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The only point i must disagree a bit is about the dragons not having mates in the whole franchise, something it was shown in Gift of the Night Fury. Anyways, yes the whole ‘mate’ thing its a cliché but its also 'unatamed’ something that could be exploded if this is the first dragon, in the movies at least, that Hiccup cant tame. And i have the suspicious somehow Drago has something to do with this. Im going to wait for the movie to surprise us tho

It’s a good point to bring up! I suppose when I was writing, I didn’t forget about GOTNF, but I see it from a little different perspective. I have no problem with all the dragons having mates in that short - the thing I have a problem with is the “hook up” phenomenon in which every character seems to be relationally matched with someone else. In the case of GOTNF, what we see is an awesome natural annual reproduction of the dragon species, and we don’t even get to see who Hookfang and Stormfly and so on’s mates are. That’s not the focus of the story, them finding and bonding to mates, so it doesn’t have that “everybody hook up and date” phenomenon I like to avoid in storytelling. As I see it, GOTNF is just good fun!

I also love you mentioning the untamed dragon aspect. I am looking forward to that, too. I adore the HTTYD franchise, but one of my personal interests is seeing the dragons at their most wild and untame. To me, seeing an untamed and ferocious animal is much more interesting and awe-inspiring than a docile, friendly, safe “pet”. It’s one of the reasons why I am intrigued with scenes like “Hiccup Confronts Drago” - we see a terrifying, wild power out of Toothless that isn’t tame at all. And it’s why there’s charm to the first movie - Toothless isn’t “tame” yet, but a wild creature that is nervous, skittish, uncertain, and unpredictable around humans. I’ve always wanted more of that throughout the HTTYD world. One cool thing about the female Night Fury is that we’ll get to see more of that wild, untamed awesomeness. That could be fun and refreshing!

It’s an interesting idea if Drago gets involved with this. Huh. I could go for it. If any person could set this sort of thing up, it would be Drago with his ability to capture some impressive dragon species. But yes yes yes! Let’s wait and see! The creators no doubt have some cool plans up their sleeves that we don’t know about - and I hope it’s a fun surprise! :)

please help this old lady out

So everyone is talking about this “Yuri On Ice” 

I’m confused because everyone tells me


I’m a little worried because it’s anime and I don’t want to watch another annoying show with stupid girls screaming in it and annoying fat tits jumping around cuz its stupid. And I’m sick of seeing naked women everywhere. 

So “Yuri” Means female/female.. 

How is it gay? 

Why is it called “Yuri on ice?” someone please explain????? The only anime I really cared about was Sailor Moon, CCS, and Hetalia. 

Ok I’m out. 

Plot bunny

Rashomon is safety under the frigid rain, a shield between himself and the claws of death, a sanctuary for siblings with nowhere to return, the most intimate companion Akutagawa can have.

But then Rashomon is also blood forcing its way up his throat, acid bubbling in his stomach, a storm raging in his already frail body.

A plot bunny where Akutagawa is forced by Gin and possibly Atsushi to stop using his ability because Rashomon is slowly killing him. But he keeps going anyway because there are people he wants to protect.

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WAIT WAIT WAIT jelly what is this first love you are talking about i want to hear more????

WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME REMEMBER IM ALREADY A MESS ;; okay but like what i said in my tags, he’s a crush ive had from the 2nd grade to the sixth grade - he’s funny cute and really friendly, often loud and talks to everyone. and the whole school knows it too cause my mother is a teacher there so we were basically paired for all the programs (school plays, cheer dances, etc loool) but we were only put into one class in my 4th grade i think……and our adviser then was my mother’s best friend at work, so she made us seatmates sdjfnjknfwwjk it was really nice cause i get to speak with him and chat with him and laugh with him….from my perpective now as a 21 year old, we were cute back then LMAO

but then like i said i had to move schools so things happened ;; but then he suddenly messaged me a few days ago and then….everything went back??? like all the what ifs and all the could have beens?? all my memories with him were really pleasant so i dont blame myself for still feeling giddy whenever i think about him…….im gsdhba

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What would everyone's favorite flavor of milkshake be? [Also no "ketchup-flavor" one for Sans, that's cheating ;) ]. As an aside, I think Gaster's would be cookies&creme, or coffee.

Sans: Hot dog. Heyyy, I did what you asked! It’s not ketchup! ;) Sorry. Sans is a canonical troll. You’re going to get a troll answer here, too.

Alright alright alright FINE. If you want something slightly non-trollish… then coffee. With Sans’ tendency to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, I imagine he’s someone who requires caffeine boosts to be halfway functional. He’ll have developed quite the taste in coffee.

