Happy B-day BklynDryGoods!

It wasn’t but a year ago that BklynDryGoods began their venture to bring the best vintage goods for the modern gents!  

It’s been a great source of inspiration to see both Kurt Uhlendorf and Jahn Hall grow their business from the initial shopping trips, where they would come back beside themselves for having found the perfect flannel, a stunning Pendleton jacket and even a rare pair of boots; to see them come back from their first out of state pop-up with nothing but great success stories!

Since the beginning, BklynDryGoods’ sharp attention to detail has permeated every detail of their business: from their well-curated collection of clothes and oddities, to their professional styling that include their famous scented tags.  This last one, is the base of one of their newest collaborations with D.S. & Durga.  I’ve smelled it myself and have to tell you - definitely one of the best you’ll find out there!

Apart from the fragrance, they have also done a collaboration with dedegumo for a watch, Loren for a bag and LayerxLayer for bandanas and pocket squares.  I hear that there are a few more items in the works - Make sure to check their site!

I’ve been fortunate enough to see the behind the scenes, where both Kurt and Jahn have spend endless nights coming up with new concepts for their pop-ups and collaborations. Be assured that every item that you’ll find at their events has been carefully and thoughtfully placed there for a reason.

I look forward to seeing where they’ll be a year from now - In the meantime: Happy Birthday! 


Such a great day today.  The Hudson Valley may have tired my feet and body, but this evening I’m already scrubbed clean and back home in the city.  If you haven’t ever day-tripped to Cold Spring from NYC, for a bit of hiking and/or antiquing, definitely add it to your “to-do” list.  Also be on the lookout this week for BKLYN Dry Goods’ guide to making the teeny trek.

So who’s coming with me next time?

Photo by Jahn Hall.

Winter Essentials 2012

Winter Essentials for Fall 2012 Brought to you by “The Man Lifestyle”  and “Bklyn Dry Goods” This fall you are going to see more Bright Colors emerge in mens fashion. Pairing your Traditional Plaid lumberjack shirts with a Bright over coat, or your old high school Varsity Jacket with Fisherman boots to add a interesting look to your already existing winter Gear. With the Help from Good Friend Jahn Hall of Bklyn Dry Goods and Male Model Brendan Washington of Q Model Managementwe came up with a few key looks that can shed some color on your fall look. All items can and products like this can be found at http://www.bklyndrygoods.com

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Another Special Thanks to Brendan Washington of Q Model Management and Jahn Hall of Bklyn Dry Goods.