Mama fragte gerade wo ich all die Leute kennenlerne, mit denen ich mich ab und zu treffe und immer schreibe uns so.

Und ich so: Myfanfiction, Mama ich schreibe Geschichten über diverse Fußballer. Tumblr, wir bloggen alle über die Fußballer. Wir sind Freaks, wir haben nicht mal richtige Profilbilder wo wir zu sehen sind.

Seriöse Internetseiten bei denen ich mir sicher sein kann, dass das keine Pädophilen sind. 

Ok. Just watched the episode. Here comes my bitching and moaning until I find my chill again later today. Given the fact that I read the script and spoilers, I was prepared for what would happen so I wasn’t shocked by any of it. There is no doubt in my mind that Bellarke is endgame. Every scene, every moment was telling us just how much these two love each other. It was a strong Bellarke episode. My heart completely broke when Bellamy left Clarke behind (like when she closed the dropship door in S1). I seriously think I heard a piece of my heart break. They will meet again. (Funny how Bellamy closed off, not letting Clarke say goodbye when in 4x06 he tried to say goodbye).

Ok. Here’s the blaaa part. They will do something with Blecho. This episode, in my opinion, did set up the possibility. 6 years is a long time. Plenty of time to get to know each other. Plenty of time to develop trust. Bellamy “saved” Echo on the Island. Echo “saved” Bellamy on the Ark. They did share moments and my sorry ass is not blind, thank you very much Jason, I see you what you’re pulling. I don’t think they will put Raven in the position to get “between” Bellarke because she’s far too awesome and well, she’s been there with Clarke and Finn. Having said that, I fully believe Bellarke is endgame and that is the important story but no way in hell is that ship coming down to earth with no drama (for Bellarke and S5). Now comes 8 months of wondering how they will write all this….

Dearest (Joker x reader) 7

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Chapter 7

I opened my eyes, squinting as I tried to adjust to the light in the room. My head was right next to a night-lamp. I sat up in bed and looked around, memories of what happened last night flashing back to me. I looked over and saw that mister j’s side of the bed was empty. I began to wonder. Now that he’s had his way with me, would he toss me to the side? Or worse, kill me? I saw a red and black nightgown hanging over Mister J’s closet. I forced my naked and weary body out of bed and slipped into it.

With this being the first moment I’d had alone for two days I saw that my purse was on the closet counter. I opened it and grabbed my phone, and opened it. ‘’Missed Calls: 16 (Mom)’’ Shit, shit, shit fuck. It was first now that I realized how serious all of this was. I was in another city in god knows where with a murderer. I had just left all my stuff at my house and left without thinking twice about it. And for what? One steamy night of desire? God what the hell is wrong with me? I opened my message inbox and started typing ‘’Hi Mom, I’m such a klutz! I’m at June’s cabin for the next couple of days. We’re going hiking and stuff, I had to leave in such a hurry that I completely forgot to leave a note, sorry! Love you.’’ I felt tears form in my eyes as I fell to the floor and started sobbing.

My legs were weak and my head fell down to the floor. My body gave up and I couldn’t move anymore. Laying on my side, tears streaming down my cheeks, I could taste the bitter salty taste of my own tears as they grazed my lips. I felt lost, like my entire world has just gone under. Like I had lost everything. A part of my mind had already decided that the joker lost his interest in me the minute he got his way and would now discard me like a piece of trash. And if that was the case, how would I get home?

My mind was so unclear that I wasn’t even sure if I knew what home was anymore. Where would I find a taxi? Which bus would I take? And how would I know I was there when I was there, you know? ‘’Trouble sleeping?’’ I heard a voice in the doorway. I turned around swiftly and saw mister j standing there with his pants on and purple plastic gloves. My eyes wandered to his torso, looking at his tattoos. ‘’What’s the time?’’ I asked him. My voice came out like a weak whimper. He gave me a strange look, probably trying to figure out why I had collapsed on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. ‘’3:30’’ he replied with the same expression on his face. I grabbed the bathroom counter and pulled myself up.

Fiddling with the soap bar I looked at my puddin. ‘’What are you going to do to me?’’ I asked. He tilted his head, confused at my remark. ‘’I mean –uh should I just, go? home? I won’t tell anyone where you live or anything mister J, you have my word. I would never be that stupid and I’m sure we could just forget about the whole thing, but you don’t need to kill me, please I-I just I don’t,’’ I began babbling like a crazy person. The joker just stood there and stared at me. Then something in his eyes changed. He slammed his hand on the sink, shutting me up immediately. ‘’SHUT UP’’ he shouted at me.

