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Your ISTJ Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard


You have just selected your very own ISTJ Worker Unit. As our most popularly selected introverted unit you are sure to be satisfied with your very own ISTJ. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you are simply not being direct and clear enough with your ISTJ unit and that is your own damn fault. So that you may enjoy your unit to it’s fullest extent, your SJ overlords have included this handy guide.

Your ISTJ will come with the following accessories:

  • Six (6) plaid or solid-colored shirts
  • Four (4) pairs of jeans (light blue, dark blue, black, and brown)
  • One (1) belt that has been worn since high school and will be worn for however long it shall live. Because it works.
  • Two (2) pairs of shoes - one for daily wear, one for dress
  • Bonus sports shoes included with athletic upgrade
  • One (1) set of tools and toolbox. Includes basic tools for routine maintenance and repairs to anything they purchased for more than $1000
  • One (1) canine companion
  • One (1) set of How-To Books
  • One (1) duty-powered core reactor [Warning: Slightly Radioactive]


Your ISTJ comes pre-programmed with the following traits;

Si: Your ISTJ is acutely aware of personal impact and past precedent. This trait includes the ability to recall events and exchanges of personal significance with immense detail and clarity. This function allows your ISTJ to form memories with such detail that they are experienced as reliving the event. Because of this your ISTJ unit is uniquely sensitive to changes in it’s environment and people around it. Your ISTJ is also strongly aware of it’s own physical sensations and comfort as well as the physical comfort of those it is near.

Te: Your ISTJ will act efficiently and effectively when interacting with it’s external environment. Your ISTJ is a skilled organizer, delegator and trouble shooter. This function targets waste and inefficiencies and eliminates them to ensure the system is running at it’s highest functional level.

Fi: Your ISTJ may be taciturn, but it is equipped with deeply held values. Your ISTJ will have personal preferences and tastes that it is both very sure of and strongly attached to. This function is responsible for adding the unique variety to each ISTJ unit that is only accessible with regular use and interaction.

Ne: Your ISTJ is prone to catastrophizing about the future due to the inferior placement of it’s Ne function. Your ISTJ will be resistant to change and new ideas and is likely to dislike discussing hypothetical situations because of the stress they can induce. In cases where your ISTJ unit’s Ne overpowers the dominant Si software, your unit may feel a need to destroy all current systems and structure and resort instead to individuality and anarchism.

Getting Started

  1. Insert duty-powered core reactor into your ISTJ unit’s duty port (located between shoulder blades on back of unit)
  2. Place ISTJ unit in an isolated area with included set of How-To Books
  3. Allow at least 2 hours of solitude for ISTJ to absorb information and charge
  4. Present ISTJ unit with included toolbox and a practical puzzle or problem in need of solution
  5. If your ISTJ unit does not activate after step 4, leave unit to charge overnight and try step 4 again
  6. If step 5 also fails, repeat step 4 again, but with included canine companion as well


Fix-It Mode (default) - When presented with a problem and reasonably assigned responsibility for solving said problem, your ISTJ will successfully fix or solve the problem assigned.

Chill Mode (default) - Active when ISTJ is alone or with a maximum of 2 pre-approved closely bonded companion units. Required for a minimum of 2 hours a day for optimum performance. While in this mode your ISTJ will have significantly subdued energy levels, little to no articulation, and will instead enjoy the company of included canine companion and silence.

Get Shit Done Mode - Activated when assigned responsibility for completion of a set of tasks necessary to ensure continued harmony and operation of ISTJ’s life, work, and/or family. Involves only the minimum articulation necessary and zero (0) patience for unproductivity or waste.

What Needs to be Done Mode - Activated when ISTJ determines that a particular task must be completed in order to ensure continued harmony or operation of a system or situation, but that said task is not being completed by the responsible parties, or is being completed poorly. Includes silent resentment towards the responsible parties, but successful completion of the task nonetheless. Repeated activation of What Needs to be Done Mode will result in your ISTJ unit’s refusal to help or participate in any future events or activities involving the responsible party.

