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Inmate #0801, [interrogation video]

Found in BL/ind archives, shows footage of 20-year-old Gerard Way, who would later turn into the infamous rebel leader known as Party Poison, interrogated after being taken into custody by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W operatives for refusing to wear his BLI headphones at the appropriate times and levels. Way claimed that the daily broadcasts were “unnatural” as he continued to show disinterest and even laugh through the interrogation. Many experts say this is the event that sparked the rebellion that would make it’s mark on Battery City history.

Battery City Gothic
  • There’s an apartment building on the 3rd block sector that no Draculoid will enter. It’s said that their masks don’t work there and it’s a haven for those wanting to escape. People move in all the time but the building is always empty.
  • Some say that if your headphones become damaged due to age or injury that you’ll hear a broadcast in a language that doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t sound like any company approved language taught to the masses. Sometimes people say they can understand what’s being said. Those that do stop talking and appear more living ghosts then anything else.
  • Elizabeth’s Diner on the 5th block sector is always a hot spot for exterminators and enforcers who are off duty and want to enjoy a nice meal. If you go around to the back door, without being caught, and knock three times a small slot will open. Tell whoever is inside that you ‘need reeducation’ and wait exactly three minutes. Sometimes you’ll be slid a still warm bagel from the oven and other times you’ll get a single mitten. No one knows why; if you ask the owners they’ll tell you there isn’t a back door. Sometimes they’ll prove it.
  • There’s an elevator in the BL/Ind headquarters that’s perpetually out of order; yet everyone still uses it. Occasionally those who ride it disappear. Draculoids who go up sometimes vanish and leave only their masks behind. No one talks about it.
  • It’s said that if you manage to gain access to Korse’s private room that you’ll find a small music box on his dresser. Opening it causes a strange disjointed melody to play throughout the room. Those that hear it tend to find themselves outside the city without any recollection as to how they got there or why. Sometimes they’re missing limbs or articles of clothing.
  • A Juvie Hall by the name of Ripper claims to have found a way to become invisible to all of BL/Ind’s cameras and security equipment. He promises to share it if anyone has the right currency. Those that pay before receiving it tend to wind up throw into the cemetery ditches; those that wait tend to just disappear.
  • It’s said that if you toss a piece of actual metal currency into the cemetery ditch near the crematorium that you’ll be granted one wish. Those that wish upon the dead find themselves afraid to turn around; swearing that there’s a small girl there waiting for them. That she promises to do whatever they ask granted they never see her face. Do not wish upon the dead.

Today on Roscoe’s old headcanons: Gee and Lola

So one headcanon (that I still have) is that if BL/Ind ever got party long enough to erase their memories of the desert + the rest of the four, they would make Party in charge of a children’s show like sesame street.

Why would they do this?
1) to show off the fact they have Party 
2) to slowly break the others as Party informs kids about the “horrible killjoys” that live in the desert
3) to brainwash kids for a young age

Gee and Lola would teach kids:
-how to take medicine
-the dangers of the desert
-how to act in public

It would also create the idea that music is a children’s thing and once you are older no longer acceptable.

Bonus Gee’s fun time band:

Gee said the designs came to them in a dream but they feel like they’ve seen these characters before…

Head cannon that Blurryface takes place in the same universe as Danger Days


  • Tyler and Josh have a picture of them as Mad Gear and Missile Kid. For those who don’t know, Mad Gear and Missile Kid is a band in the Danger Days universe.

   “It’s basically what the Killjoys are listening to in the car as they’re having those gun battles” –Frank Iero


  • If this is the case, the songs on Blurryface make more sense

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,
 When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.”

This line could suggest that Mad Gear (Tyler’s character) misses the old days before the Helium Wars. Before he became “stressed out” due to being on the run from BL/ind.


Yo, this song will never be on the radio
Even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote
It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional
Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral
The world around us is burning but we’re so cold
It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional

This song represents most of the (canon) groups.

The Few = Killjoys

The Proud = BL/ind

The Emotional = Characters that have lost families/family members due to the Helium wars.


