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I guess i yesterday wrote: “ This is all what I have to say in respect to this issue. End point. Thank you for reading. “
If somebody does not like my way of being, my procedures, etc please feel free to block me; you will not be the first, I promise  LOL)… but I do repeat: This is all what I have to say in respect to this issue. End point. Thank you for reading. “
Somebody did not understood that, and starting pressing me with his bullshit and offending, and bla bla bla…so boring: so I blocked him.
Please do not come to me with stories or shit from other people and we will all get along. Thank you very much and have a wonderfull weekend.———————————————————————

to @amillqvist
this goes in respect to your note in the picture that Lena shared with me today.
Obviously I reply here because I cannot do it in the picture, since Lena deleted her blog. Please do not start denigrating Lena because she deactivated her blog: all of you know, perfectly, that in the latest fortnight she has deleted 3 blogs (for different reasons to the one we are talking here). It is not my business to enter to consider why she acts in that way.
Anders,  What do you try to tell me placing a note just redirecting me to a post of other person? What do you want to let me know?
I simply need to make a clarification in respect to my friends behaviour in my blog. Of course any kind of comment is welcome, provided good faith is behind, but in this case sorry to say, Anders, that It is not so gentle the way you did act; for your and everybody’s knowledge, please bear in mind that in my blog I post what I deem convenient (tumblr permiting, obviously), but do not permit that anybody comes here to talk or make any advance about any of my friends. If somebody have to say me anything, give a warning, etc., there are tools like the private messages, for that purpose, but in public, just with the intention to make hurt to somebody, is something that simply I do NOT accept.

to whom it may concern
In respect to Lena’s picture,  I have just read half an hour ago several posts in one of my friends blog. It is not my business to enter to consider that; simply I do not want: it is not a matter of my interest to value my friend’s private life. They are my friends, irrespectively of any other issue.
This morning Lena asked my permission for sharing that pic, which I found wonderful. Lena is my friend (and friend of other friends of mine, which is important to know) and pic, as well as her note,were wonderful, and of course I agreed to post it. I rebloged the picture again early afternoon, and do not reblog now once again simply because I cannot (being blog deactivated it is not possible).
This is all what I have to say in respect to this issie. End point. Thank you for reading.

Paperwork - Wade Wilson x Reader

Recently I haven’t been too happy with my writing. But here’s this. 

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“Urgh.” You groaned, slamming your forehead against the table where the form you’d been filling out sat. 

You were only there for a second or so before you heard a familiar voice yell, “That’s usually a sound I only hear when I’m actually in the room. Frankly, I’m concerned.”

You rolled your head to the side to see Wade Wilson leaning in the doorway of your apartment.

“Wade.” You said, “How did you get in?”

He shrugged, stepping into the room and taking off his ammo belt and various weapons. 

“There’s this thing called a door, (Y/n).”

“There’s also this thing called knocking.” You mumbled.

“What was that princess? You want me to knock what?” You could see him grinning under the mask.

“Of course, everything’s sexual to you.” You said, louder this time, looking again at the form in front of you.

“Ooh. What’s that?” Wade slid the paper away from you, holding it up to his mask and tilting it from side to side.

“Wage. Job application. Bla bla bla. Boring!” He tossed the form over his shoulder, “Let’s talk about something else!”

“Wade, no. I need to fill that out.” You stood up, bending over to pick it up.

“If you fill it out as nicely as you fill out those jeans I’m sure it will go just fine.” 

You froze, standing up slowly and pointing at the door.


“I’m kidding!” He stood up, “I mean, those jeans do look very nice on you but-” He seemed to notice your glare and took a few steps towards the door, “I’m going!” 

You raised an eyebrow.

“Fine! Fine!” He stepped out the door, out of your sight.

“Gone! Are you happy?” He called out.

You strode to the door, the form still in your hand. “Wade, go. I need to do this.”

“Fine. I’ll go see Spidey.” He mumbled, and you watched him walk down the corridor. 

It was only when you’d shut the door and gone back to the table did you realise Wade had left all his weapons there. There was also a note.

“sorry im such a dick. 

got these cocol cockolates chocolates for you

they were only sort of stolen if you count taking them from a dead mans body stealing

-Wade (Deadpool)”

Ajin reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul

The black haired main character who is suddenly in the shit of being another species who the people want to capture (Ken & Kei lol)

The blonde normal friend

The old man with close eyes, white hair who is also of the same species

The badass “im gonna kill u if you touch me” girl who is the same species too

I don’t need to say nothing at here

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they are all like uh i'm not feeling albert,albert is so boring bla bla bla

Yea alot of them are like “Lord M supported her” and I’m like no, he allowed her to make mistake after mistake. That isn’t support. For the first 3 years of Victoria’s rule her along side Lord Melbourne made mistakes that put the survival of the monarchy in question. It was through Albert’s guidence that Victoria made the monarchy strong again. 

Also Albert isn’t boring, he’s a really interesting person. He’s interested in doing shit not just paying it lip service like Lord M does. I’m super interested in the next episode with him and the abolitionist movement. Lord M paid it lip service in his first or second episode I believe but Albert wants to actually do something about ending slavery in the colonies. 

I think the quote “Would you rather have flattery or truth” is Albert. He’s not gonna flatter Victoria, he’s not gonna just blindly go along with her when she’s making the wrong decision, he’s gonna tell her the truth. Which is honestly why I prefer him over Melbourne in this series. Victoria needs to shape up if she wants to be Queen and for the first 3 episodes she was making mistake after mistake, and Melbourne was enabling her.