blabbering about myself

Hello! I hope you are all doing wonderfully well. For those that have seen my incessant self promotion you may have noticed that I’m currently writing a KHX fic on AO3. I just recently realized that it’s got over 100 views and got its first bookmark! I just felt really happy about that, and just wanted to express that here.

Anyways, I haven’t posted a chapter in over a month, but that’s in favor of characterization and plot mapping so I don’t make something super predictable and hopefully give readers incentive to know more of the plot! To make up for that, I’ve come up with KHX designs for five OCs that will be present in the story! Would anyone be interested if I posted a screenshot of their designs (thanks to the KHUX outfit button!) and a small bio about them??

Sorry I feel like I’m just blabbering about myself. I hope you are all doing great! If you have any KH OCs you’d like to gush over, please feel free to send me a message! I love hearing about people’s own characters and their stories!

tacogrande  asked:

HUH HUH HERE WE GO~! 28, 32, 54, 44, 29 ANND 34~!

Oh, so many numbers!

28. What I want to be when I get older.
I’m still a bit confused, but what I know is that it has to be related to language and literature… Maybe an English teacher, or a Portuguese teacher, or an editor, or a translator, or something like that. I still have to think about it…
But most of all, I want to do what I like. I want to be really happy!

32. A description of the boy I like.
Well, that’s kind of impossible, because I don’t really like anyone… And it’s been a while since the last time I like liked (yay for Hey Arnold reference) someone.

54. Biggest turn ons.
omg where do I start
Suspenders, of course. And freckles.
Oh, and squinty eyes, like Nick’s. THIS IS MY WEAKNESS.


And sense of humor, silliness, messy hair and more suspenders.

44. What I can hear right now.
My sister watching CSI and some car alarms!

29. Most embarrassing moment.
You want me to choose just one?
Maybe that time when I went to kick my crush’s butt (what’s my problem lol) and missed the target completely, and fell on the floor, ON MY BUTT.
Oh, the irony.

34. My biggest pet peeves.
Hmmm… People who read out loud during tests. It drives me crazy.
And when someone makes a grammatical mistake, you tell them about it so they can learn something, and they get angry at you.

I was rereading the CCS manga one of these days and… One of the things I like the most about it is Syaoran’s confession.

In the anime, they all just went through some serious danger, Sakura is all happy because everyone is ok, and Syaoran suddenly blurts it out, screaming at Sakura’s face.

Look at his face. It’s like he threw his love at her and screamed “THINK FAST!”

This then leads us to a VERY AWKWARD visit to Eriol’s house, full of terribly awkward moments that make me cringe while watching the episode because I can’t deal with secondhand embarrassment.

In the manga, they go through the serious danger, pay a lovely visit to Eriol’s house, we get an awesome explanation of the Eriol/Fujitaka/Clow thing, they go to school the next day, and then, only then, Sakura asks Syaoran about the thing he wanted to say.

And then he just says it.

And he is completely subtle. Because, you know, he realized this long ago, so he is just stating the truth. And he knows he’s going away, so he doesn’t need an answer. He just needs her to know.
Which is really beautiful.