We don’t believe what’s on TV,
because it’s what we want to see,
and what we want, we know we can’t believe,
we have all learned to kill our dreams.

This one is more self explanatory. The futuristic “Utopia” created by BL/ind is supposed to be just that. Utopia. Every thing has to be “Perfect” even if it’s not real. The last line also references the struggles Killjoys go through with the constant battle against BL/ind. They couldn’t go through with their dreams so they had to kill them.


A loser hides behind a mask of my disguise,
And who I am today is worse than other times,
You don’t know what I’ve done, I’m wanted and on the run.
I’m wanted and on the run.
So I’m taking this moment to live in the future

 This one is directly to the Killjoys. They are inspired by Mad Gear and missile Kid to fight back. They hide behind a mask of his (Mad Gear’s) disguise. At this point in time, Mad Gear is taken by BL/ind and he is “Worse than other times”. He is also “Wanted and on the run”.



I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I want to be known by you,
I want to be known by you.


Though I’m weak and beaten down,
I’ll slip away into this sound,
The ghost of you is close to me,
I’m inside-out, you’re underneath.

After Mad Gear and Missile Kid are defeated/on the verge of death, this is what they are. Goners. They want to be known by YOU. The listener. The Killjoys are the listeners in their timeline. Both MG and MK are “weak and beaten down”. It would make sense that this is the song that closes of the Blurryface album.


·        My final point is the fact that Tyler’s character of Blurryface appears as Mad Gear (Black paint around neck and hand). Implying that they have relevance to each other.

Ok, after my last post, a friend messaged me and said she actually wants to kill herself now that Trump has won the presidency. So, I’m going to backtrack a little and say that if you are a Killjoy, that means you have to fight. 

Trump is our real-world BL/ind. An evil businessman who could easily put us in a nuclear apocalypse by 2019. But, “when the good guys die and the bad guys win”, that doesn’t mean we give up. 

Now, we may not be able to shoot a ray gun directly at Trump’s stupid, orange face. But, we can donate our time and money to activism groups that are going to fight for what’s right. And those of us that will be eligible voters in 2018 can elect Democrats to the House of Representatives that will fight for our rights, too. 

This isn’t the end of the world. And even if it is, we must become the dystopian freedom fighters that Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, and Jet Star would want us to be.

Don’t die, my friends. Keep running. 


The Burners: Artists of the zones. Spray paint, the brightest colours, the wildest souls. Its a rite of passage for new zone rats to go to the Burners to get their name and their symbol. They design tattoos. They’re the ones who are in the graffiti war on Bat City’s wall. As soon as BL/ind can clear it, they can spray it. Colours in the wind. Never sleep. Biggest ups and hardest crashes. They’ve got to create. Art is the weapon. Art is utopia.  Cowboys with spray cans.  They have the best warehouse blowouts.  

(Idea credit goes to @still-lost-in-stereo, I seriously love this idea.)

bl/ind and trans ppl

i figure that BLI is pretty tolerant when it comes to binary trans people. the issue comes up when someone doesn’t want to identify as either male or female. it has nothing to do with religion, of course, nor with ““biology””– chromosomes or genitals or whatever– it’s just that BLI believes that it’s too confusing for citizens to have more than two set genders floating around. bad for productivity. BLI already divides everything into a binary, all black-and-white, so gender has to be as well. 

gender EXPRESSION isn’t really policed or anything, if you’re dmab and you wanna wear a dress BLI doesn’t care. they only get involved once it’s a question of gender IDENTITY, of pronouns and legal names and markers on documents.

if you get cleared by your BLI physician, the company is more than happy to provide you with hormone therapy through their Gender Reassignment Program. it’s just another set of pills, after all. any surgeries are optional, but still covered if wanted. but to get access to any of these, you have to identify as either male or female, and you have to exhibit “strong enough” dysphoria (evaluated by an appointed professional). 

anyone trying to assert that they don’t want either of the two gender markers to be used is obviously misguided. that’s a problem. that’s inconvenient. they get assessed, and if they are found to exhibit dysphoria, then they are prescribed a mandatory transition to the opposite gender. if they are not found to exhibit enough dysphoria, then they are sent away and continue to be marked as their assigned gender. 

in contrast, gender’s seen as a lot more fluid once you get out of BLI’s clutches. some joys get out there knowing they’re trans, but some, it never occurs to them until they’ve spent some time in the desert. they’re able to explore themselves more once they’re out of that cage, and settle on what they think suits them best. overall, though, labels and such aren’t so important. lots of joys don’t settle things any further than a set of pronouns.

