Danish TV Show Features Men Judging Naked Women’s Bodies

Just when we thought we’d heard of every conceivable means of humiliating a woman on TV, along came “Blachman.”

Here’s the premise of this Danish prime-time TV show: a woman enters a room and silently strips in front of the male host and a male guest, who then critique the woman’s body out loud in front of her.

Danish X-Factor judge Thomas Blachman, who hosts the new, eponymous show, claims he doesn’t consider the content problematic. He told the Daily Mail, “[T]he entire idea of the show is to let men talk about the bodies of naked women while the woman is standing right in front of them. The female body thirsts for words. The words of a man.”

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Okay guys I need your help

There’s this Danish Tv Show that just started (I believe) with Thomas Blachman. The program consists in women going there, stripping and being seen as mere objects. They comment, criticize, give compliments about the woman’s body. Even if the women in question go there free-willed, there shouldn’t be a program like this anywhere! It’s sexist and wrong! And don’t go tell me that if it was the contraire (men stripping and women criticizing) it would be better because it would also be sexist. 
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So, since I can’t stand just sitting here doing nothing, I started a petition to end the tv show. I’m not Danish but I just can’t watch this go by. So, even if this doesn’t change anything at all, I’m just glad that there are people that support my idea that this is wrong. It’s the XXI century and there’s still stuff like this! Also, I’m not saying that those women can’t get naked, I’m saying that those men’s comments are the thing that is objectifying them! Pass it on! 



Thomas Blachman by Kennet Islandi Havgaard
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Thomas Blachman

The room is dark. All that can be seen are the two middle-aged men on  the couch. They look comfortable. In front of them stands a woman in a dressing gown. She takes it off. For thirty minutes, her job is to stand still, and be watched, judged, and commented upon. She herself is not allowed to speak. They talk about her “nice breasts”, and discuss her arm fat. One of the men say;
A woman’s body longs for words. A man’s words.”

It sounds like a scene from a movie. Something with the maffia and women in need of money. But it isn’t.

It’s a Danish Television show. Funded by the license-payers-money. It’s on National-Tv too, so everyone gets it.

There has been a rage about it in Denmark. But the Producers seem to have no plans in taking it down. They instead say that it’s nice to see real female bodies, not photoshopped ones.

Out of all this, I think what makes me the angriest is the words about the woman’s body. How it longs for words. Words from a man. As if my body rejoices at the sound of a man calling my arms fat, commenting on my big belly or my jiggling thighs. For he didn’t say praise. No. Just ‘Words’. That means that a man can say anything about a woman’s body, because it calls out for it. Needs it.

No body longs for words. A body is a body all on its own.

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