black & white drawers

The offices of the Central Social Institution of Prague, Czechoslovakia with the largest vertical letter file in the world. Consisting of cabinets arranged from floor to ceiling tiers covering over 4000 square feet containing over 3000 drawers of 10 feet long.

It has electric operated elevator desks which rise, fall and move left or right at the push of a button. to stop just before drawer desired. The drawers also open and close electronically. This work, which formerly taxed 400 workers, is now done by 20 with a minimum of effort. 26th April 1937.

one half of the fandom: omg Raphael is such an asshole, how could he do that, he’s a villain! (ignoring half of his actions and character traits)

other half of the fandom: Raphael is such a cinnamon roll and deserves so much better than being betrayed by everyone he cares for (ignoring the other half of his actions and character traits)

and then there is me: 

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Rapha is neither though? He’s a multi-layered character acting on his own will and thoughts which exactly makes him one of the most interesting characters of the show because he doesn’t fit in the plain black and white drawer like everyone else? 

Did he save Simone because he cared (+) or because he saw in him the chance to throw Camille off (-)? Did he plot against Camille because he genuinely thinks what she did was wrong (+) or because he wanted her position and power (-)? He cares deeply for his sister and has been raised as Catholic (++) but uses the first excuse passing his way trying to kill Simone (and Clary and Camille…he actually tried to kill Clary twice (—-). Did he take Aldetree’s torture to protect Simone (+) or because Camille being Simon’s master he needed him well and free to find and finally get rid of her(-)? Does he genuinely care for Izzy (+) or was it his addiction to her blood (-) and the fact that she’s Alec’s sister could make his strongest ally, Magnus, turn against him if he continues being her personal drug after they discovered it (-)? Or is it a little bit of everything? 

don’t get it wrong, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, believe whichever version you prefer! I’m just surprised I seem to be alone in enjoying Rapha’s good boy/bad boy character and the whole ride with it   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but while everyone is busy being angry for one or the other reasons, I’m enjoying watching my multi-layered villain cinnamon roll fucking the shadowhunters world and the fandom over in one go

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ps: I also don’t see the end of neither the Saphael nor the Rizzy ship? Simon as day-lighter is now an actual threat for Rapha, shipping same-eye-level enemies is great? Rizzy will always and forever be each other’s dangerous addictions? Hot hotter Rapha-ships anyone?

I’m probably too positive for the shadowhunters fandom *drops*


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