Then he started walking towards me. I had nowhere to go. The only way to go was backwards and there I would eventually meet the wall. ‘’blah blah blah blaaa blaah blah’’ he started laughing. His eyes were pitch black. ‘’Did you really think you were going home? Are you really that stupid? Oh noo, you’re not going anywhere dollface. What? You think I’m finished with you?’’ I felt the wall collide with my back and I stopped, standing on my toes with my head turned to the side. He was getting closer and closer, which terrified me given what state of mind he was in right now.

He shaked his head at me like I was a little child who had just disobeyed my parent. ‘’Tsk, tsk, tsk silly little girl. You’re not going anywhere dollface. You belong to me.’’ He wrapped his hands around my neck and lifted me up, causing me to choke. My feet were dangling and my eyes were wide like two cherry pies as I groaned and tried to get out of his deadly grip. He held me like that until I had learned my lesson. Then he let go and held onto my waist so I wouldn’t fall. He stroked my cheek with one finger and place one single kiss on my bruised neck. ‘’Say it.’’ He demanded.

I looked at him and in that moment, I surrendered. ‘’I’m yours.’’ He inhaled sharply and exhaled, his chest rising like a wild animal. ‘’Again.’’ I kissed his crimson lips and placed my hands on his jaw. ‘’I’m yours daddy, I belong to you.’’ With his hand around my waist, he used it to lift me over his shoulder and started to walk out into the hallway. Turning right on a corner he placed me on the kitchen counter.

The kitchen was huge, gold based with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. ‘’What’s? –Ssshh’’ he stopped me and started to dig through a drawer. He stopped and smiled, presumably having just found what he was looking for. He pulled out a tattoo-gun. ‘’Let’s seal the deal pumpkin’’ he grinned. I nodded my head with smiling eyes.

‘’Sit up straight.’’ He said. I did as I was told and sat up, facing him. He used his knee to separate my legs and sneaked in-between them. His hands pushed the right strap of my nightgown down to my elbow and stroked my collarbone. He placed the tattoo-gun at the beginning of my collarbone, next to my heart and started it. I flinched when it came in contact with my skin which made mister j chuckle. ‘’Did that tickle?’’ I just shot him a glare and looked up. He shushed me and started rubbing circles on my thigh.

I looked up at the chandeliers, chewing on my bottom lip to numb the pain. Every time he detached the gun from my skin, I drew a short breath, preparing for the next wave of pain. His touch calmed me down, made me feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable.

When he was finished, he rubbed some alcohol on it blew on it. I jumped off of the counter wand tiptoed over to the nearest mirror. I looked at myself, tilting my head. On the skin just above my collarbone it read Lucky you. From this moment on, I felt like I didn’t belong to myself anymore. I was his. His property, his toy, his girl. And I liked that.  ‘’You should get some rest, I’m taking you out tomorrow’’ I nodded my head and let him lead me to bed. I climbed under the silky covers and drifted off to sleep the second I shut my eyes.

The next morning felt entirely different. I felt rested and at peace with myself. I wasn’t scared anymore, or anxious about where people thought I was or what was going to happen to me. I knew that in my heart I had always wanted this. The rush, the danger. Mister J could provide that for me. He knew which buttons to push to send me over the edge and he was the most unpredictable human being I’d ever encountered. I never knew if he was going to push me into the wall and bite me or stroke my neck as he purred in my ear.

My tattoo was still stinging slightly but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. When I looked at my nightstand, I saw a plate of cupcakes. They had purple and green frosting on them and a bloody smiley face. Ha-ha, very cute. ‘’Good evening’’ I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind me. I turned around quickly and covered myself up with the duvet. It was one of the joker’s goons. ‘’Evening?’’ I asked confused. ‘’That’s right sleeping beauty. You’ve been out for hours. The boss will be here in about two, be ready when he’s here, he’s taking you to his club. I wouldn’t make him wait if I was you, clothes and all that is in the bathroom.’’ He mumbled and left, shutting the door behind him.

