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So I haven’t put together a official flyer yet but if you want to get a head start on entering submissions for the Jewish zine I want to put together you can send them to
Include any contact info you want included (email, URL, etc) and what name you want to be credited by or if you want to remain anonymous. Also, keep in mind for art submissions that it will probably be printed in black and white for now, maybe I will have the online copy in color though.

Jews of color, LGBTQIA+ Jews, Jewish women, and any other group that is marginalized/underrepresented by the Jewish community and our society at large are STRONGLY encouraged to submit their work!

Folks who are in the process of converting can submit as long as they have actually started the process with a rabbi (if circumstances don’t allow for you to do so, talk to me about it and it will be addressed on a case by case basis I know some people are barred from local communities for unfair reasons).

No messianics!
‘Alec Hardy Police Station Broadchurch David Tennant Black and White’ Photographic Print by jemscribbles
Black and white version of my Alec Hardy painting with the police station background. Digital painting by Josie Murray. • Also buy this artwork on wall prints, apparel, stickers, and more.