Are Hindu nationalists a danger to other Indians?
A little more than a year since Narendra Modi's right-wing Hindu nationalist BJP swept to power in India, some fear that religiously motivated violence may be on the rise. Some say the BJP has bred a culture of intolerance towards minorities that has left even Hindus nervous of speaking out.

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“Our government will not allow any religious group belonging to the majority or the minority to incite hatred against others overtly or covertly,” Modi said in February, under pressure to respond to the church attacks.

But recently-released statistics on inter-communal violence for the first half of 2015 indicate that there has been a 30% increase compared with the same period of 2014 - a total of 330 attacks, 51 of them fatal, compared with 252 attacks, of which 33 were fatal, in 2014.

There are other forms of discrimination, as well as outright violence, which are harder to measure.

“It’s not just whether you go and kill Muslims and chase them out, it’s not just about burning someone’s house down, it’s denying them jobs, it’s denying them places to stay, it’s making them live in terror,” says Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy.

“While Modi pretends to be a statesman and travel to various places and is pressurised to speak the language of diversity, the goons have been unleashed on the ground.”

Even middle-class urban Indians like herself, she says, are now wary of criticising the ideology of Hindu nationalism.

“It’s not just Muslims or Christians, perhaps the people they hate the most are the ones who are standing up for a different way of looking at the world, and therefore need to be silenced.”

Father Anthony says the burning of his church “was like burning India’s constitution”, with its guarantees of religious freedom.

“I fear that if the country becomes a Hindu nation, goes on the track of Pakistan and starts using laws such as the blasphemy law to target minorities, what kind of country will we have?” he asks. “That will be real injustice, it won’t be a blessing, it’ll be a curse on the nation.”

As a Gujarati Ismaili Muslim living in diaspora in New York City, I say NO to Narendra Modi and his politics of genocide. The ethnically and religiously diverse peoples of India deserve a desh free from the war-mongering, totalitarian, patriarchal, caste-entrenched fundamentalist slop being peddled by the BJP. We demand better leadership for a better future for all South Asians.


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FTII crisis: Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of politicising issue; to meet Pranab Mukherjee today

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday will lead a delegation of Congress MPs to Rashtrapati Bhavan to request President Pranab Mukherjee to intervene and help in resolving the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) crisis.

FTII crisis: Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of politicising issue; to meet Pranab Mukherjee today

In War of Crores, Nitish Kumar Offers Bihar Bigger Number Than PM Modi

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Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today joined the war of crores in Bihar, where assembly elections will be held by November this year.

“Mr Kumar, who takes on PM Modi& has rubbished the package that the Prime Minister announced while campaigning in Bihar this month, calling it old wine in new bottle.

The chief minister also announced an unemployment allowance for youth between 20 to 25 years of age and made ambitious plans for piped water supply to each household in Bihar and electricity to every home.

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