I have a theory that the Sirens were created by Atlas. Back when Atlas first discovered Eridian Technology, they conducted experiments to see how the Eridian energy could effect the human physiology. When it was determine that casual exposure to the energy was seemingly harmless, the human test subjects were sent free. It wasn’t until the former test subjects started having kids did the Sirens began to appear. After Atlas went bankrupt and Eridium began to appear, Handsome Jack resumed the experiments for higher exposure and created mutants like the Rats.

If u make fun of people who have bad personal hygiene then i hate u….. like usually ppl who have bad personal hygiene are in a home/financial state where they cant get access to running water or any toiletries etc. or the have a mental/physical health problem that makes it harder for them to clean themselves.
and before any of you say “oh i only find it gross when healthy well off people are dirty just because theyre lazy!” then no if someones so ‘lazy’ that they aren’t looking after their hygiene anymore then its less likely to be laziness and more likely to be some sort of mental health related problem
like rlly that fact that some of yall see someone with rlly bad hygiene and immediately think “ew theyre disgusting im gonna make fun of them” instead of, something like “wow theyre dirty…. are they ok??” is shocking…

Strange pattern I’ve noticed in people who say “ship and let ship” and get upset with people calling others out on their harmful content: they’re usually an anti sjw or one of those people who thinks doxxing neo nazis is wrong because bullying is Wrong and Bad no matter what

And you could find someone who, otherwise, has pretty sound morals. Someone tells them something they do is harmful, they apologize and learn and try not to do it again. They try to stay educated on racism, misogyny, transphobia, etc. and are conscious of their behavior but when it comes to something that hurts survivors and children they remain neutral. “What people like isn’t any of my business.” It was your business when they said something transphobic though. How could you turn a blind eye when they say something that puts children at risk?

Wait. Since when am I at Baka-Updates Manga?? O.O Everyone else is there too, lol, I think I saw @pastenaga, @watanukisakuya, @hatmirror, @lichtjekyll, and @ailisia.

Technically, all my SERVAMP scanlations are collaborated with Hatmirror as translator except for the Drama CD short 4-panel manga, lol. Not sure why they differentiate it on that website. :‘3

(Speaking of scanlations, I know I’m way behind schedule, so sorry for that! But I’m still doing it even when I’m not sure when I’ll have another release. OTL)