‘’Gee, thanks’’ I said to myself as I got up and walked into the bathroom. On one of the pink sofas next to the bathtub was a golden dress and on the counter, a bag of makeup. I looked inside the bag and it was filled with every single product that I kept in the one at home, only brand new. I smiled to myself. I must say, Mister J. Holding the dress in front of me, I smirked. It was beautiful. I’d say it was about mid-thigh-length and perfectly revealing. You could just catch a glimpse of my breasts in it, but it wouldn’t reveal so much that it took away the fun. I put my hair up and started getting ready. It felt good to see my face with makeup on after walking barefaced since I arrived here after my episode in the car.

 Since my puddin was taking me to his club I decided to be a little more bold than usual with both my hair and makeup. I added some black into it and a winged eyeliner which surprisingly turned out really well. Then I curled my hair and blow dried it to make it bigger. Finally I put the dress on and looked at myself in the mirror. I’d never in my life had this feeling of seeing my own reflection and genuinely been able to say that I looked hot. Luckily for me, Mister j was expected home in about five minutes, so I had time to put some perfume on and do some touch-ups on my face.

I wanted to look sexy for him. That was the only way I could control this. My sexuality and sex appeal was my only way of keeping him in check. I wanted him to want me. ‘’Y/N!’’ I heard from the bedroom. ‘’Yes, daaddyy’’ I dragged out with a soft and sugary sweet tone. ‘’Come here. Let me look at ya.’’ I quickly slipped into the golden heels he had put out for me and kicked the door open with my foot. Walking out five or six steps, I made sure to sway my hips as I walked, although not making it to obvious that I was trying to turn him on.

He was about to speak, but stopped once he saw me walking. It turned me on to think about that he had picked out these clothes for me, because he wanted to see me in them. He stood in silence for about six seconds before he twisted his head around and growled in frustration. He extended his hand and I grabbed it and bowed before him. This seemed to get him even more worked up. ‘’Daddy is gonna have some fun with you later.’’ I giggled and walked up to him as we started walking towards the door. His arm holding a protective grip around my shoulder. ‘’Oh and dollface?’’ ‘’Huh?’’ ‘’I want you to raise hell tonight.’’ We both grinned at each other as we got into his Purple Lamborghini and sped to the flashing lights of Gotham City.


anasını sikeyim gece 1 de yattım, sabah 4te kalktım, saat 8e kadar araba kullandım. belimi hissetmiyorum. öğleden sonra sınavlarım var. bi kız varmış orospuymuş, fanları varmış blaa blaaa blaaa. hay amına koyayım ne berbat bi cumartesi ya. ben normlade cumartesileri severdim be. neyse bari bissürü mesaj atmışlar anonimden, sıkıldıkça, darlandıkça, sinirlendikçe bu gurtlağını siktiğimin anonimlerine küfür ederek soruları paylaşacağım :D ama pelini merak ettim :D fanları onu orospu olarak görüyor :D 

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The kids sing that song because they listen it on the radio and no one can stop them xD


No one can stop this from spreading. :)))

Westallen Kiss: Too soon? More like TOO PERFECT!

Their argument “It’s rushed! It’s not a slowburn blaaa..crappity crap”

Really? 14 years of love, friendship, trust and being eachother’s family is…rushed?

It’s not we’ve got……

  • Dating
  • Being boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Making ups and break ups
  • Being Partners
  • Protecting the city
  • The trials and tribulations 
  • Her journalism
  • His heroism 
  • Angst and drama 
  • Marriage (which is actually when their story kicks off in the comics!) 
  • Building the Justice League!!!
  • Having the Twins
  • Did I mention the SUPER SEX??

…to look forward to! 

The Flash is a rich story of both them as a couple and as individuals.

This isn’t Gossip Girl (although some of you act like it is) where love interests is the purpose of the show! 

They’ve got so many different stories to tell…

  • The Flash
  • Barry the CSI
  • Iris the Reporter 
  • Reverse Flash
  • Eddie Thawne
  • Dr Wells and his evil plans?!
  • Caitlin Snow becoming Killer Frost
  • Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm
  • Caitlin and Ronnie (Snowstorm!)
  • Cisco becoming Vibe
  • Wally West
  • Heroes vs Villains 
  • Joe West
  • Henry Allen
  • Friendships
  • Loyalty
  • Betrayal
  • (Pick a theme any theme)