Arguably the WORST picture I’ve ever taken.
But I was so hype about that Creepy Crawlers set,
I had to do it,
and I had to do it to myself.

Original FB link
*No Regrets*

…but seriously, when’s the last time you’ve even seen one of these?!?!

Creepy Crawlers was a HARD slice of my childhood!!! 

*Childhood RESTORED!!!* 

The things that are done and the words that have been said.

They’re either helping someone,
or killing them.
To me, there is no in between…

…FOR ME, there is no in between.

But pay attention, as I turn poison into water,
beneficial to those around me willing to receive.

The Privileged.
The “Have Not’s”
Yes, the common man, not unlike myself.

Some people will stick around,
and I’m prepared for some of you to leave.
Departing on good terms, and “otherwise”.
But alas, if we go our separate ways
and I’ve done nothing to benefit you
in some way, shape, or form, 
not of material substance,
but for your mind, soul, or well being…

…then I’ve failed.
Your patience is all that I as for.

But I won’t be that way for long.
I’m changing before your very eyes.
Reinventing myself.
Getting wiser and soaking up a little bit of knowledge every passing day.
Reveling in the satisfaction of going through a
seemingly impossible dilemma, 
and altering the situation in my favor.

God, grant me strength, focus, and wisdom 
that I may achieve these things and 
handle whatever you have in store for me…

…and may God help ANY OF YOU  who stand in my way.


Ok, so when I graduated back in ‘11,
I gave one of my boys my skateboard,
kinda like a “Best Bros” kinda thing, y'know?
anyways, I hit him up last night, we’re talking and he goes…

“Dude, guess who I got to sign your board? Childish Gambino!”

My brain goes on auto pilot.
“Stop lyin’ lol. Don’t play with my emotions!”

…but Lo and Behold.

“CG / Donald Glover / Stay Chill”
and he wants to give me back the board.
I want him to keep it but he insists that I take it back.
Damn Bro lol

s/o to my boy “Jamaica”

So, it’s my brother’s 7th birthday today and I’m hangin’ out with him and playing with his little friends, but management didn’t have to kick me out the bouncy house tho.
Yeah, is was hogging it, but Lewis likes bouncy houses…!

Whoever my future wife is better be cool as shit about me owning one…


So, they’re killing me softly w/ Bacon Sundaes now…

They literally put MORE bacon in the sundae than they do the 
actual burgers!

And not in bacon bits!
Bacon. Frickin’. STRIPS!!!

Burger King ain’t NOTHIN’ to FUCK with…

And now the bad news…
I brushed my teeth, popped 3 Altoids,
and I can still taste and smell bacon on my breath.