My favorite brittana/heya fics

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27. Things I hate.

  • discrimination and brussel sprouts. ugh. they’re so gross.

28. I’ll love you if…

  • you’re nice to me and considerate and we enjoy talking to each other!

30. Favorite TV show(s).

  • well AHS, of course, since I’ve been ridiculously obsessed with it lately. Doctor Who is a definite fave, especially the RTD days.  I love Once Upon a Time, Charmed, Last Tango in Halifax, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and lots of others :)

Thanks for asking!!

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WILL YOU?! OMFG!!!1 Yeah, but I don’t think you’d enjoy it here, it’s not interesting around where I live, you should definitely check out Blackpool though! It’s so pretty!

i searched on google image and yes it looks beautiful there ! Have you ever been to manchester or leeds ? I was thinking of visiting these cities but i really don’t know yet…