Danger Days Slang/Words/Terms/etc.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of interpretations of different DD words, and very few official definitions. So I’ve decided to make a list of what I think everything means. These are all my own interpretations of words/slang, so don’t get mad if it doesn’t agree with what you think. There are a few things in here that I came up with myself.


  • Killjoy - A member of ‘the killjoys’, a disorganized network of gangs fighting against BLi from the zones. All killjoys have strange names which they go by. Each gang has its own name as well, the most well known being the Fabulous Four.
  • Neutral - A non-killjoy resident of the zones.
  • BL/ind - Better Living Industries, a company that has tyrannical control over the people. Also referred to as ‘BLi’.
  • Draculoid - A member of BLi’s SCARECROW unit. Devoid of all emotion, always seen wearing terrifying masks. Act as the city’s police, and BLi’s military. Often shortened to ‘drac’. 
  • Exterminator - Leaders of BLi’s SCARECROW unit. Control the draculoids. Act as investigators, spies, and executioners.
  • SCARECROW - BLi’s police/military unit. Consists of security guards, technological security, draculoids, exterminators.
  • BCU- Battery City Underground. Killjoy-like rebels who work inside of the city, often staking out in ‘underground’ places. Usually act as smugglers of both people and supplies, as well as saboteurs. Led by three unknown men.


  • Battery City - The city controlled by BLi. Only known major civilization left. Devoid of much color, emotion, and freedom. Also called ‘Bat City’ and ‘the city’.
  • Zones - The desert surrounding Battery City, consisting of six areas determined by geographical terrain. There were once more, but were destroyed in bombings by BLi. Mainly where the neutrals and killjoys live, but does contain scattered BLi factories and warehouses.
  • Death Valley - The areas beyond Zone Six. Used to contain farming communities, until the land was destroyed in bombings by BLi.
  • Route Guano - The main road through the zones. A paved, multi-lane road that stretches from Zone One to abandoned factories in Zone Six. Also called the ‘Getaway Mile’.


  • Helium Wars - War in the 1970s fought over the resource of helium. A second war was fought in the late 80s/early 90s between BLi and other civilizations around the world, which all then disappeared.
  • Analog War - A series of large scale fights between the killjoys and BLi during the 90s, beginning towards the end of the second Helium War.
  • Fires of 2012 - A series of large fires in 2012 which were lit by BLi to sabotage the killjoys, but spiraled out of control and burned several neutral establishments and BLi factories and warehouses. BLi claims to not have started them, but to have put them out.
  • Pig Bomb - A bomb dropped in Zone Seven by BLi in 2017, destroying the single farming community there and metaphorically wiping Zone Seven off of the map.


  • Carbons - Form of currency. Consist of flexible plastic bills and hard plastic coins.
  • Batteries - What everything that isn’t run on electricity runs on. Common commodity in the city, harder to get a hold of in certain zones. Have a very long life span. Can be bought from vending machines.
  • Vend-a-hack - Gadgets that can hack vending machines to dispense products.
  • Ray Gun/Laser Gun - A gun that shoots dangerous lasers. Common weapon, used by draculoids, exterminators, and killjoys. Run on special batteries. Occasionally called a ‘zap’.
  • Mousekat - BLi’s mascot for children’s products. Heavily modified versions are often seen in the zones.
  • Phoenix Witch - A goddess worshiped in the zones whose main domain is death. Main deity in a pagan religion.
  • Pornodroid - Androids in the city made specifically for the purpose of sex. Only female models exist.
  • Zine - A magazine, usually small, handmade ones.