Toriel: Snail. Okay okay okay come on. You KNOW it’s snail. It’s so snail flavored milkshake. If she loves the taste of snails so much that she even bakes snail pie, there’s no way I’m doubting she’d drink a snail milkshake, too.

Papyrus: Strawberry. When I first played Undertale, I imagined Papyrus’ first milkshake at Grillby’s being chocolate, for whatever reason (I think that’s because it’s my prototype milkshake flavor). But maybe it was strawberry? For sure, I feel like Papyrus would enjoy the taste of a milkshake that comes from something perceived “healthier.” He’s not someone who enjoys greasy or unhealthy food. Strawberries are going to give you a lot of sugar, but they’ve got a bit of a “healthier vibe” than, say, caramel or coffee!

Undyne: None. She doesn’t like milkshakes. Undyne doesn’t like cold food - she even has a specially constructed refrigerator to keep things warm (why was she “cooking” a popsicle, then? maybe it’s an exception?). Undyne also explicitly states she doesn’t like ice cream multiple times. For instance, in the phone call from room_fire_hotelfront_1, she says:

Oh yeah, that reminds me. I told RG01 and RG02 that if they managed to nab you… I’d take them both out for ice cream. I hope you were able to avoid them. Cause I HATE ice cream!!

Then, when you call Undyne in room_water_nicecream, she says:

Ugh, ice cream!? Sugary… COLD… Talk about GROSS. Now this chilly pink stuff that Alphys makes me… THAT rules!!! 

 I’ll also drink it if it’s heated up.

I’m not sure what the “chilly pink stuff” is, and I haven’t seen any convincing explanations on what it is from other speculators. We do know that Alphys makes ice cream with seaweed, as she explains on her date, but it’s up in the air about whether or not Undyne would eat it. On one side, Undyne obviously dislikes ice cream. On the other side, Undyne might eat something she normally wouldn’t because she has a crush on Alphys. In that case, if Undyne ends up liking it, she might not call it “ice cream” out of stubbornness. If somehow Alphys’ “chilly pink stuff” is strawberry ice cream, then maybe Undyne (getting over her stubbornness) could like a strawberry milkshake.

Now if Undyne were someone who liked cold food and had the potential to like a milkshake, I would have normally picked chocolate, being as we know Undyne likes to drink hot chocolate. But since she so adamantly talks about hating ice cream, and milkshakes are made from ice cream, she probably doesn’t like milkshakes.

Alphys: Caramel. Alphys canonically eats a lot of junk food, what between the soda and the instant noodles. Soda tends to give people a bit of a sweet tooth, and I feel that would be the case with Alphys. So for a milkshake, I imagine that Alphys would want something deliciously unhealthy and sugary sweet. You can’t get much sweeter than caramel. I also imagine her liking banana, though, for whatever reason.

Not to give too many flavors… but since she also makes “chilly pink stuff,” we could again say strawberry is something she likes. Or raspberry. I guess sometimes pink flavor is raspberry.

Asgore: Cookies and cream. I feel like he’d enjoy lots of milkshake flavors, though. He’s not picky. He finds them tasty.

Frisk: Cinnamon or butterscotch? XD Hehehehe. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. It’s probably something like caramel!

Chara: Chocolate. Does it even need to be said?

Gaster: Depends what sort of Gaster we’re talking about. Is this Gaster in general as depicted in canon and/or the widespread creativity of fandom? Or is this like, my fic Gaster? Being as I know you know “my Gaster”, I guess I’ll answer for him? You’re right. He would like cookies and cream. He’s also a really big vanilla guy. That’s usually what he orders. After he orders everyone else’s milkshakes. Without asking them what they want. Because he already knows what they like. And he’s going to do it and no one is going to stop him.

I guess you’ve also seen me badly draw Gaster with a chocolate milkshake.

River Person: Cookies and cream. Yes I’m including River Person. Something nice, sweet, and and almost “child-like”. They hum and sip on the milkshake at the same time.

Today I summoned up the courage to ask my teacher for a Letter of Recommendation for an internship I’m applying to ;w;
Was super nervous because, as expected, he asked the name of the studio I was thinking of applying to ;w;

Ahaha I have built up a bit of a thicker skin after a few years of being in animation school but I was still super worried he would be think I wasn’t ready or something
But he encouraged me to go for it? ;w;
I had like an hour of high just from that encouragement ;w;

Still gotta finish compiling my demo reel and wait for him to finish the letter but ;w;
I hope I get in ;w;
Even though it’s such a well-known company, it’s like in my top 2 ;w; ((to be fair the other one is basically the same company but not))