Okay, kiddos, sit down, zip your cake holes, it’s story time:
You’ve probably heard that Gaige + Fibber = Massive doom, right? Hoo boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Have you ever played the “Sir Hammerlock’s big game hunt”-DLC? Then you might be familiar with a boss called Arizona. Drifter, pretty big, around a gajillion HP, right?
I was OP2 back when this happened, so old ‘zona was around Lvl 76 I guess.
Playing in co-op mode, me as Gaige, my co-op partner as Axton; had about 300 Anarchy stacks.
Emptied three magazines of my slag Deliverance on her, co-op partner goes full-on with his double Slag-Turrets and a shock elemental Butcher, DT does his thing too, her life doesn’t go down an inch. Maybe a millimeter, hardly visible.
So I’m like, alright, let’s switch weapons, try something different, maybe slag just doesn’t work for her.
I had a shock-elemental Redundant Fibber in my backpack, which had worked pretty good for me so far, though I had never used it with this many stacks before, but since this was going nowhere I figuered it’s worth a shot.
I aimed at the grund below ‘zona, to get the most out of my Anarchy Tree, with the ricochet effect and all, and pull the trigger twice. Fricken twice. And she’s FRICKEN DEAD. We both emptied three magazines of shotgun ammo on Arizona with top-notch turrets and DT as support and nothing happens; I shoot her with the fibber twice and she was d-e-a-d.

My confession is: even though I got the Fibber fair and square after the completion of “a real boy”, I almost completely stopped using it after this incident because it feels like fishing in a barrel.

The ending of the mission “Rising Action” where Angel says “We aren’t friends anymore, are we?” That breaks my heart every time. She just sounds so sad and lonely and I think it’s this point where she decides that having the vault hunters kill her is the only choice she has left. This is the point where she gives up on ever finding someone who wants her around and it kills me to think that.

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My girlfriend and I play borderlands 2 together, she always plays a healing siren and i go for something damage based. This latest playthrough i go as krieg because she’s never played with a krieg before and never watched his trailer so she never knew krieg and maya were some kind of “thing”. I liked that “thing” they were, and so whenever she went down and I’d be reviving her we’d both hear krieg saying “LOVE YOU” and i’d laugh and tell my girl i loved her… and to “get down pretty lady”.

Lilith in Bl2 really pissed me off when she tried to take Jack head on, mainly since she already knew he could control Sirens and that he already had a vendetta against her. Everything after Angel could have been avoided(besides Roland dying) had she just kept a level head and teleported with the Vault Hunters back to Sanctuary where she could properly lash out at maybe her lair. If the deves had just had her get kidnapped a little while later by Hyperion it would show how well she could handle a tough situation and how she has a hold on her emotions(which are both true about her). But instead they made a brilliant character make an incredibly stupid mistake.


A few pictures from gamescom sunday 💙 It was by far the most awesome con I’ve ever been to. We met so many sweet cosplayers and people and so many peple wanted our picture, i felt so honored. Thank you everyone who made this day amazing

Handsome Jack - me

Mad Moxxi - NarcoticStorm @ DeviantArt

Lilith - candys_cosplay @ Instagram

Maya - Raspberrycosplay

Angel - Roxcesable

@ everyone: look. okay. that post with rhys and jack’s heights and stuff? I know it’s wrong. it was a personal remark I made after seeing what they looked like in a model poser, which I realized after I made the post that all of the models were inaccurately sized (all the tftbl chars were the same height) that a ton of people took and blew out of proportion until it became Discourse™ in the borderlands fandom

that was like half a year ago. please let it die.



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I still can't get over how Jack was so adamant that he was the hero and that his actions were for good, even though they clearly weren't. It makes me wonder what he saw in the Vault. Did he see the whole story of BL2? Did he see something else entirely? Did he see Pandora falling victim to a great threat that we haven't seen yet (and will possibly see in BL3?) And he never mentioned just what story he was the hero of. Was he in a different story than we were while in BL2?

See, this is the kind of stuff I wish we knew more about, and that maybe we’ll get some insight into eventually? It will be interesting if further developments retroactively put Jack’s actions and perspective in a different light.  

What do my followers think, because I haven’t played most of the games? :0

Hey everyone,

Sorry requests are taking so long. Admittedly, FFXIV and Borderlands 2 has consumed a lot of my free time (the shame is real). It’s been a little busy for me lately and I’ve been sick but I’m slowly getting through them. Not any are left but I just wanted to put out an update on that since it’s taking forever.

A side note: Some I’m also saving for when I’m motivated to draw that particular subject too. Not ignoring any but I really need motivation to draw some.

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