  • Crash Queen - A daredevil and/or thrill-seeker with an unhealthy taste for doing things that could easily get them killed.
  • Motorbabies - People who live out of their cars, whether or not they are nomadic. Oftentimes are also gearheads.
  • Gearhead - Someone who is obsessed with cars/mechanical things.
  • Rubberburner - Someone who lives their life too fast, burning through everything. Often tend to drive far too fast and burn out their tires. Tend to also be crash queens.
  • Dust Angel - A resident of the zones, though this term is often only used to refer to young children and the elderly.
  • Pig - Derogatory term for draculoids and exterminators.
  • Zone Rat - Derogatory term for residents of the zones, generally used to refer to killjoys.
  • Zonerunner - People who spend time in the zones but do not live there. Usually BCU smugglers, and other BCU operatives.
  • Ritalin Rat - Drug addict.
  • Clap - A physical fight, usually between a killjoy and a draculoid.
  • Costa Rica - For things to go crazy/become chaotic. (Ex. “Things went all Costa Rica.”)
  • Dust - Dead.
  • Dusted - To kill or to be killed, through any cause.
  • Firefight - A gun fight.
  • Getaway Mile - Route Guano.
  • Ghost - To kill.
  • Ghosted - To kill or to be killed, generally through murder.
  • Hit the Red Line - To run away, usually from a bad situation/home life.
  • Shiny - Awesome or cool.
  • Tumbleweed - Someone who wanders the zones, living a nomadic lifestyle, having no home. Oftentimes are killjoys, but there are some bands of neutrals who choose to live nomadically, generally for religious purposes.

@mgmks has created a great concept

The whole killjoy verse as just the imagination of elementary students

Joining BL/Ind would just be going to middle school where you have to wear a uniform and have more homework so less free time

The director is class president and does school tours
Korse is just one of her friends

The girl is like 3 and her parents want to let the director babysit her but the four fight against it

"they call themselves youngbloods"

well, they go by a couple of names. i’ve heard “the killjoys death forgot about”, “phoenix witch’s most hated”, etc. my personal favorite is “crazy motherfuckers” because, well, it’s true.

they’re odd, to say one thing. a unique quality of their gang is that they’re always shifting operations from the desert to the city and back again. they’ll go from causing a mess in the desert like the rest of us to running around like juvie halls in the city in the span of a month. never seen anything like it, unless you count merchants. those boys are crazy, causing just as much destruction and chaos in the city as they do in the desert– but that’s the thing about them. they’re fuckin’ houdinis, those guys. no matter how many time those bl/ind bastards trap them, they always manage to escape. it’s wild. some people think they’re immortal, but i think they’re just lucky as hell. the phoenix witch either loves or hates them.

there’s four of them. no one really knows their real names, although there’s always rumors. rumors are for motorbabies, though- i don’t believe them myself. their names, or killjoys names, are as widely known as bl/ind themself. there’s sandman, most people speculate he’s the ring leader of their little gang. he’s the one most people know and is always ready to push himself in the public eye.
there’s horseshoe crab; he’s a little more reclusive. people think that he’s their weapon’s boy, handling all their ray guns and more acoustic items. i think he’s a little bit more, something like a strategist. but all speculation, of course.
donnie the catcher is one of them too; he loves handling explosives. he’s one people seem to know the least about. kind of a hermit, that one.
the most mysterious, though, is dr. benzedrine. he’s the medic of the bunch as far as most people know, but there’s something off about him. there’s.. stories about ol'benzie. ones i wouldn’t be repeating had i not met the man myself. he’s almost like two people, one’s benzedrine and one’s, something else entirely. got gold eyes and shit. it’s weird. not much is really known about that.

the group’s origins are also almost completely unknown. most people seem to think they’re batt rats due to their tendency to lay low in bat city, but some think they hail from the sands. me, i’m not sure.

that’s all i know about the youngbloods, kid. now scram.