blabbering abby

So today I volunteered with my dad and his work for feed my starving children. When we got to our station my dads friend came and joined us, and he was the sweetest man ever I swear
He thought my dad was like, the funniest guy alive which is really cute cus my dad loves making people laugh, and he laughed at everything my dad said
Then on the ride home my dad told my sister and I that this friend has pretty bad anxiety and misses a lot of work because of it, which I can really relate too, so I was really glad he came out and was really happy he came to our station and I was hoping that he had a good time with us! So then we get home and my dad gets an email from this friend and it says how he had a really fun time and he’s really grateful for how nice and funny we all were with him
Agh it made me so happy ajfkshdkad he was so nice and his email to my dad was so sweet ;-;


so you guys should all listen to this because guess what
that singing king?
he’s Travis Willingham.
that’s right. the voice of none other than Roy Mustang, Mori, and many others.