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160417 박정아의 달빛낙원
Brian (a cappella) singing “For the nights I can’t remember” by Hedley 

Their live perfs last night were glorious (as usual)  the jamming session and individual intros (w/ instruments) were lovely as well! 

But this little Brian perf took the cake for me ; u ; his singing is so beautiful and look at that precious smile when he finished ;;;; he is seriously so talented and cute (even tho some ppl vehemently rejected his man bun/apple hair lol) 

I don’t have a bias yet but I think I might be reaching a decision soon 🙈 and also, pls check out #DAY6~ Stan talent, stan DAY6  (@day6kilogram)


A.C.E as animals

skiihawnt  asked:

Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.

DAY6 as your brother

Jae: he’s actually your twin; annoys the shit out of you but you wouldn’t trade him for anything (or anyone) else

Sungjin: humiliates you in public; humiliates himself in public

Junhyeok: cooks food for you when you’re sick; helps you with your homework 

YoungK: that super chill bro with super cool friends and half of the girls in his class are after him

Wonpil: half of the girls in your class are after him; watches dog videos with you

Dowoon: always in his own world; cutieeee