Righteous Indignation Mode - Activated by applying inaccurate statements or labels to ISTJ or by accusing ISTJ of making an error without providing evidence. May result in emotional outbursts.

Try Something New Mode (locked) - Only unlockable with sufficient advanced notice and preparation. Your ISTJ unit is very capable of trying new things, but must be given adequate time to prepare by gaining more information first.

Relationships with Other Units

NF: Generally fascinating and adored by your ISTJ unit, these units can also become annoying if they decide your ISTJ is in need of improvement.

NT: Usually well tolerated and respected, but at times can seem overbearing or arrogant to your ISTJ unit.

SJ: Well tolerated and most easily understood. Reliable units that can be called on for help if needed.

SP: Interesting, but still quite confusing. These units seem to understand your ISTJ unit better than it understands them.


Your ISTJ unit will feed itself regularly and if asked kindly, will likely also feed other units if your ISTJ possesses greater cooking ability.


As long as your ISTJ unit is not stuck in a Si-Fi loop, it will regularly groom itself without any prompting. Looping units may occasionally need to be locked in a bathroom and told to clean themselves.


Your ISTJ unit will sleep when appropriate and necessary. Looping units may engage in too much sleep, but can usually be fixed by being presented with a puzzle in need of solving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my ISTJ thinking?

Most of the time, your ISTJ is thinking about whatever was just happening, however sometimes (unbeknownst to ISTJ), they will be thinking about a past event so deeply that it feels as though it is the present.

How do I get ISTJ to talk to me?

The easiest way to get your ISTJ to talk to you is to act it direct questions and wait for a response. Otherwise, your ISTJ will also respond to riddles.

Is my ISTJ stuck on repeat?

No, your ISTJ has simply mastered it’s environment and found a routine that is perfectly suited. Your ISTJ will now adhere to this routine, often until long after it has ceased to be the most effective and efficient use of it’s time and environment.

How do I get my ISTJ to try a new method of doing something?

By proving that the new method works better than the current method.

Again, Congratulations of your new ISTJ unit! Now go forth and fulfill your role!



10 Films Too Black For Netflix: Final Images of Blaxploitation

Most of these films you won’t even find on Netflix (with the exception  of Jackie Brown) and that’s because, well, they’re a little too black. Denzel Washington is about as black as Netflix is willing to get. You whities might find this hard to believe after watching Training Day but Denzel isn’t the blackest man alive and neither is Samuel L. Jackson. Now what do I mean by “black”? Well, since no one’s skin color is actually black, nor is it a country, black is more of an attitude, black is soul, it’s swagger, it’s rhythm, it’s everything white people wish they had. The films I’ve compiled for you are next level black and will most likely make a lot of white folks uncomfortable. The only advice I can give to that is someone else’s advice:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.


Ya dig! … Above are the final images of the most influential and controversial blaxploitation films of the 70s, 80s and late 90s.

-Intern Owen (datimagery)

Three the Hard Way | 1974 | dir. Gordon Parks Jr.

Boss Nigger | 1975 | dir. Jack Arnold

Death Dimension | 1978 | dir. Al Adamson

Trouble Man | 1972 | dir. Ivan Dixon

Black Caesar | 1973 | dir. Larry Cohen

The Spook Who Sat by the Door | 1973 | dir Ivan Dixon

Black Samurai | 1977 | dir. AI Adamson

Black Belt Jones | 1974 | dir. Robert Clouse

Jackie Brown | 1997 | dir. Quentin Tarantino

Cleopatra Jones | 1973 | dir. Jack Starrett

Honorable mentions:

Black Shampoo | 1976 | dir Greydon Clark

Dynamite Brothers | 1974 | dir. Al Adamson

One Down, Two To Go | 1982 | dir. Fred Williamson

Let me tell y'all about the time my lil' sister caused the worse ass whooping of my life...

