bk king

“You’re walking meadows in my mind,
making waves across my time~”

Adorable dorks, my newest OTP~ I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;U;  If you haven’t seen Strange Magic yet, GO SEE IT! I swear to goodness, you won’t regret it! 

( It wasn’t until I finished this that I realize how tiny she looks in comparison to him…but I think I’m okay with it. LOL xD It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m willing to call it an acceptable accident. lol ) 

I asked my uncle if we could go to Burger King for breakfast tomorrow and he said no because they support gays and lesbians and I couldn’t help but think

wey hey i’m gay let us get some BK


Used footage of Kid Vid in my Top 10 Worst Mascots Video. So many kids in the comments are just now realizing Dippy Fresh in Gravity Falls is a reference to a forgotten 90s mascot.

BK Japan's Beef Fondue Burger

Finally got around to trying Burger King Japan’s new Beef Fondue Burger…

It’s basically just a Whopper on a fancier bun with a side of cheese fondue sauce made from five kinds of cheese and white wine. The cheeses they’re using are Emmental, Gouda, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, supposedly blended and melted for the perfect dipping consistency.

I bought…

I dipped…

I bit…

…and immediately regretted it.

Tasted terrible. Truly.

One of the worst BKJ specialty items ever!