Shion’s has his own justice! :D Poor Nezumi. But he needs to be punished, because… that’s why! Don’t leave Shion, or else he will squeeze…something and you don’t want that, don’t you? Huh? (⊙‿⊙)

Well, okay, I think I need a break now! XD I’m just glad that I’m done, finally. Somehow it was pretty exhausting. Why the heck did I want to colorize that? >.<

Hey so I recently hit 1.2k which isn’t that big of a goal but it has stopped going in between 1.2k from 1.190k. 

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Also my friendorfollow was being annoying so it wasn’t showing me a few blogs. So if you don’t see yourself here that’s why. (this is mainly for bela because I have no idea what her url is rn.)

fighting fire with fire

decaying words

are embellishing my lips,

make me throw up

undigested phrases

in front of your feet


and I cry for the

sake of


all of us being

prisoners of our

own perception.

(Und du warst gar nicht tot, bist nur mit einem Leichengewand durch meine Erinnerung gewandert)


My mom posted a very nice status about Bruce Jenner’s transition and interview, and a bible thumper came along and started going on and on about sin and evil and bla bla blaaa. (there were almost 40 comments in all but I think this got the gist of it)

but it all ended happily and I learned that ya’ll don’t fuck wit my mom’s clique