blaaa talks

so i haven’t been on in a while and i’m looking for more blogs to follow.

reblog/like if you post/reblog any of the following and I’ll check your blog out and (maybe) follow you (please don’t feel bad if I don’t)

  • sense8
  • marvel cu/comics
  • dc cu/comics
  • aesthetic trash
  • feminism (+ other “social justice” issues)
  • literature
  • teen wolf
  • mythology
  • lotr (tolkien-y stuff)
  • got (asoiaf and all that. ++ bonus if you’re anti d&d)

please ignore if you’re:

  • anti social justice

Welcome to the Eldar Network. This is a place for all who wander in starlight and those who began the Great Journey.

How to enter:

  • Must be following this elf king and this elf princess
  • Reblog this post (likes do not count but you can like for reference)
  • Please be a fandom blog (mutlifandom is alright as long as you have some elements of Tolkien in it)
  • We will be picking members once this post hits 50 notes.
  • Picking 10 members to start, but new members every few weeks

What we are looking for:

  • Creative urls
  • Clean themes
  • Quality posts
  • Friendly bloggers
  • [note: not required] Making fandom related things (ie; fanfiction, gifs, edits, posts)

What to do once you’re in:

  • Leave your ask box open
  • Follow all members on the network
  • Track the tag #eldarnetwork

What you will get:

  • A follow from blaaa and Mika (if not already) and other members of the network.
  • A link on the network’s page
  • Hopefully some new friends
  • A place to tag your edits/gifs, talk about Tolkien, and get help reaching goals