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have you watch the new promo?



“What makes me me is Supergirl”:

a.k.a. the statement that will be disproved within the first 5 episodes (or maybe even the just within first episode) of the season.

More attractive than strictly necessary black blouse/maroon pants/brown belt combo:

My new favorite shirt rip:

it’s illegal to do the shirt rip when you’re already sporting a thoroughly attractive Look™

More slip ‘n slide fun:


A gay icon standing in front of a gay icon’s icon of a gay icon:

High speed staring contest: 

Only the best can handle the intense winds in their eyes in this, the final round of the national staring tournament. Who will win the match, and thus, win National City?

(Side note: Award for most improved green screen work, guys. Congrats.)

Alex shooting the ocean and causing an earthquake:

That bitch should never have crossed her.

A beautifully haired Supergirl, .2 seconds before likely making some kind of mistake:

And an Edgie™ logo:

That looks kinda cool tbh, for a little while. 

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rare occurrence of seeing Kara in just slightly darker than normal clothing.

We’ll return to our regularly programmed sunshine shortly.

Watch Where You’re Going (Steve x Reader) High School!AU

Summary: You have an awkward first meeting when you have a (literal) run-in with the quiet but popular Steve Rogers in the halls of school one early morning. But things aren’t so bleak…

Characters: Steve Rogers, Reader

Warnings: Very awkward moments, fluff, half-nudity (nothing to worry about though, nothing important is revealed), muscly muscles, my awkward writing :)

Word Count: 2317 (holy jeez, this is a long one shot… I just can’t help it!)

A/N: This is hopefully some entertainment between installments of Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had. I promise I’m working on ch. 4 and it’ll be up ASAP! So sorry for the wait! Please enjoy!

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You stepped off the bus, calling out a quiet thank you to the bus driver over your shoulder. You adjusted the straps on your backpack, walking up the stairs to the front door of your school. You opened the door, holding it open for the student behind you. You didn’t look over your shoulder to see who it was, but you did hear a voice mutter out a thanks as you let go of the door and continued on your way. You walked down the halls, weaving through throngs of students standing around in the hall by friends’ lockers, chattering before the day began.

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Dear Journal

Today Sirius and I had a dinner planned. But not any dinner… The Reunion dinner! James and Lily had organized it. It had been so long since we last saw Marlene, Dorcas, Mary and the Longbottoms! We were all overly excited for tonight. Sirius and I started getting ready after lunch. We showered and I helped Sirius pick up whatever clothes he should wear. I picked up my favorite outfit of his. It concisted of this white button-down shirt with clean black trousers, his brown leather belt and his nice evening shoes. He looked so handsome. As for me, I wore my nicest jumper! I putting on my trousers when I notticed Sirius looking at me, using our bedroom’s mirror. He had his usual smirk on his lips.

“You look good.” He said.

“You too.” I smiled.

He didn’t stop staring, which made me blush. He brushed his fingers through his dark hair and put them into a neat man bun. My favorites. He turned around and jumped on the bed beside me, kissing my neck

“Pads! No hickies!”

“But I want to. Maybe if you didn’t look so damn hot I could handdle myself!” He said, kissing my lips.

Anyways, we drove to Lily’s and got welcomed by all of our old friends. Everyone was around the kitchen island, talking about old memories while Lily and James cooked. Marlene still had her bold eyeliner, her straight hair and her red lips while Dorcas had her usual short curls and he bare face. They were so different yet so perfect for echother. Mary was looking through old polaroids i a wooden box. She met a muggle not long ago and they had just officialized things after months of “seeing eachother”. As for the longbottoms, they were still living the perfect life. The way they both looked at eachother, it was obvious that they would always be in love.

“Where were you too?” James said, teasing us.

Sirius smirked and said “we had stuff to do”

Everyone laughed and i blushed.

“Well come on! I have wine and cheese!” James said.