….We lived in the projects growing up. So my mama was hesitant to let us go outside. She always said “If you do some dumb shit and go to jail I’m let ya ass sit in there.” Nothing like black parenting 😊😊😊. We had to do everything that kids do outside, inside. Nigga we made a bball goal out of a straw chair. We had water fights. Hide and seek. Catch. Let me say now FUCK PLAYING CATCH INSIDE. I’ll never do that shit again in my life. Don’t throw me shit if we under a roof. I ain’t even trying to catch hints my nigga. So, we playing catch inside. Me, my brother and sister. She think it would be a good idea to use her other hand 😑😑😑. She throws it and it knocks one of the porcelain cats that my mama had since forever off of the shelf. Shit hits the floor and the head cracks off. Bruh. That was the first time I ever thought about running away. I packed my bookbag and pushed the screen off the window so I could make a clean getaway. So I sit it back on the shelf and sit the head on top like it was nothing wrong. My mama came home like 2hrs later. I saw that car pull up and started sweating. I started reciting excuses so that when I said “mama wait I gotta tell you something (like black kids have done throughout history to prevent being blessed by that black or brown belt),” I can have a story that actually throws off the ass whooping. She open the door and closed it a little too hard. Ole bitch ass cat head falls off and rolls right in front of her feet. Since I’m the oldest she looked at me first. I took the fuck off running. I was running so fast that I was trying to lift the other foot before the first one came down. Wasn’t fast enough though. You know what house shoes are for black mothers that ain’t about to chase you? Muh'fuckin boomerangs. I thought I was safe around that corner. She threw that shoe and it turned the corner like it was walking to me. Hit me right between the shoulder blades. As soon as she came around the corner I was like “Mama I gotta tell you something, Kayla did it!” I couldn’t finish the story because the belt was already in the air. That belt hit me so hard I couldn’t cry, talk or breathe. My soul jumped out and said “damn nigga, you should’ve just ran away.” What really made me mad was after she finished she went and made brownies after I woke up (I got a nap whooped out of me) and gone call me in the kitchen talking bout “I made y'all some brownies. I didn’t want to have to whoop you but you the oldest and should know better. Next time I bet yo ass won’t be playing catch in the living room.” I zoned out after brownies. Like, how you gone beat a REM sleep cycle out of me then make me some brownies? Maaaaaaan fuck them delicious ass brownies (I ate em. Hell you thought? I was gone let em sit?? Psh!). I still be campaigning for her to whoop my sister and we don’t even live there no more. Hell, one of my mama favorite lines is “You ain’t gone never be too old for me to not whoop that ass.” I’m just trying to see if she’s about that life.


Steal His Look: Kevin the Sea Cucumber

REEDS Pandora Jewelry, Gold and Diamond Royal Crown Charm - 770.00

Marni Washed techno-fabric trousers - 384.00

Browning 40MM Black Leather Belt with Shot Shell Ornament - 24.99

zeroUV® Womens Round Clear Lens Oversized Glasses w/ Metal Arms (Matte Black) - 9.99

Danshuz Black/White Applause Leather Lace Up Tap Shoe - 64.99

NYX Pale Pink Matte Lipstick - 6.75

Pickle - $2

Hello! I am a cis lady giving both feminine and masculine clothing. I’m in the Sacramento, CA area (Folsom to be specific) I would love to be able to meet up to give the items but can ship as well. In addition to the clothes I have a bunch of assorted nail polish, makeup and jewelry. Just let me know what you’re looking for!

URL- glow-peen


All tank tops are size Small and XS

Bras- Pink- 34B Green- 32 A strapless but can have straps added

Brand new Hue tights S/M

Blue board shorts (reversible) size 4

Pink form fitting tank dress size S 

Small/medium brown belt

Black and blue plaid leggings size Large

Black and Blue plaid and lace shear button up size Small

Jacks Skellington long sleeve w/ hood shirt size small

Cupcake pillow.. just cuz its cute (new with tags)


White with black stripe long sleeve sweater shirt Tommy Hilfiger men’s Size S 

Navy zip up jacket size Large Target

Black skinny jeans size 32 H&M

Small belt with transformers belt buckle (interchangeable buckle)

lipstickonfur  asked:

So I've been thinking about getting back into writing. I really love your work, so I was wondering if you had any tips? I think I needs help with description, I can't describe appearances smoothly. I need to get better at showing, not telling.

