So, finally got around to seeing an allergist over my itching. I’m too “hot” for the needle test so I’m getting blood work.

I’m also getting a chest x-ray because it might be Hodgkins. Small chances, but of course I used Dr Google on this here iPhone and have completely diagnosed myself with it.

I’m not telling anyone. Actually, I was in the middle of a long email conversation with an ex and I told him? That is so weird of me. Not cool to drop cancer into an email thread about Bronies.

So, I’m just not going to tell anyone until I actually have the news. It is likely just the fucking pollen.

i have stuff i want to post with my characters and world in general but it’s like

where do i even start rofl

i talk to myself a lot about my characters but with other people it’s like ‘Um. They’re like… you know, like this, kinda, um, thing. You know?’

maybe i should do character turns or something…

Not sure how to do this. . . Can someone help me?

Writing my fanfiction, I’ve come across a problem.

When I want to say ‘Aeolus’s coat’, for example, would it be;


Aeolus’s, or


How do I end it if it ends it ’s’? :/

Thank you for the help, if you decide to help me… TTwTT

EDIT: Thank you, you two. Aeolus’. I thought so at first, but I had to make sure. Thanks so much! TTwTT

Sunday Six is Slightly Spoilery

Though due to short sentences there is less context than I thought and it’s the sequel to the fic I’m still writing the prequel to so those few of you who read it now likely won’t remember it when I finally share the whole thing and it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s the only thing I’ve written all week because I SUCK. *coughs* Anyway, have some untitled Steve/Tony.

“So I’m pretty sure I’m bi.”

“Buying what?” Steve turned around, took in Tony’s raised eyebrow, and <i>blushed</i>. DAMN, that was hot– <i>no, FOCUS, Tony, you have a mission here</i>. “Oh– <i>oh</i>. Um. Okay?”

I may cheat and scan parts of pictures for next Sunday, because I need to buckle down on Big Bang arts. >.> Totally counts, right?