I was shopping for new workout shorts today, and thought my legs looked picture worthy.

I love training legs, and pics like this one reenforce why.
Here’s a previous article I wrote: fall in love with training legs

So what do I do to build wicked Batman legs? Squats.

Forget the bullshit leg press machine.
Forget half squats, or partial-range-of-motion.

Full Squats, ass-to-grass baby! 

Squats are not an easy exercise; in fact I would rate them as one of the hardest, and most complicated movements in the gym.

Check out BK’s minute clinic video on squats to learn perfect form!

I squat 2-3 times a week. I f*cking love it. And soon you’ll love squats too.

Batman, out. 

“Stop bouncing!!”

If I could tell people at the gym one thing, it would be to “stop bouncing!!

Regardless of the exercise, men typically lift weights that are too heavy for them, and compensate by bouncing the weight at the hardest part of the movement.

Hypertrophy/body building is isolation training. Nothing should be moving but the muscle you intend to exercise.

Example: In performing a lateral raise for the shoulders, you often see men “bouncing” the weight at the top portion of the movement.

Solution: Squeeze your glutes, core, and quads and only rotate the arms upwards at the shoulder. Also, your head should not be “bouncing” forward at the top portion of the movement either. The knees should stay slight bent to protect your lower back, but again, nothing moves but the shoulders.

This philosophy can be applied to almost any exercise in the gym. Tricep pull downs, bicep curls, etc./ Look at yourself in the mirror, if any other body part is moving other than the target muscle group, then you are not isolating properly!

The body will find the easiest path lift a weight. It won’t automatically tense up the entire body and lift with only the intended muscle group. So it will automatically incorporate the legs and the back to assist lifting the weight, to make it easier. But we don’t want easier, do we? So as an intelligent person training in the gym, you must always be conscious your body looking for the easiest path, and force yourself to isolate!

If you are working out to get a better body, than you are a bodybuilder, not a weight lifter. So lower the weight, leave your ego at home, and do the exercises properly. Get the results you want.

Vitamin BK, Out.

Fall in Love with Training Legs

I wasn’t always a man who squats twice a week. A few years ago I was the guy who grudgingly once a week committed to the leg press machine, a few hamstring curls, and some calf raises.

I f*cken hated leg day.

“I can’t do squats, I have bad knees!” And this is true. I damaged the ACL in my right knee during my kickboxing years, and I tore the MCL in my left knee during my combat tour in Afghanistan.

But then I got a squat coach. It was a long road, (about 4 months). We only worked with one plate for the longest time, hammering my form over and over again. Strengthening my glutes to help stabilize my knees.

I was “that guy” in the gym doing weird shoulder stretches so I could hold the bar properly in the low bar position on my back.

I was “that guy” in the gym doing weird ankle stretches so I could get my squats deeper and deeper.

It was embarrassing. It was frustrating. It was worth it.

Today I easily squat 275 lbs several times, ass to grass. (All the way down), my hamstrings fully cover my calves on every rep.

People now stop me in the gym and compliment my form. I’m known as “the squat guy”. I have people now asking me question on how they can improve their squats.

I’ve come a long way from Mr. Bad Knees Bullshit Leg-Press.

I now squat twice a week, and love it.

click here to view a quick tutorial video on squats, from BK’s minute clinic.

I’d like to thank my squat coach and dearest friend, Mr. Kyle Even Gentle; pro fitness model, and amazing weight lifter. Thank you Kyle. With my shitty knees, I never thought I’d be where I am today. 


"How important is rest?"

How important is rest ? I don’t want to take time off from the gym but I keep being told it’s for the best. My routine is still being perfected and tweaked week by week but I don’t work out the same muscle group 2 days in a row. So theoretically 1 muscle group will get a day off the fallowing day when I choose to work another one. Is this kind of thing okay ? or should I be taking more breaks ?
tede-bear asked you:

Wow, where to begin. The answer is rest is very important!

Your muscles will only grown when they are resting, and this means sleeping! Up all night on pintrest? Sounds like fun, but know that it comes at the cost of your awesome muscles.

It all has to do with cortisol levels. There is no pill,vitamin, or supplement for cortisol. You can only get it through sleep. I don’t want to bore you with “geek-speak” and a bunch of science, so i’m just going to tell you what to do.

  1. Sleep 8-9 hours a night. “That much?” Yes that much! The average office drone can get away with 7 hours, that’s not you. No, you are Tede-Bear the athlete! You will get better results working out 3 times a week and sleeping more, than training 5 timers a week, & getting less sleep.
  2. Don’t train more than 5 days a week! Advanced body builders eat 40 eggs a day and sleep 12 hours a night can train 6 days a week. But that’s not you. You’re an awesome person with a social life. ANd don’t just train Monday-Friday and rest 2 days either. Train Monday-Wedneday, rest thursday, and then train Fri & Sat. 
  3. Don’t train the same muscle group every other day. In reality this is actually totally doable. I have lots of weight lifting friends that squat almost every day! But thats not you. I’m going to guess that you’re doing hypertrophy training, and are working the muscles to soreness and fatigue. They will need more than 24 hours of rest. Me personally, i do the whole body in 3 days, and then reset.
  4. Rest periods between sets is super important! You want to hit around 40 seconds-2 minutes of rest between sets. Rest to little, and you’ll be too fatigued to really have a bangin’ next set; too much and you’ve lost that hard earned pump. Personally i carry a stop watch with me in the gym and only give myself 90 seconds between sets. (some squat days i do more, as the volume is much greater).

Rest is super important. Just as much as diet and the training itself. I love your enthusiasm Tede-Bear. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the great questions! 

It's Sunday. Prep time!

It’s Sunday.

Sunday Funday. But Monday Morning will be here sooner than you think.

Take a bit of time this evening and plan your week! At the very least plan tomorrow:

  • Get the gym bag packed
  • Plan WHEN you’re going to the gym. (First thing in the morning [yeah, lets get it done!] or right after work?)
  • When making dinner tonight, make a little extra and put it in Tupperware.
  • Plan to get some serious sleep tonight. You can’t control what time you have to wake up, your Boss is in charge of that crude regiment. But you can plan when you go to bed. That extra hour of t.v is going to be awful, trust me. No one cares about reruns of “Who’s the Boss”, but your body will thank you tenfold for getting a solid 8 hours of zzz’s.
  • Plan what you’re going to have for breakfast. You don’t have to draw a f*cking blueprint, just mentally map out the meal, and make sure you have all the ingredients.

Mondays suck, we all know that. But you have the power to decide, right now, how the rest of your week will go.

Don’t sleep enough tonight, and you’ll be playing catch up aaaaaaall week. You’re performance in the gym (and in the bedroom) will suffer.

Don’t plan your meals, and you’ll find yourself veering off track from you healthy eating goal.

This is whole “planning” thing takes less time than reading this article. So step away from the laptop, and go pencil some awesome into your life.