Thanks so much for your question, and I’m so sorry this has taken so long! This has been an interesting few weeks, and it’s been remarkably difficult to get to my inbox lately. D:

EXCUSES ASIDE, I have a couple of things I always try to keep in mind when I’m trying to describe someone’s appearance. I usually write from limited third-person perspective, so that means I’m always looking through a particular character’s eyes, and the thing I’ve found most useful (and most difficult!) is to limit the things about the other character to only the things my POV character would notice.

For example, the things Fenris will notice about someone are going to be different from what Hawke notices. Fenris is a warrior with a high defensive awareness and a strong sense of self-preservation; he’s more likely to notice if a stranger is armed, or looking nervous, or twitching towards a weapon, or if they’re wearing armor and are physically fit.

Hawke, on the other hand, is much more likely to notice if someone is worried or upset (and therefore likely to need her help), if they’re dressed in expensive clothes or something more cheaply made, or if they’re healthy vs. underfed. She’s coming from a refugee/immigrant/new money perspective, whereas Fenris comes more from runaway slave/bodyguard background. That’s not to say there’s not overlap there, or that they’d never notice something outside those spheres, but that’s probably what they’re going to look for first.

That said, working those details into a narrative can be a little tricky! I know my first instinct when I’m introducing someone is just to do a whole info dump on every detail: “She was tall, with brown hair and black eyes, and she wore her hair cut sharply at the shoulder, and she had an ankle-length cloak that was a deep jade green with silver embroidery on the shoulders and a gold clasp at her neck, and she had a scar on her left cheek from an old knife wound and a glimmer of temper in her expression, and her boots were brown and came to her knees and were scuffed at the toes and the right heel was chipped, and she had on a blue tunic and black pants and a brown belt that was tied too tightly and she had three daggers hanging on her hip, and they were all different lengths. ‘The inn is to the left,’ she said, and resumed her walk in the other direction.”

But as tempting as it is to describe every bit of that detail just to make sure the audience knows exactly how this person looks, if I’m looking at her through Fenris’s eyes, he’s not going to care about the temper or the color of her boots or that her cloak is green. He wants directions to the inn, and this is a person who can happen to provide them. He’s not going to notice more than that for an incidental encounter.

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Hip to the Bone

Three rules for adding plaid into your winter wardrobe

We’re calling out one of winter’s most talked about menswear patterns: the plaid print. From lumberjack button-downs to Chuck Bass suits, there are many different ways to wear the checkered pattern. In order to avoid the pitfalls of wearing a complicated print, we have three simple rules you need to follow.  

Ryan Gosling, King of Casual Plaid Dressing

Rule 1 - Avoid Other Prints

The easiest way to ruin your outfit is to mix plaid with another print. Wearing a plaid shirt? Go for jeans or a solid colored pant. 

Government Camp Shirt

Nudie Jeans Co - Thin Finn Slim Fit in Organic Dry Ecru Embo

Rule 2 - Add Plaid Accessories

Feeling unsure about a full plaid look? Try adding accessories to a solid color outfit, which helps to bring some life to your outfit. Start with ties, bow-ties, scarves and even sneakers.

Advocate Plaid Necktie

Windowpane Plaid Bow Tie

Dot with Plaid Reversible Bow Tie

Gloverall Lambswool Tartan Scarf

Wool Plaid and Shearling Trapper

Lanvin Plaid Felt & Leather Sneaker, Blue/Red

Rule 3 - Match Your Shirt to Suit  

When you wear a plaid suit, it will be the center of attention. Our advice is to keep your accessories simple: black or brown shoes and belt are neutral. Your shirt, however, should bring out the strongest color in the plaid print. This is where a solid white shirt can work for a grey and white plaid suit or a banker’s blue shirt looks great under a light brown suit with blue undertones. 

Pro-Tip: If you want to wear plaid on plaid, make sure that the plaid check on your shirt is smaller than the check print on your suit. 

Fitzgerald Fit Black and White Plaid with Blue Deco 1818 Suit

Regent Fit Brown Plaid with Blue Deco 1818 Suit