SHINee next soloist is... KEY?

(Who knew my Exotic abilities can help me when it comes to SHINee too.)

Of course it is not official information just something I was thinking about the last few days.
So the first soloist was Taemin
The album called “Ace” and the title track from the album called “Danger”
The second soloist is Jonghyun.
Album call “Base” and the title track call “Crazy”

So what if the album names go in the order of debut but the names of the songs are actually teaser for the next soloist?

If we arrange the members by age (from younger to older) and mark them with letters (Taemin A because he was the first solo)
Taemin -A
Minho- B
Key- C
Jonghyun- D
Onew- E

So if Taemin’s song “Danger” was a teaser for Jonghyun solo (according to the order of the letters he’s D)
So Jonghyun's "Crazy" is basically a teaser for the next member that will debut as a soloist, 
Crazy start with C. So according to the list that Key

And if SM will continue with this concept the next album will start at C and the title track will start at B or E (for Minho or Onew)


Dyland & B Key - Terrordome