and walk out the door towards the living room.

You catch a sleepy Harry with his eyes almost closing as the TV watches him, instead of it being the other way around. He yawns and you smile to yourself. Harry was wearing a black shirt which was opened down revealing most of his chest and make him look too sexy for words. He was also wearing a black blazer with his black/white striped pants. He looked way too good to be real.

“I’m ready!” You say, waking him up a little bit. “If you’re tired, we can stay here instead, babe.”

Harry looks up at you, and he seems a little stunned. He’s at a loss for words.

“No way! You look absolutely gorgeous,” he says while getting up to go over to you.

Harry takes a hold of your hand, and makes you do a little spin, while admiring the beauty that’s right in front of him.

“Boy, am I lucky.” He says with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Oh stop it, baby. Let’s get going, we don’t wanna be late..Which we already are” You say, trying to hide the blush in your cheeks.

“Are you blushing?” Harry says, noticing right away.

You quickly reject his stupid remark and walk away while smiling. Harry was smiling too, walking closely behind you while intertwining his hand with yours. You couldn’t believe that after all the time you’d been dating, he still had this effect on you. He still gave you butterflies.

You both then get into the car that was waiting for you outside the apartment. Harry had offered to drive, but then he realized that you’d both be drinking way too much so it was best to just get a car. When you arrive, the party is in full swing, people come over to greet Harry and you and the drinks start coming your way. You decide to let loose and have some drinks, and Harry did too. You were downing shots, dancing and sometimes sneaking a few kisses all over the place. It got pretty sloppy quickly between the two of you. But it didn’t matter because you were having a good time. And then out of nowhere, you get the brilliant idea of getting a tattoo.

“Harry, I want a tattoo!” You shout over the beat of the music that clouded the whole room.

“What?!” Harry half-shouted into your ear. You weren’t sure if he didn’t hear what you said or if he was in shock of the words that came out of your mouth.

“I Want A Tattoo!” You shout again while pointing to one of his tattoos on his arm. You didn’t know if it was the liquor in your system or whether you really wanted a tattoo, but you went with it anyway.

“Are you sure??” Harry looks into your eyes, and you nodded with a hopeful gleam in your eyes.

“Let’s go get tattoos!” He says while laughing.

“Yes!” You shout and run away from the dance floor to get into a car and go to the nearest tattoo shop.

Shortly after getting the tattoo, you hop back into the car to go home. Harry had joined you and gotten one too. You stare and your bandage next to Harry’s and can’t stop giggling.

“Why are you laughing, babe?” Harry questions your weird giggling fit.

“We just got tattoos!” You exclaim, which makes Harry laugh.

You were too happy and excited from the high of drinking and partying, that soon enough you and Harry were having a steamy, make out session in the back of the cab. You found yourself on top of Harry laps while he grabbed your bum. Your hand was getting tangled in his curls while the other held on to his cheek. You started kissing his jaw and his neck. He couldn’t wait to get home to strip you from that romper that was far too short and far too revealing, but drove him crazy. When you finally get home, Harry fumbles to find the keys in his pocket to open the door. You can’t keep your hands off of each other.

After dropping them a couple of times, he finally manages to open the door. You both start stripping leaving pieces of clothing on the path to the bedroom. While taking off his pants, Harry trips and falls which makes you both burst into a fit of giggles. But then continue kissing and holding each other.

Before reaching the bed, Harry picks you up and you wrap your legs around Harry’s waist while still kissing. Your hand reaches into his hair and he grabs your cheeks, while whispering “I love you so much” on your lips. Then after fooling around for a bit, you both feel exhausted and sleepy, so you cuddle up to Harry, wrapping your arms around his torso and resting your head onto his chest. He wraps his arms around you while stroking your spine softly. He places lazy kisses on the top of your head until you both fall into a blissful sleep.

The next morning, you wake up with an aching head, a bitter taste in your mouth and a sting on your left forearm near your wrist. You lift the bandage up to reveal a tiny little arrow pointing outwards.

Oh no no no.

You reach over to Harry’s side to find an empty bed. Harry must have woken before you. You go over the bathroom to quickly brush your teeth and then head into the kitchen. The smell of bacon fills the air, along with the sound of pans and bowls shuffling around. You walk slowly around the corner and find Harry trying to make cook some breakfast. He looks adorable concentrating on mixing the pancake batter.

You sneak up to him and almost made him drop the bowl.

“Oh, I’m sorry babe!”

“Good morning, love. I didn’t know you were awake, I wanted to surprise with breakfast in bed.”

“Aw that’s so sweet, Harry. Sorry I ruined the surprise.” You say while kissing his cheek.

“That’s alright, babe. Now we can enjoy breakfast together.” He says while kissing you back, but on the lips.

You help him finish breakfast and pour some orange juice for the both of you. When you’re all settled down at the breakfast bar, enjoying the delicious pancakes and bacon that Harry cooked for you. You decide to bring up the blurry events from the night before. You can’t really remember much.

“So do you remember what happened last night?” You break the silence while showing him your freshly inked skin.

“Oh my god, you got it too?“ He states while taking a hold of your arm to look at it better. "Got it, too? What are you on about?” You look at Harry puzzled by his reaction.

“I guess we decided to get matching tattoos!” He states while revealing the same tattoo on his arm, on the same place that yours was.

“I can’t believe we don’t remember.” You state while shaking your head and laughing at how far things escalated last night.

“I love them though,” Harry states while smiling and continuing to eat his pancakes.

“Me too, no regrets, yeh?” You say while smiling back at him.

“No regrets.” He reassures you while leaning over to kiss you.