Everyone greeted us! It was nice to see them again. We shared a delicious dinner filled with stories! It was such a good night. We even had a karaoke competition! James and Sirius sang a duet and It was hilarious!

Sirius and I left when it was getting very late. He was getting sleepy, i could tell. When we got home, he undid his bun and undressed, jumping in the sheets.

“Hurry Re.. I want cuddles!” He said, his face in the pillow.

I chuckled and slipped myself under the covers too.

“You’re all cold.. c'mere.” Pads said.

I snuggled closer to him and felt his warm skin on mine.

“Goodnight Remus.” He mumbled, kissing my cheek.

“Goodnight Sirius.”



10 Films Too Black For Netflix: Final Images of Blaxploitation

Most of these films you won’t even find on Netflix (with the exception  of Jackie Brown) and that’s because, well, they’re a little too black. Denzel Washington is about as black as Netflix is willing to get. You whities might find this hard to believe after watching Training Day but Denzel isn’t the blackest man alive and neither is Samuel L. Jackson. Now what do I mean by “black”? Well, since no one’s skin color is actually black, nor is it a country, black is more of an attitude, black is soul, it’s swagger, it’s rhythm, it’s everything white people wish they had. The films I’ve compiled for you are next level black and will most likely make a lot of white folks uncomfortable. The only advice I can give to that is someone else’s advice:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.


Ya dig! … Above are the final images of the most influential and controversial blaxploitation films of the 70s, 80s and late 90s.

-Intern Owen (datimagery)

Three the Hard Way | 1974 | dir. Gordon Parks Jr.

Boss Nigger | 1975 | dir. Jack Arnold

Death Dimension | 1978 | dir. Al Adamson

Trouble Man | 1972 | dir. Ivan Dixon

Black Caesar | 1973 | dir. Larry Cohen

The Spook Who Sat by the Door | 1973 | dir Ivan Dixon

Black Samurai | 1977 | dir. AI Adamson

Black Belt Jones | 1974 | dir. Robert Clouse

Jackie Brown | 1997 | dir. Quentin Tarantino

Cleopatra Jones | 1973 | dir. Jack Starrett

Honorable mentions:

Black Shampoo | 1976 | dir Greydon Clark

Dynamite Brothers | 1974 | dir. Al Adamson

One Down, Two To Go | 1982 | dir. Fred Williamson


Well, yesterday I did a thing. Specifically, tested with GM for the next advancement in my black belt, brown sash.

Not only was I able to test with my kung fu brother (the gentlemen that looks like he’s pondering how best to slice my arm off with a broadsword) but I was also able to watch as several high ranking sifus tested. Definitely a treat to see that much experience on display.

After the ceremonies, Grandmaster left us with an important reminder: rank doesn’t matter - practice matters. Rank is a motivational tool and not a marker of success. Never stop practicing and never stop growing.

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Turnadette, of course. Number 33!


33: What kind of presents do they get each other? Do they only do it on special occasions?

Shelagh thought about insisting that he never buy her lavish things at the beginning of their marriage because she was still heavily influenced by her previous vow of poverty and she knew she didn’t have the money to buy him things in return. She didn’t though. They’re both quiet people by nature and neither of them are very good at verbally expressing how they feel. **he never actually asked her to marry him and she never actually said yes and yet that proposal is beautiful so who needs words** 

Instead, they leave a ridiculous amount of small gifts and notes for each other throughout their marriage. None of them are particularly extravagant with the exception of major anniversaries. Patrick doesn’t like celebrating his birthday because truth be told, he doesn’t need a reminder of how old he is, and Shelagh never really celebrated her birthday, so they let those days slide with sweet breakfasts in bed and cute gifts from the children. It’s the gifts with no purpose except to say “i love you” that mean the most, though. 

