bk wildlife

Sold Painting

I love texture pieces. You can tell by photos but definitely when you see them up close and personal. My paintings almost invite you to touch them

This painting (similar to the others) is reminiscent of space for me. Space, our galaxy and time… The painting itself did not take up much space, but the time it took to complete it, because it was wood and not canvas, took much longer… I used water color over the paint and texturized it with my hands and circular shaped objects

I was working outside so up until the day of my first art show I was still working on this painting… Thank goodness it was a hot day so the water color was able to dry faster. 

Proud and sad to say that within a few hours of hanging it, I was taking it down and selling it… They were memorized by my painting and wanted to hold it and look at it closely. I personally touch it myself I said, I had to, it was beautiful. They agreed.. It was a great feeling… I just hope this isnt still in the back of someones trunk 

I named it by I forgot… Help me find the owner, I signed the back