It’s the origami animals Shelagh finds in her medical bag the day after she’s had a hard night. It’s the list of recently recovered patients he’s helped when he’s doubting himself over the Thalidomide scandal. It’s the artfully-crafted pancake in the shape of a baby when she tells him she’s pregnant again (he thinks it’s a little morbid, but he loves his weirdo wife). Most of all, it’s the piles and piles of letters full of words they will never have the courage to say. That’s how she finds out the full story of Northfield and how he learns about the less pleasant parts of her childhood (and why she replaced all of his black belts with brown and navy ones and why he will never bring a black belt into their home as long as he lives). 

With the larger house, she relinquishes some of her self-control and lets Patrick induct her into the ways of hoarding. They have every gift they’ve ever given each other stored away and one day Tim finds all the boxes and won’t speak to Shelagh for an entire day because she made him throw out half his things when they moved. 

Let me tell y'all about the time my lil' sister caused the worse ass whooping of my life...

….We lived in the projects growing up. So my mama was hesitant to let us go outside. She always said “If you do some dumb shit and go to jail I’m let ya ass sit in there.” Nothing like black parenting 😊😊😊. We had to do everything that kids do outside, inside. Nigga we made a bball goal out of a straw chair. We had water fights. Hide and seek. Catch. Let me say now FUCK PLAYING CATCH INSIDE. I’ll never do that shit again in my life. Don’t throw me shit if we under a roof. I ain’t even trying to catch hints my nigga. So, we playing catch inside. Me, my brother and sister. She think it would be a good idea to use her other hand 😑😑😑. She throws it and it knocks one of the porcelain cats that my mama had since forever off of the shelf. Shit hits the floor and the head cracks off. Bruh. That was the first time I ever thought about running away. I packed my bookbag and pushed the screen off the window so I could make a clean getaway. So I sit it back on the shelf and sit the head on top like it was nothing wrong. My mama came home like 2hrs later. I saw that car pull up and started sweating. I started reciting excuses so that when I said “mama wait I gotta tell you something (like black kids have done throughout history to prevent being blessed by that black or brown belt),” I can have a story that actually throws off the ass whooping. She open the door and closed it a little too hard. Ole bitch ass cat head falls off and rolls right in front of her feet. Since I’m the oldest she looked at me first. I took the fuck off running. I was running so fast that I was trying to lift the other foot before the first one came down. Wasn’t fast enough though. You know what house shoes are for black mothers that ain’t about to chase you? Muh'fuckin boomerangs. I thought I was safe around that corner. She threw that shoe and it turned the corner like it was walking to me. Hit me right between the shoulder blades. As soon as she came around the corner I was like “Mama I gotta tell you something, Kayla did it!” I couldn’t finish the story because the belt was already in the air. That belt hit me so hard I couldn’t cry, talk or breathe. My soul jumped out and said “damn nigga, you should’ve just ran away.” What really made me mad was after she finished she went and made brownies after I woke up (I got a nap whooped out of me) and gone call me in the kitchen talking bout “I made y'all some brownies. I didn’t want to have to whoop you but you the oldest and should know better. Next time I bet yo ass won’t be playing catch in the living room.” I zoned out after brownies. Like, how you gone beat a REM sleep cycle out of me then make me some brownies? Maaaaaaan fuck them delicious ass brownies (I ate em. Hell you thought? I was gone let em sit?? Psh!). I still be campaigning for her to whoop my sister and we don’t even live there no more. Hell, one of my mama favorite lines is “You ain’t gone never be too old for me to not whoop that ass.” I’m just trying to see if she’s about that life.

Pre Black belt Testing

As a brown belt, testing for my black belt in the summer, I was invited to go to a four hour physical testing to prepare myself for what is to come when I finally am able to test. This event included many activities including sparring, kata, and cardio.

It is designed to test your determination as a black belt to see whether you have the grit needed. There are Senseis walking around, with the aim to fail you meaning you have to give 100% all the time. 

I enjoyed the whole experience and I was surprised with how well my body responded to the challenge. I am now looking forward to my actual grading where I will be more prepared and confident.